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  1. The developers should do their moral duty and release the game in early access this coming week to encourage more people to self quarantine.
  2. I originally bough KSP through the KSP store, and I think I clicked on the wrong button when buying Making History, and got the Steam version. Now that I see that there is no refund option, do I have to buy the expansion again to get the store version?
  3. Quick question. I want to setup a UI_FloatEdit with values from the config file. When attempting to pass another field as the arguments for minValue, or maxValue, I get the following error: An object reference is required for the non-static field, method, or property At the moment, the only way it compiles is if I hard code the values: [KSPField(isPersistant = true, guiName = "Length", guiFormat = "F3", guiUnits = "m"), UI_FloatEdit(scene = UI_Scene.Editor, minValue = 0.25f, incrementLarge = 2.0f, incrementSmall = 0.25f, incrementSlide = 0.001f)] public float tankLe
  4. Well, I certainly can't wait to see it. Looking very cool so far!
  5. Better reason not to put too much detail in into it: Raptors turbomachinery is contained within a casing. The render that SpaceX showed clearly just has half of the cover shell removed. In flight, obviously, it will be fully covered. The main ITS CAD model makes this clear.
  6. To put the Hydrazine issue to bed. The payload uses a Hydrazine powered orbital insertion motor. The payload is fueled well in advance of the launch. If the vehicle is destroyed, the payload and its propellant will not remain intact.
  7. Just like you're amazing work, SpaceX just can't stop trying to improve their creations
  8. In the case of the Merlin Vacuum, the extension was lengthened which caused changes to the interstage to be nessesary between the various models. Below is a link discussing this change in the upgrade from v1.1 to full thrust. The change from v1.0 to v1.1 is more externally obvious when looking at the M1C vac vs standard M1D. http://www.spacelaunchreport.com/falcon9ft.html Maybe more detail than you wish to add, but I thought I'd mention it. It really is a different length.
  9. As a note, not all of the Merlin Vacuum engines have the same nozzle extension expansion ratio. M1C vac: 117:1 M1D vac: 117 < x < 165 M1D+ vac: 165
  10. I'd hardly call mine a "Remix". Just a crappy hotfix. @pingopete are you going to keep pushing stuff to github in the near future? If not, ill take a look at downscaling slme textures and keeping my repo more up to date.
  11. Yes. I have been continuing to work on a number of things. I'll post some more progress later this week.
  12. That's okay. No plans to mess with IVA's at this point. Well, if there is going to be some interest, I'll have to get a battle plan together.
  13. What parts of the workflow do you enjoy?
  14. Do you have a link to the original post by Baldusi? Also, 14,400kn? Really? That means a vehicle with a lift-off mass of between 850,000 - 950,000 kilograms. Not sure they are going to try for a ULA killer while still supplying them engines.
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