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  1. Oh don't worry you just didn't get to see all the failures. Not to mention most people here have a bit of experience making shuttles it seems. Patience and practice are the key. If you need help post a pic in the SPH with the aero and com and we can probably help with whatever issue you're having. Judging from the looking at it now it looks a bit too front heavy but i'd have to see the whole setup to say anyting definitive. In other news on my end, the 1.1.2 update really messed up my mods quite a bit on CKAN, so i'll be waiting a bit before i can do anything. The double update and probab
  2. Yeah i like to use mods to make things a bit harder. It gives you a reason to use things like heat shields and retro burns and such. I did use that spin stabilization, it's just kinda hard to see in a still picture . I thought i had a pic of the empty sepratrons in there but i guess not. Really DRE just made reentry take longer than the whole rest of the mission. There were a lot of lost practice ships (and kerbals) in the process of figuring out the reentry profile. i haven't done too much with kerbalism yet since i want to do a spaceplane centered career and landing gear were
  3. Misson: STS-2: Can You Hear Me? Commander Edit. Mods & Parts: NEW Deadly Reentry Cont. - I'm some kind of masochist NEW Kerbalism - Not sure how much of a difference it'll make, but ships now have food and O2. Forgotten Saturatable Reaction Wheels - Makes reaction wheels feel a bit less cheaty and forces more use of RCS. Probably why reentry is so difficult for me. Mechjeb & KER - Info readouts. SpaceY - Boosters and sepratron nosecones. Tweakscale - Fuel pod is 3.75m boosted to 5m, wing parts boosted 200%, decouplers set to 150%. Raster
  4. Thanks, I'm excited that my fairly high-spec pc will finally start to show (my 16GB of ram are now useful). I also can't wait to get my hands on some more high-res stuff for EVE, once I'm confindant things are stable. It felt like something was off when i was re-entering yesterday and i figure it out: no DRE. It seems like it just got updated today so I'll have to undergo some extensive re-entry testing to come up with a decent profile. Update: Just noticed CKAN seems to install the low res version of SVE, going up to highest res to see what happens. Should look even better in the future.
  5. Been a while since i've done either a challenge or a shuttle, so here we go. (Last time i made a shuttle i was stuck using the old Mk3 and a crazy number of wing parts "shudders") Introducing the Mk 420.69, because i'm an adult and i name things how i like. Also working off norc's format b/c it looks nice. I believe this is also the first FAR entry. Misson: STS-1: Bonus Fuel Pod Mission (Can You Carry Me?) Mods & Parts: Mechjeb & KER - Info readouts. SpaceY - Boosters and sepratron nosecones. Tweakscale - Fuel pod is 3.75m boosted to 5m, wing parts boo
  6. I love where you guys are headed for this challenge. I've seen a few people complaining about the complexity and 'railroading' and i'll have to respectfully disagree. I personally enjoy the complexity as well as trying to fit within the constraints provided. Just look at the constellation mission you linked. Every portion of the mission had multiple requirements and it became one of the most popular challenges for a while. Plenty of people still took part in it(myself included. It's too bad i had to delete the imgur albums). Moving on, i think the idea of separating this into separate mod opti
  7. Hey T, First off, i love the mod. Ive been using it on and off since .23 and even more lately (works amazingly with KCT).I'm curious about what sort of updates you have planned for the mod. I've looked over the last 10 or so pages and ive seen you acknowledge that the hex cans may hold too much as well as having parts TACLS run in the background eventually. So i'm really just curious about what (if anything) you might have planned for the next update (i.e. new parts, mechanics, changes). I'm not pushing or anything, i'd just like to hear what you have in the works.
  8. I'm replying to this just because you mentioned dwarf fortress, my favorite hated game. The only other game where losing is !FUN! oh and here's my opinion on the aero debate:
  9. I DID THE SAME EXACT THING! (Seriously he should just stick to Starcraft and Hearthstone he's awful at everything else)
  10. If I may, I would like to inject my 2 cents into this debate. It's an opinion i have yet to see stated. My perspective comes from playing the game with custom/hard options (i personally run 50% rewards and 200% penalties). There are 2 problems i can see with the poodle right now and both are related to its position on the tech tree relative to other engines. NOTE: I'm not going to argue about efficiency overall, just about the specific point you can obtain and use the poodle. I'm not going to beat a dead horse here, the poodle is a niche engine that is easily overtaken. First off I believe th
  11. Was planning on adding my contributions to this contest, but the new wing strength in FAR really fudged up every single one of my planes (not that its a bad thing). I'll edit in my planes when i fix the mess in my SPH.
  12. If it helps at all i had the same question when i first started FAR seriously and made a post on it. Wanderfound and Hodo had some very nicely written explanations on how to setup flaps and spoilers. They also covered their uses in helping take off and, most importantly for you, bleeding off speed for landing (as well as not having a crazy AOA to maintain level flight)
  13. Space plane designated US-3D (UtilitySpaceplane-v3revD) SSTLAB capable of transporting 24 lucky kerbals (+1 pilot) in first class. Here we go with my entry kicking off the modded category: This plane requires b9 and KER parts with FAR. I also use TACFB, Kerbal Flight Data, and Kerbal Flight Indicators in flight. As a SSTO that is capable of landing at the runway recovery funds is not an issue. I did do this in sandbox(don't have a career save i can use atm), but i can just calculate everything myself. Here's the breakdown: Total plane cost: 100,940 funds Liquid Fuel: 3197 - 443 = 2754 * .80 =
  14. That's my favorite part about Death's challenges: the complexity and multitude of uses for each part of the mission.
  15. You can count me in on this. I don't know when i'll find time to complete it, but i'll certainly try. (i'm thinking stock sounds good)
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