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  1. Winchell Chung, alias @nyrath, is in the hospital with a life-threatening illness. If Atomic Rockets or any of his works touched you, I invite you to write something to him in this doc.
  2. How can I work inertially in a rotating reference frame? Is there a sane way to convert between the rotating frame near a planet and the inertial frame above it? How do I even tell whether the present reference frame is inertial or rotating? For context: I'm trying to operate on things stored as orbital elements, and I want them to interact with worldspace in a sensible and consistent way. I'd like to keep it all inertial.
  3. I believe this is not possible as KSP is put together. Consider pruning a dedicated KSP install with minimal parts for plugin testing.
  4. Use Hangar's inbuilt scaling functions on hangar parts, not Tweakscale.
  5. Just make the fiddly terminology a localization string, and then we can change it if we want to.
  6. In this expression, this refers to the VesselModule or PartModule or MonoBehaviour which actually contains it. The problem with this approach is that, firstly, a MonoBehaviour does not have a vessel; and secondly, that the expression does not refer to the active vessel (as specified by your question) but instead to the vessel to which a given module is attached. In other words, the expression will "follow" the vessel with the part, and not the player's focus. Apart from that—I can't seem to find a Vessel.name in the 1.10 API docs, so I'm not sure if it's valid. After reading the API docs a bit more, I'd suggest using GetDisplayName() instead of either name or (as I suggested earlier) GetName(), since in some circumstances GetName() may return a localization token—this is almost certainly not what you're after if you're asking for a vessel's name. There are a few "best practices" violations in this snippet, though as far as I know this is (approximately) the best way to do this kind of thing. I haven't worked with resources for a while, though, so I'm not an authority on that part. Anyways: Thread.Sleep() is not the correct way to do this, for several reasons—not the least of these being that Thread.Sleep() operates in real time, not game time. (If you've ever seen the clock turn red, you know how different these two can be.) Better to put this in a FixedUpdate() (of one of those MonoBehaviour or Part/VesselModules mentioned earlier), and use Time.fixedDeltaTime to get the length of the last physics frame. Note also that we're not using Update() and deltaTime because we expect changes to resources to happen in lockstep with the physics, not the rendering. Rather than getting a read on the resource totals, and then waiting, and then getting another one, you can instead do the following: 1. Read the resource totals; place this in currentAmount. 2. Subtract lastAmount from this, and multiply divide by Time.fixedDeltaTime. This is the rate: the change multiplied by the time it took to make that change. 3. Put currentAmount in lastAmount to use next frame.
  7. I'll take the easy one. FlightGlobals.activeVessel.GetName() I know resources can be kind of a pain, and I haven't done anything with PAWs… but I think it's as simple as setting an attribute.
  8. Something about the asset packs for the particle effects needing to be recompiled, IIRC. The APUs probably have the same issue.
  9. Craft at rest on top of other landed craft are considered landed, I believe.
  10. You can't? I swear I've done that regularly. (Usually when testing rocket accelerator cannons with inert slugs.)
  11. Shadowmage does not handle CKAN registration (and has in the past been somewhat adverse to it). Go to the CKAN team instead.
  12. Normally you'd just put the part on your craft and it'd work… but since you're asking, I gather that does not work for you? So: What is your use-case, what have you tried, and how has it not worked? Screenshots if possible.
  13. Consider a satellite bus. Place your satellites on a bus, then put the bus in the hangar. Also how exactly do you get more than 200 parts in a three-stage lifter? Are you doing structural part interstages or something?
  14. Vešdasixdad Iuždreňž, Firekeeper's Determination
  15. I worked out the math on this at some point and concluded that a case like the one I described will result in a net reduction of radiator area.
  16. Can a single part be connected to two loops at once? Perhaps I want a heat pump which will take my 300K life support heat and pump it up to 1000K to save on radiator area (and maybe even pump it into the same loop as my powerplant). Would this be possible?
  17. Will need version (KSP and mod), screenshot, and more description before anyone can support you.
  18. This is why instead of forming a resource standard, we form a resource standard interface. A system by which we agree on nomenclature and formatting, and by which we resolve potential conflicts. Presumably this would be some kind of git repo to which resource definitions could be submitted and automatically resolved. Regarding the LH₂ v. LH2 v. LiquidHydrogen type conflicts: This is what the internal/display name distinction was made for. Keep a consistent internal name, probably the chemical one, while using a display name that suits your fancy.
  19. I stand by my suggestion for a resource standard immediately out the gate, even if my enthusiasm has been tempered somewhat. The key to avoiding the scenario outlined in that XKCD comic is to form the standard first, before competition has developed. That being said, we should probably wait long enough to assess the need.
  20. You may also find some success in partially lifting the payload off the ground. This would distribute its weight to your wheels, while lightening its own weight on the ground, and thus would tilt the balance in your favor.
  21. Winching something twice your weight seems like it just wouldn't work, at least not without anchors. I don't know what the coefficient of friction is like on parts, but it seems pretty high and I doubt the tires could make 2.5x that. Can the things to be dragged be made more draggable? If not, you may be best off with the ground tethers.
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