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  1. Should be fine. I am using MKS, LS, Konstruction, FTT, & Warp Drive. So far the only problem I ran into on 1.7 is that the above mentioned flex tubes don't work with the 1.7 release version of KIS. KIS depreciated the code that Rover used for the flex tubes. Everything else seems to be working fine for me.
  2. Could you help me with an issue? Been trying to determine why the part list isn't displaying correctly within the 3D Printer Lab. It shows some parts (mostly the tiny grabbables from Universal Storage) but nothing else. I am playing on v1.7 so I don't know if thats actually supported yet so figured I would ask. This is what I am seeing in the logs when I open the workshop to try and select a part to create. Lots and Lots of these. Any ideas? [OSE] - Part USHexcore could not be added to available parts list (Filename: C:/buildslave/unity/build/artifacts/generated/common/runtim
  3. My recommendation, Learn to make your own MM Patches I have a mod folder in my gamedata that contains nothing but my own personal MM patch files for each mod I use. If during gameplay I find that I like a mod I have installed but it has components I don't use then I add a line to my personal patch file to disable that part or update that setting. Now everytime a new game version is release (or I reshuffle my installed mods) I just clear the whole gamedata folder as 5thHorseman suggested, use CKAN to download the ones i want to continue to play with, and drop my custom MM patch mod into ga
  4. Ok one more question. Does KAS no longer physically "dock" ships together when connected? If not i may have to rethink my MKS base building lol.
  5. @Tonka Crash worked perfectly. 30m cable version of the PCB with a slightly increased break reasistance to help keep it from snapping allowed me to tether the ends of the station together. It still wobbles like i would expect but no more exponential increase toward spontaneous disassembly Only need to use 8 of them so it even looks better than using struts would have lol. Thanks again for the tips.
  6. lol thanks. I remember playing EVA thruster drift games trying to move parts around in older version of KAS and wishing i had a tether when i did something that collision launched the kerbal (or part) rapidly away from the station. Part of the fun of assembly in space
  7. Thanks for the info & the patch. I understand the logic of making them realistic but some of the ranges just seem a bit short. Your modified 5m version of the TJ makes sense to me though I think i may use your patch as a guideline to see if i can't make a 30m version of the PCB. I don't mind some flex as long as it doesn't build on itself until it causes spontaneous disassembly (which it tries to now unless i tap time warp). And my part count is a bit high on this station to try and brace every joint like your image. Appreciate the links. I'll try sticking with KAS first tho
  8. Quick question. I just came back to the game after a while so trying to figure out the new version of KAS. I know the old EVA Struts have been decommissioned & removed, is there a replacement that provides the same/similar functionality or is it just completely gone? Based on the legacy conversion notes on the wiki it sounds like the cable brace may have taken over this role but I can't find any information on what the "Spring Force" and "Break Force" values represent. If the functionality is completely gone, than does anyone know a good replacement? I have a space station
  9. Which logistics module specifically? You need to have either the "Duna" Logistics Center or the Tundra Pioneer Module with a Pilot in the module plus a warehouse storage module with Planetary Logistics enabled on it (Pretty much any of the USI Kontainer Storage Tab stuff). That will allow you to push/pull just about anything into or out of PL. The recent patch though added some unmanned refineries that will Push stuff into PL without the need of a pilot for remote mining bases but your main base will still need the above to pull anything out of it.
  10. @Nertea I know this might count as a feature request but there is one thing I would like to see. It mostly affects the NFE/Atomics patches but since it would be a change to the NFE reactor control panel I will post it here. Would it be possible to get an option we can set on a reactor to automatically change its power level (or enable/disable it completely) when time warp is engaged? I've lost count of how many times I have burned out the fuel in the Kerbal Atomics Engines (As well as the smaller EXP reactor & the USI patched reactors in bases) where I have accidentally left the thing
  11. @Kobymaru & @Gilph, this was something that came up a few pages back. There is a workaround that is arguably a bug. You can "lock" the machinery & organics in the module by using the right click menu and the little icon on the end of the resource bar. The converters & other functions will no longer pull the resource from that location and instead deplete other storage. Useful for preventing organics from drying up or to hard lock an efficiency level on a machinery based production module. Arguably a bug, but personally I like it functioning like that as its less things i have
  12. Is the Pilot IN the Logistics Module? I believe that is one of the "required crew here" functions. It should pull automatically as it is drained. It will not arbitrarily fill storage to full as I think it only pulls in 10% chunks if it gets too low. Also you might want to try switching to another vessel outside physics range & then switching back after everything has been set up. I've noticed that if you try assembling things on site the various functions don't always activate properly until the vessel is reloaded fully.
  13. Lmao true, but at least if something is written there we can just heckle those who can't/won't read instead of being polite until they drive us all insane
  14. True. I've run enough mods for other games myself to know that annoyance. Maybe add an FAQ to the main page about taking up CKAN issues with CKAN? You list it as a download option but don't actually tell people you don't troubleshoot CKAN issues with your mods like many other modders do. Sadly, common sense is not very common on the internet lol
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