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  1. Maybe I missed something but he wasn't being sarcastic? I don't think he was knocking you at all...
  2. I never post, but I want to thank TaranisElsu for everything. I have been using this mod since .25. Your mod has directly provided many hours of enjoyment for me. So, thank you, and I wish you the best in your future endeavors.
  3. Ok, sorry for the long wait, 4th of July and all. So I did this and initially I thought it was still broken. However I moved to sandbox mode and it worked. I then tried to load up a new career and it didn't work. So there is a building that needs to be upgraded I assume. Presumably it is the command center? Also, thank you very much for being patient with me. I'm one of those crazy people that likes to start career with probes first. Weird concept right?
  4. Ok I'm starting to get a bit frustrated and baffled. I tried the above, no go. Can someone please explain to me how all the things link together. I took a look at squads probeCoreSphere part. I looked at how it was set up and how remote tech's comfig for it was set up. I then removed the section in the MRS parts config and added this to the RT config I have in the RT folder. I have LITERALLY copied that remote tech config for that sphere probe, and yet still, no connection when I toss it on the launch pad. What... the.... F. Something is not intuitive here, I am completely missing something about how this works. I'mjust so boggled as why an exact copy of a squad part with a different name and some extra module parts won't behave like normal. Here is the entire MRS part config. You will note that the section that remote tech cares about is removed.
  5. Hey guys, I'm having problems getting RT and MRS to play friendly together, was wondering if anyone could help me resolve my issues. Firstly, there are three parts that are probe cores for MRS. These are NBprobeCone1m, NBprobeRadial, and NBprobeRadial2. All three of the parts individual cfg files contains this entry. Furthermore, since that alone was not working, I added a cfg in the RT directory containing an entry for each like this. I"m at a loss of what to try now? Can anyone help me?
  6. I know I'm being annoying by asking this, but obligatory CKAN request Sorry if this is an annoying request. <3
  7. Thanks for all your hard work!!! Been using this mod for a few hundred hours
  8. I think there may be a compatibility issue with FAR and this. Not sure though.
  9. Let's hope man. I probably won't play today, but I'll try that tomorrow just to see what's going on.
  10. Before deploying. I have 200 hours with FAR and DR They just burn up. Doesn't really make sense to me honestly. I could MAYBE see the radials getting too hot, but the top mounted chute... how does that burn up without the pod burning up. Not sure why other people aren't having issues. It could be because I'm using ferram aerospace. I didn't consider that.
  11. my parachutes burn up with his .cfg I tested it by bringing a pod back from orbit with two radial chutes in symmetry and one top chute. Tossed a heat shield on it. Didn't matter if I came in SUPER shallow and slow (took forever), or deep. Burned up both times. I even tried it on 100% Heat, still had the same issue. Removed it for now. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong? I would think orbital speed would not cause enough heat to destroy all the parachutes if you keep your shield pointed at retro.
  12. Originally it wasn't, but now that you are so defensive about it, he most likely will be. He merely stated that it was likely you who are having the issue. I have all the mods you suggest as well and am having no problem, other than the ones they know about (flipping pods). Take a chill pill. How do you get that view? Sorry I'm so newb.