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  1. I think I've read some of your books....

  2. 1.0.4b does seem to work. Thanks muchly! -c
  3. Just a heads-up: your 1.0.4 release for 1.3 compatibility won't install through CKAN: "Trying to install Modular Pods 1.0.4, but it's not downloaded or download is corrupted." The download file is there in the cache, though, and is at least a functional .zip file. Exception details given as follows: ************** Exception Text ************** CKAN.FileNotFoundKraken: Trying to install ModularPods 1.0.4, but it's not downloaded or download is corrupted at CKAN.ModuleInstaller.Install(CkanModule module, String filename) at CKAN.ModuleInstaller.InstallList(ICollection`1
  4. No, should work fine now that CBK has updated. I'll flip the bits on Spacedock. -c
  5. Last I heard, the CBK developer was planning to update it, so hopefully that'll be soon. (I've already flipped the 1.2 compatibility switch on this on Spacedock, so it should be ready to download as soon as CBK is.) -c
  6. Well, what d'you know, so there is... Oh, well. Guess I made my own setting anyway. With blackjack! And hookers! -c
  7. That'd be because in 1.1 (and as you can see in your persistance file) all those engines aren't using ModuleEngines, they're using ModuleEnginesFX. I have a similar problem because I'm using RealFuels, which means all my engines are using ModuleEnginesRF. Either way, they won't be picked up by that check. @Whitecat106, maybe you could rewrite the first half of that check to pick up any modules whose names start with ModuleEngines? That would cover all of the alternate engine modules from various mods that I'm aware of. -c
  8. Well, it doesn't seem to be the recompile, per se, as I stripped the mod right down to nothing but the TacLifeSupportContainers folder - with nothing in it but model, textures, and part config files that don't invoke any modules - and it still occurs. (Sadly, not being a code issue puts it beyond my ability to debug. Dammit.) -c
  9. Quick question, for those using the 1.1 recompile above - anyone else getting a reproducible crash to desktop (without errors at end of log) trying this on Windows x64? (Just askin' before I start debugging myself.) -c
  10. That's not a 1.1 upgrade, folks. Check the description of what changed. -c
  11. Just released version 1.1 of this on Spacedock, updated to support Custom Barn Kit (Note: this will no longer work with versions of Custom Barn Kit prior to For those, please use 1.0.) -c
  12. With regard to @Maeyanie's post above (and apologies if you already know this), I've fixed this particular error for several mods in my personal experimentation; that error shows up when you compile against the wrong version of the .NET framework. If you recompile it against 3.5, it should then work fine. -c
  13. This is a very simple mod to do what No More Grind did back in the day. i.e., reduce (or increase) the price of facility upgrades by a given multiplier, by default, to 10%. All the actual work is done by sarbian's Custom Barn Kit which is a required prerequisite for this mod to do anything at all, as is Module Manager. All this is is a MM configuration file for those who don't feel comfortable writing their own configuration file to get this functionality. To change the multiplier from 10% to some other value, open up degrind.cfg in the GameData\NoMoreGrindRedux folders and edit the
  14. More than happy to help test. It's just not the same game without Interstellar! -c
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