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  1. To those who bought late, tough luck, but, on the bright side, at least it hopefully won't be overpriced.
  2. This looks very promising. Especially with the need for CommSats like in real life. And my legs are about to lock up, here I go... [Passes out]
  3. I simply thought that the females laid eggs. But this is much better.
  4. I wouldn't say that most KSP players never go interplanetary. It's just new players have to get accustomed to the way the game works, physics and construction wise. Because of this pretty sharp learning curve, once players actually get the hang of construction and the way the physics work, they can pretty much get anywhere. I even had to learn the game from the ground up and now, I'm able to get pretty much anywhere in the solar system (besides below 3000m orbiting the sun, nobody can, because the heat will burn your spacecraft to smithereens), from far away Eeloo, to burning hot Moho.
  5. One of my kerbals, Meldorf Kerman, is stuck outside of the solar system 5,000,000,000 meters away from the sun, way past Eeloo I believe. He was stranded accidentally as part of an experiment to transport kerbals over long distances within the same SOI. Unfortunately, things went awry and this is how he ended up there.
  6. Asteroids in KSP are pathetic compared to real life ones, I mean, yeah, I have to take into consideration the LIMITATIONS Squad had to face in order to be able to implement them in a way as realistic as the Unity engine could possibly allow them to, but, asteroids in real life actually have their own microgravity, meanwhile asteroids in KSP are way too small to be able to gravitate on their own. I'd have to say that Gilly would probably be a more true-to-life choice than the Potatoroids we encounter in the "Dres belt", an area between Dres and Duna's orbits where asteroids are most likely to s
  7. Still trying to bother it, it seems that Magic Boulder is not as sensitive as once thought, as I poked around one, and no damage was done to my ship, nor did any sort of anomaly happen.
  8. Kerbals, I believe, live underground, without a lot of ambient light, and because of that, they need bigger eyes to see, kinda like how our pupils dilate whenever there's a low amount of ambient lighting, so that way we can at least see the silhouettes of objects instead of their details, allowing us a certain extent of navigation in the darkness.
  10. Here's how it would work, first, if you spent all of your funds, the game would give you a certain amount of time to accept a contract or use a strategy or you will have a game over screen. The game over screen would say "We've gone bankrupt! What now?" and you can choose to reload from last autosave/quicksave or quit to main menu.
  11. Once, I sent a command pod up, but I couldn't afford a parachute, so I had Jeb jump and land on his head. Good news, landed on his head, bad news, he popped.
  12. By, much more stable on 5.2, I mean 5.2 is more stable than 5.4, so, don't get mad at me for that little thing,
  13. I don't know why Squad is porting KSP again to Unity 5.4. I mean, the game is much more stable on it's current version of Unity, Unity 5.2. 5.4 isn't even available to the public AFAIK, so, all in all, upgrading to Unity 5.4 would mean basically breaking all of the game code. The Unity 5 update broke most of the UI and game code including the wheel physics system. Unity 5.4 would mean breaking more than just those assets of the game.
  14. Is it just me, or is my computer monitor turning green. Wow. I really need to lay off the KSP for a bit and start playing in moderation.
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