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  1. Thank you very much for the answer! It seems to me that it's easier to just send a probe and queue up a bunch of experiments to get the science than it is to send a crew and get the ship back.
  2. When I want to transmit data back to Kerbin from Mun, I only get 20% of the science I could. I am assuming that this is because there is stuff in the way interfering with data transmission, such as the Mun's body or Kerbin's body. Would satellites acting as relay points fix this? I have enough in the proper locations to hypothetically give a good, unobstructed shot to the space center, but it's not working. How do I increase the amount of science gained from a test above 20%?
  3. Rigidchips is a program that falls under the category of "rigid body simulator". Using simple text files or a third party 3D editor, you can make 3D objects using 2D squares that have different properties. And yes, you can put guns on your creations and fight to the death. Here is a download link for the game: Here is a direct download link for the 3D designer (Winrar or similar zip program required): The English-speaking forums are found here: If you don't trust the links I've provided, you can find this information on the Wikipedia page for Rigidchips. If anyone is interested in playing some multiplayer, just let me know and I'll schedule a time that I'll be hosting. Do a google image search for "Rigidchips" to see more pictures of awesome creations people have made. I would post some here in a spoiler, but these forums don't like the extensions that most of the pictures use. Some videos showing off what Rigidchips is capable of: http://www.yout/watch?v=6LfG3SHOeWc&feature=relmfu http://www.yom/watch?v=K0wYYzZT0yM&feature=relmfu I personally think that this would be very enjoyable for the KSP community. (If anyone can tell me how to embed videos that wuold be nice
  4. I'm sure this has been asked before, but I can't find it. Is there a way to have multiple converters on one craft? If not, are there plans to make this possible?
  5. Some tips for rendezvous: Going lower means going faster. If you're closer to the body you are orbiting than your target, you will go faster than it. Likewise, if you go further out, you will go slower. Patience and RCS.
  6. Go to Moho, land, tank off, and land on every planet in order from innermost to outermost, then fly back to moho and go back to kerbin and land on top of the tower.
  7. sting_auer


    No. iPad doesn't have anywhere near the strength needed to run KSP.
  8. I'm excited for the gas giant because I want to see how deep I can get. Making a floating gas planet base would be boss.
  9. Eh... it's just another thing what kills you. There are already so many of those. It's a good idea, but change its effect. Maybe the person who hit the animal will have memories of a loved one being hit and killed by a car. The subject would have no memories of that person after the time that they were killed, despite the loved one not being dead.
  10. That's not how you post pictures. You need to upload it to a hosting site then link to the URL of the hosting site. Also, now we know your name is Oliver Welcome to the internet Oliver!
  11. Actually I was being sarcastic in reality, it has a tiny base, it is very top heavy, and as you know it is not stable at all.
  12. That is the most stable, wide-based, bottom-heavy vehicle I have ever seen.
  13. Personally, I'll be making a flying transport craft that is piloted from the cockpit view. If only we could generate fuel somehow... It would be very useful for small or long distance craft.