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  1. Downloaded this pack as the Maritime part pack didn't cut it, and the WW2 Warship parts were complicated and laggy. So far, a wonderful mod! It was really easy to build a good looking aircraft carrier and battleship, and it doesn't take 200 parts like the WW2 pack. The tweakscale compatibility is great, too. I did, however, have a slight "problem": My first ship was an 800 meter long aircraft carrier. Put it in the water with vessel mover and... it went about an inch in. But that's KSP, and I was more interested in the TWR Mechjeb was giving me. One supersonic aircraft carrier later, and I decided to just put the engines on the side, and only use two. No complaints so far, really. Next it was time for a combat test. First, I sent out a single bomber, laden with SnakeEyes and JDAMS. I think I took out one radar dish. Several of the bombs hit the deck, but didn't explode. A wing of bombers fared no better. Tomorrow, it was time for escalation. Now a new day, I had plans. Big plans. I put a carrier in the plains 20Km behind the KSC (so that it wouldn't drift around and prevent a quicksave), and prepared a bomber. This bomber was to deliver two megatons of nukes straight up the carrier's poop deck. The bombing went flawlessly: a supersonic entry, followed by two distraction missiles and then the main ordinance. Bombs hit their target and destroyed... two guns and a SAM turret. No matter, we're taking this escalator all the way up! It was time for a battleship. Obviously, a normal battleship wouldn't cut it. It would have to be nuclear, and would be the basis of all future naval battles in my save. So I did the only reasonable thing. I armed it with four Type 94 naval cannons, six Karl Gerat 041 mortars, 16 155mm Howitzers, four Genie Nuclear Missiles on a turret, and six front-mounted Nuclear Valentina Cannons. Satisfied, I added four double-sized engines pointing downwards, allowing the ship to take flight, and an assortment of maneuvering engines for forward thrust and turning. It was time. The battleship flew beautifully, in no small part to the use of TCA, and I arrived at the grounded carrier shortly. I'll go ahead and make a long story short: the carrier was only defeated because the BDA module was destroyed, along with it's deck guns. It took 36 NUCLEAR SHELLS to the face, along with another 100 shells from THE LARGEST BATTLESHIP CANNON EVER MADE, 4 NUCLEAR MISSILES, and 60 shells from a mortar firing ONE TON PROJECTILES, and probably around 200 shells from the howitzers. The only problem with the carrier itself? It's engines were a bit red, and I put the command deck in upside down and forgot to fix it. The idea of having flying fleets of ships duking it out with nuclear cannons appeals to me GREATLY, but you may want to lower their heat tolerance. I'm going to try halving it, as even going 15 km/s through the atmosphere did little damage to the battleship's main structure (hyperedit boosting).
  2. Add boosters and a missile guidance system. Then attach several MRLSs together to make a MMRRLLSS.
  3. This reminds me of a terrifying experience I had in DMP where the sun and all the stars went completely black, and everything was dark. I was lucky enough to be near a station with lights on it, but I was unable to dock with it.
  4. Didn't know Jeb was British with that driving position!
  5. I prefer 200-300 part regular sized tanks. Trust me, that armour is worth every frame. You can set a nuke off inside of them, and they don't die.
  6. I actually had the same problem. I eventually realized the problem was that I had no idea what I was doing with the Maritime pack, so I simply switched to mounting the guns on aircraft instead. And also the boats. Those were made into bombs.
  7. Nukes in KSP? Right on. Orion, rather... but something isn't quite right... That's better! Time to drop them all at once an see what happens! Not only did something survive, but it made it to 5000 meters! Now I just need a system to spit them out in intervals, and a way to make the Orion rocket a guided nuclear missile. Look, I built a very tough tank, which survived a direct hit. Twice. And it still had functional weapons and control systems. Seems that a 300 part tank is worth every frame.
  8. Two aircraft. Well, I call them aircraft. They outweigh any real life plane by about 3,000-6,000 tons. So you'll probably want hangar extender and the joint reinforcement mods. https://www.dropbox.com/s/5lp22dkx85gol0x/Alageis%20Skyfortress.craft?dl=0 It's the one pictured, but modified to not use any other weapons packs or mods. https://www.dropbox.com/s/dm5dnvzqz6yu1it/Maximallian%20Colossus.craft?dl=0 Switch to rocket mode, pull all the way back. I can't be bothered to fix the bombs, so if you need to deploy a fleet somewhere by air, feel free to replace them with your own ships. Yup... Any... any requests? I can make a normal ship. A flying normal ship. That's easier for me than making a floating normal ship.
  9. Is it a problem if they fly/drop ships like bombs? Because my next aircraft is going to be an aircraft carrier carrier aircraft. It's the logical next step from the other aircraft I've shown.
  10. Sure, just give me a place to put it on, or an email address in a PM. I need to do some refining on it tomorrow, anyway as, upon further consideration, if one Tsar didn't work, then I don't know how six Tsars and two battleship turrets will help. And gaining altitude is too slow. Then there's that occasional death spiral... But it flies if you're gentle, and that's what counts, right? ... maybe needs some AAA emplacements.... perhaps remove a turret and install a larger missile battery... a couple of SCUDs would fit... So many possibilities...
  11. It works! It's just very, very heavy. And you can't use the MRLS in flight. And I wouldn't recommend dropping the Tsar's, or this will happen:
  12. So it turns out I'm just not very good with ships is the problem. Could probably mount another turret on there no problem, then attach a few nukes for good measure. Oh, and add a runway and MRLS on the top, because WHY NOT? There's plenty of room!
  13. Having a bit of trouble with the larger cannons. Mostly them being 10x-100x heavier than the ship that I'm trying to mount them on, despite the ship not fitting in the SPH. My ships keep sinking with them on, and float just fine without. At first I thought it was better buoyancy, so I deleted that. Unfortunately, I kept ending up with capsizing, unintentional submarines. I understand that you've already reduced the weight already (I did the maths comparing the Type 94 Naval to an F-1 Engine), but we don't really have anything to mount it on. Nothing stock could handle it, and Maritime Pack just doesn't scale up high enough in order to take it. I would very much like to use these larger guns, but they aren't very useful underwater. The wiki page for the Type 94 described it as "weighing as much as a battleship", so I'd suggest making a battleship using only Maritime, vanilla BDA, and Tweakscale, then using it's mass as the mass for the cannon, then scaling the other turrets down relative to that. Oh, and in CAL, 37mmFlaKAmmo is not in defined in resources, so it doesn't actually work. The box exists, but not anything in the Ammo.cfg. Yes, I have the most recent version of CAL from Kerbalstuff. Haven't had any problems with the smaller guns, other than the flak gun only working with Infinite ammo, so keep up the good work!
  14. The lasers rip through heat shields, pre-coolers, and asteroids as easily as any other object. Asteroids have a heat tolerance of about 25,000 and incredible mass compared to other parts, so only by abusing glitches can you create a defense against lasers. I also play DMP rather often, so having specially built parts is not ideal. Fortunately, BahamutoD said he will work on balancing lasers again.