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  1. So I guess it would partially vaporize lead block and shoot it away :p Farther out it just might melt surface.
  2. How close you can stand behind 1 kt - 1 Mt nuclear bomb in space? Assuming you have normal space suit and you are behind 1 meter of lead block. In space there is no shockwave and all energy from explosion is dissipated instantly.
  3. Wrapped Microwave Thermal Receiver doesn't glow at all when heating up. Changing transmission strength doesn't work, at least for Xray transmitter. It just freezes left mouse button (pressing esc fixes that though). Wasteheat changes doesn't scale with time warp - it acts as if there was no time warp. Cold bath thermal generator temperature now is same as radiator temperature, it seems like its only graphical issue.
  4. Does dropping tons of antimatter or thousand tons of radioactive materials count? You can also fire 1000 TW gamma ray laser at Kerbin too. This is what you can do in KSP Interstellar :p
  5. It seems like titanium radiators max temp reacts to dynamic pressure. Also what makes it hold together at >3000 K? Graphene radiator max temp is now 4500 K too. Also you can burn off your radiators when going into deep atmosphere too fast. Apparently max operational temperature of radiators now is only little over 1000 K, same as intake precooler with deadly reentry
  6. High surface radiators at 3200 K would have funny effects on atmosphere :p
  7. Deadly Reentry added it. It is temperature when part start burning. By the way FAR is incompatible with large parts like solar sails, magnetic scoop and certain deployable radiators/receivers.
  8. Colors are bit dull if you noticed in my screenshots. As for atmospheric performance of radiators it is pretty realistic now. I would raise dynamic pressure factor to 0.2 or 0.25 though - isn't possible to use angle of attack of ship or each radiator independently here?
  9. Radiator is bit too dark. It should stop being black at 700 - 800 K. I screenshot it as it gets hotter. https://imgur.com/a/AcbAmZ5
  10. You can skip reentry using magnetic scoop too. Getting out from planet is harder part.
  11. I think thermal turbojets were using antimatter initiated reactor too, here is my craft: https://www.dropbox.com/s/69sk61jhjnm0s1i/A Spaceplane.craft?dl=0
  12. Maybe Deadly Reentry lowered max temp of thermal turbojet too much. I was doing test on surface.
  13. 2x hotter object emits 16x more energy. I'm not sure if reactivity rises like that with temperature though.
  14. Cube root sounds good enough. But fourth root might be more realistic.
  15. Normal one. As for fusion reactor it was Magnetized Target Fusion Reactor Graphene radiators still can have over 3000 K at 25 kPa.
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