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  1. Used biggest hard far xray transmitter and receiver and disabled areodynamics, thermodynamics and gravity in my tests. You can't get much more than 100 bilion kilometers. Simliliarly sized X band microwave 40m transmitter and 400m receiver would start giving up after 50 - 100 km.
  2. Well it can only send soft xrays. Also airborne laser turret requires beam generator which defeats its purpose and can use only one wavelength. Wavelengths should use SI prefixes due to their range. That would be mm for microwaves, um for infrared, nm for visible and uv, and pm for xray. Ratio of wavelength betweeen X-band Microwave and Far Hard Xray is 1920 milions. This means if you would hit your spotsize limits for X-band microwave at 500 km, then you would hit them at 960 billion kilometers for Fard Hard xray. It would be nice if microwave receivers listed their efficiency for selected wavelength. Why wavelengths aren't switchable in phased array transceiver (top)? Would be efficient if I had 4 receivers each best operating in following wavelengths: Far Hard Xray, Far Extreme UV, Long Infrared and X band Microwave on mothership?
  3. Then just make another part and add laser turrent on it like xray transmitter. That part would be named Universal Microwave - X Ray Beam Producer
  4. Why antimater scoop isn't in ISRU section?
  5. What propulsion is most fuel/propellant efficient? EM drive can use only 8% of electricity and rest goes to waste.
  6. Shouldn't be here minimum spot size for all wavelengths? I calculated somewhere before, that if one MW of wasteheat is produced from surface, then at 3700 K (if receivers would be made from same material as graphene radiators) you would need 0.1 m^2 of surface area - that would be 0.18m spotsize at minimum limit. That would be minimum spotsize if one MW of energy was wasted - any lower would burn holes in receiver. Also any wavelength would thrust back energy beam produced - it shouldn't be difference if its one GW in microwaves or xrays.
  7. I did some more tests. It has really big range! Can universal beam producer produce xrays too? Also wavelengths should get prefixes. Well I screenshotted it, I guess its just display bug, as it works normally in game (xray producer part). Longest wavelength is 25 mm and shortest is 10 pm That is 9 orders of magnitude! So if aperture and spotsize is constant, and max range (without suffering spotsize losses) for longest microwave is lets say 1000 km, then xray can travel for 1000 000 milion km without spreading out too much. Microwave generation has 90% energy efficiency and xray has 20% of energy conversion efficiency at ends of range I guess then microwave is useful for launches, infrared for low orbit, visible/uv for whole moon system and xray for whole solar system.
  8. This bigass powerplant produces XASER (laser but with xrays) I guess I need bigger gun to produce 7 TW worth beam 40m xray gun can use 2 TW of power. It seems like buffer is broken Short hard xray beam has really awesome range. While only 20% of total energy gets converted, it can be used to power small probes and to conserve reactor fuel on missions. How spotsize is calculated?
  9. Do you have KJR? Weird my hard drive was going crazy when I upscaled part above 256m... how much RAM and graphics (video card) RAM you have? I have 8 GB of ram and one GB of graphic memory.
  10. Blanket receivers for example.
  11. Can beam wavelengths get proper SI prefixes" That is all wat to 10^-12m for hard xrays Also it seems like only xray producer has >10m of aperture size, can universal beam generators produce xrays Also it gets negative mass when tweak scaling By the way some beam network parts have too big tweakscale limits - when rescaling them whole computer freezes due to lack of RAM - I have 8 GB of memory. Now QSR doesn't throttle down.
  12. Well thermal energy production is lowered a lot.
  13. Something wrong is with lithium modifier for QSR.
  14. Well I'm getting constantly null exceptions from other mods - probably ones not updated to 1.2, but my FPS is in comfortable range after I removed Hyper Edit, Dynamic Deflection and Kerbal Engineer. Shame exception finder isn't updated.
  15. Hmm weird lag stopped after I removed hyper edit, kerbal engineer and dynamic deflection.