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  1. I meant using Tri Alpha not for energy production but as "renewable" source of C12, as tri-alpha is too useless for energy production. It appears you don't even need p-p and He3-He3 reactors as well - I thought you need He4 for CNO cycle, while it actually uses hydrogen. Trialpha would cover losses of C12 in CNO fusion mode, but since it is useless even for that...
  2. So TriAlpha can't even act as C12 breeder to replenish all lost carbon that managed to escape confinement? Is there other way to get C12 ans final product?
  3. But my option is more realistic as you don't need temperature resistant materials to resist solar radiation. Edit: You need hydrogen not helium for CNO cycle.
  4. I wonder if its possible to make multicomponent reactor that would use these processes at once: CNO Cycle, Triple Alpha and proton cycle H -> He4 He4 -> C12 And then circulate CNO when using He4.
  5. Energy limitations? BRB getting nuclear fusion reactor (actually built in several parts to maximize efficiency), that uses CNO Cycle, Triple Alpha and proton cycle. That is all I need is hydrogen. I get hydrogen from water in atmosphere, and I can sell resulting oxygen. If I'm in space I can use magnetic scoop. Either collect atmospheric hydrogen and helium or collect solar wind.
  6. Now it works at few kg/s of Hydrogen. 5m was creating 31U/s of liquid hydrogen and 2.5m creates 20 U/s of liquid hydrogen. 10m creates 249 units of liquid hydrogen per second. I guess increasing baseline 10x would be good enough.
  7. For refrigator - when I upscaled it to 5m it could convert only 20g/s of hydrogen Did you saw my previous post? Also likely for tank inbuilt converters too.
  8. @FreeThinker it seems like you forgot to scale max power with size for gas<->liquid conversion.
  9. yes Can I use magnetic scoop to collect fuel for thermal turbojet? H2 can be used by it. It appears I can't collect atmospheric gases.... or do I need something else? I have magnetic scoop, refrigator, liquid H2 tank and more than enough electricity (5m fusion for thermal rocket and 2.5mm scoop) It seems there is extreme bug with refrigerator gas-> liquid conversion. I'm collecting hydrogen after all, but converter is at least 1000 times too slow 5m size refrigerator converts around 20g hydrogen per second. Here is link to craft. Or at least can we use gas versions of propellant when applicable? That is if I don't have liquid hydrogen, then I can use gas hydrogen instead. I increased max power usage 1000x Now it converts quickly enough to feed thermal engine. It seems like max power usage doesn't scale with size.
  10. I created antimatter factory. I'm using Solarwind to fuel my fusion reactors - H, D, He3. Muon Catalyzed feeds TriAlpha with He3. I then use generated electricity to create positrons. Antiprotons are collected on 8000 km equatorial orbit. I then create neutral antihydrogen. Basically I use sun to make antimatter.
  11. Why FAR has so much trouble with KSP Interstellar Extended deployable and upscaled parts? For example magnetic scoop gets lagspikes in VAB/SPH.
  12. You will need magnetic scoop, muon catalyzed fusion reactor running on H-D, trialpha reactor running on D-He3, healthy storage of Deuterium, solarwind converter and storage for He3, H and Positron. These two reactors I mentioned have builtin generators. Bring radiators too.
  13. Is electric engine power consumption still dependent on propellant efficiency? It should depend only on accumulated wasteheat.
  14. Tory size description doesn't match actual connection point size. I enabled infinite propellant/electricity and no maximum temperature cheats to test electric engine. Looks like their power consumption depends on propellant efficiency. Power consumption should depend ONLY on thermal overheating, not on how efficient thrusting of propellant is. https://imgur.com/a/rgrkB