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  1. Looks like this mod isn't compatible with Adanced Jet Engines - it seems to remove IntakeAtm resource, that is used by KSP Interstellar.
  2. Yes, if you are using electricity from reactor - otherwise if reactor, that produces charged and thermal energy had no thermal generator, thermal energy would be wasted. On other hand charged particles if unused can be used by thermal engines as thermal engine.
  3. If it can't handle 5000 patches, then it can't handle this mods complexity
  4. I know, I meant which one is better at producing electricity. Why beam core one can't be used with MHD, but just with normal thermal generator?
  5. If I want antimatter reactor to produce electricity, then I should use positron antimatter reactor, right? Also magnetic scoop is very useful for feeding QSR, as it produces antiprotons effectively. Or just use both antimatter reactors. As for engine mach effect one sounds good,
  6. Just antiprotons, or positrons too?
  7. raxo2222

    The Sun (Kerbol) has an atmosphere.

    Technically for now surface of sun is like core of sun.
  8. raxo2222

    The Sun (Kerbol) has an atmosphere.

    Nope, technically below 1 solar radius is inside of sun. I guess SQAD didn't except Spanish inquisatio- sun grazers, who would dive below 5 solar radius.
  9. raxo2222

    The Sun (Kerbol) has an atmosphere.

    I posted something like that that long ago. It is infinity exactly on Kerbol's surface. Basically it treats altitude from surface of sun as if it was distance from center of sun, as if sun was single point. Somewhere below 5 - 10 sun radius things starts to deviate and at 1 solar radius flux is exactly like it should be on surface.
  10. As propellant efficiency increases power consumption increases and thrust increases... doubly. It is case for all electric engines, that they consume more power if they are more propellant efficient.
  11. @FreeThinker Vasimr consumes more power at 10% throttle than 100% throttle due to propellant efficiency. Basically if propellant efficiency is higher then engine will consume more power, is it intentional? That happens to all electrical engines even with temperature cheat.
  12. Mach Effect Thruster + QSR is just glorious. I have 5m sized ship and radiators set at equiblirum of 3700 K at worst case. As it accelerates its propellant efficiency increases because it goes faster. As propellant efficiency increases it consumes more power and accelerates harder. As acceleration increases temperature of radiators increase lowering thermal efficiency of engine. Relativistic/thermal effects will slow down engine after some time.
  13. No, lower number means this part will get power first.
  14. raxo2222

    KSP Weekly: The FELT

    Also beam travels for hours to Pluto and back
  15. You need to scale reactor accordingly too.