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  1. Ah that was it, not played for awhile so didn't know that was a thing, thanks.
  2. What's wrong with habitation atm? I'm asking because I have a station that should have several years of habitation but only actually had 60 days?
  3. But I'm not saying there's anything wrong with surface attaching parts, there's something wrong with the nodes so parts that attach that way have to be rotated 90º before you can attach them.
  4. The Truck Box part doesn't use nodes, it surface attaches. If you try and attach a part to the node on the bed of the truck you have to rotate the part 90º like in the picture I posted.
  5. Ah sorry, I'm on the latest update and I mean that the truck nodes are still rotated 90º as was pointed out earlier in the thread.
  6. Is there a reason why the truck body parts and the wheels are in different research nodes? Just almost drove myself crazy wondering why there were no wheels Oh also I think the truck nodes are still broken, unless it was because I was building the truck in the plane hanger?
  7. I feel like I'm just being blind, but I can't find the warp drive parts? Installed the mod through Ckan and loaded up a sandbox game, but no warp drive parts, has something gone wrong? If someone could tell me what the name of the parts are and what category they are supposed to be in that would be a great help! Oh and I tried searching the thread, but the search doesn't seem to be working very well anymore :|
  8. Having a weird issue with the CoM of a probe I'm building, for some reason when I load the probe up the CoM is above the craft. But when I remove the real fuels tank it pops back to normal. Putting a new real fuels tank that's exactly the same on seems to fix it, but then when I save and reload the CoM is broken again. Also editing the tank does nothing as well (the CoM moves around, but it's still not right). Looking at the logs the KSP log has 2 errors that are reported a lot; Input is null ArgumentNullException: Argument cannot be null. Parameter name: key System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2[Part,RUI.Algorithms.Vertex`1[Part]].get_Item (.Part key) RUI.Algorithms.ComponentListMaker.UpdatePartVertex (Boolean residual, .Part part, System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2 lookup) RUI.Algorithms.ComponentListMaker.GetStackFlowGraph (.ShipConstruct ship) EngineersReport.RunTests () EngineersReport+ .MoveNext () Logs are here if that helps: output log and ksp log Edit: Here's the craft file too: Luna Lander 1
  9. This might be a stupid question, but is there any way to remove the limited number of engine ignitions and make the engines throttlable again? I tried a MM config but it only seemed to remove the ignition limits on some engines (it seemed to only removed them from engines that didn't have alternative versions that changed the number of ignitions) and didn't change the unthrottlable status of any engines (that I could see). The only reason I'm asking is because I'm trying to play RP-0 and can't even get beyond the first satellite contract.
  10. I had this problem as well, there's a spelling mistake in the rangerengine.cfg, it says TechRequired = experimentalAerodynamic when it should say TechRequired = experimentalAerodynamics (notice the missing s at the end) So if you change that the part should now appear.
  11. Is any else having a problem with the engines that are part of the Ranger, Mini Ranger and Lander activating as soon as you load the vehicle? It's getting a bit annoying to have to spam x to stop it from flying down the runway after it loads.
  12. Hmmm, very strange, I guess it could be another mod interacting weirdly with yours, I'll have a look see if I can see anything, and I'll try out the update and see what happens. Thanks for your help. - - - Updated - - - Just tried the update with a new save file and it works perfectly, though I think I'll stick with not using the stock replacement option because the window disappears if you select one of the other stock windows (like the resource bars or the message bar)
  13. I'm using the S.A.V.E. mod to do backups, I've got it set to backup everytime KSP saves and every 10 mins I think, and it seems to work by copying the contents of the current save folder to a timestamped folder in another directory. Here's the backup save you wanted and here's a save with Contract Window + installed, unfortunately the save with Contract Window + installed is not the same game as the backup because as soon as I click the remove stock contract button, KSP wont save at all.