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  1. I have already answered once, but I'll answer again with something different. I have close to 700 hours on this game and I know plenty have way more than that. I rarely, rarely play a game for more than 100 hours before I get bored. I like all games, but there are only 3-4 games in my lifetime I have spent this much time on. KSP, Everquest, Skyrim, AOE2 (not sure how I managed that it is so repetitive). As I mentioned, it is very rare I put this much time into a game. And I haven't even conquered it, yet.
  2. I was going once, forget what version, but there was a double feature at the drive-in on Minmus of Plan 9 From Outer Space and It Came From Outer Space, so I flew in to take in the double feature and by the time they were over, I was tired and stopped by Mun for an ice cream on the way back home.
  3. I'll say something simple. I love the reentry to atmosphere and landing a capsule down on Kerbin. I love watching the flames almost covering the capsule as it re-enters the atmosphere.
  4. I have restarted about 4 times. Not because I was "losing" but because I just got to a point where I was bored. Except last career mode attempt. I had 3 mods and the memory was leaking or something, so I completely re-installed. I had done more in my last attempt than any of the others. Career/contract and science inside career probably could use a complete overhaul, because in my last career, I just plopped a science lab on Minmus a couple of times and maxed out science. It's so easy to do it almost demands you do it.
  5. I have landed a science lab about 3 times ( different trips) and have gotten 5000+ of science each time, maybe even more. I easily could have gotten all the science I needed by just going to Minmus.
  6. I haven't crashed, but I have experienced issues like the game not wanting to save, not allowing me to "return to space station", and not wanting to recover vessel when I clock recover vessel, and a huge slowdown performance wise. I have the mods installed that give realistic planet shine and kerbal faces.
  7. I'm a complete moron at this game but was able to get into orbit around Kerbin and visit Mun and Minmus. I had to use Mechjeb finally to figure out the Delta V stuff after the Orbit and the two moons. And I still am not really good at this game. All of my ships all look essentially the same and then I see the models other people use and think, wow. I have found that if I am within 200 or so of the docking station, I'm pretty good at that and guiding it in without any help with aiming it right. That is about the extent of my skill. And if I can do it, I know you can.
  8. I finally landed on Gilly and planted a flag. And then came back. That was pretty cool to finally figure it out.
  9. I wonder if he survived. He never came back to tell us.
  10. The biggest problem with career for me, and I like career, is that the missions are all random. I get that the missions are offered by many different companies, but still it would be nice to have missions kind of nested so, "Oh, we want you to fly to the Mun and gather science." So the next mission from that company would be to build a space station either on the Mun or orbiting. Then they could say since they liked how well I did with the Mun, now I could try Minmus, or Duna. It kind of does that but each mission is basically non-interconnected with any of the others. I noticed the rep hit - I don't think that used to be there because before I quit for something like 5-6 months, I remember clicking through them and people saying that is how it was done. Now, if I don't like them, I go to the space center and accelerate time and then come back and a whole bunch of new missions are posted.
  11. I'd like to know the stats of the OP as well. I'm kinda/sorta in the market to build a new one. This will be the first one I have ever built.
  12. I really did not think it could happen. I have had so many launches where I went straight up and nothing got hit. Until today. The VAB was hit and I needed to repair it.
  13. As a newer player that put aside the game for awhile and have since come back within about the last 3 weeks, I'd probably have quit permanently long ago without Mechjeb. I tried docking without it and I couldn't do it. Then after awhile I used it to get close to the dock target and the last 200 meters I do manually just by looking at the navball and looking at the two docking ports with the naked eye. That part seems to be the easiest for me. I have about 470 hours in game - is that considered new? I don't know, but I rarely try to go further than Minmus, but several times have gone to Duna. I quit the first time because it was frustrating to me trying to get to Duna. I see people say, "Oh, you can build a spaceship with under 50 parts and go to Dun and back and I scream how??? I don't want it spelled out for me, but I like it a little bit easier than just "Here are a bunch of parts. Throw them together and do deep space exploring." This game can be very frustrating if you plan and build for hours and hours and then your carefully planned vehicle just fails miserably. I use Mechjeb for: Circularize orbit. Match planes with target Fine tune approach to within 200 meters Match velocities with target. I have also used it for that Hoffman Transfer maneuver. And I also use it to plan the Delta-V. I don't consider it cheating. I would probably have uninstalled long ago without it.
  14. If I can do it, anyone can!! And I just eyeball it in. I use mechjecb to get close and then to match velocities. From there I eyeball it in and although every now and then I get a difficult one, I usually have not too much issues.
  15. This is EXACTLY what happened to me yesterday!! My big moment was flying a manned mission to Ike, landed, planted a flag, made it back up, and then docked, transferred my remaining lander fuel to my interplanetary vehicle. Moved Jebediah to main vehicle and undocked and left lander in orbit around Ike. AND LEFT 300 SCIENCE!! Oh, as I mentioned - my big moment was flying to Ike, landing, and flying back .... without Mechjeb planning the interplanetary transfers.
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