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  1. Howdy all, new release for 1.0+ https://github.com/withorwithoutgod/GoAtThrottleUp/releases I'm working with a buddy of mine to actually update GATU to do some other things, but in the meantime enjoy 1.0 compat.
  2. I am still around, but I have been working on other projects. They are all non-ksp related so they are all garbage. Let me dig through the comments here and get back into this. Full disclosure, I get sidetrack easily. =) - - - Updated - - - It could, I'll look through my code. It can certainly be queried from some back end call of a website. - - - Updated - - - I had throught about making the stream more of a proper stream and not just swapping PNG's. I figured mjpegs would work. It's something I planned on doing and may do.
  3. please do, it's amazingly fun. updated for .25 https://github.com/withorwithoutgod/GoAtThrottleUp/releases
  4. Your wish is my command: https://github.com/withorwithoutgod/GoAtThrottleUp/releases 24.2 compatible.
  5. Whelp I was out of the country for a bit. I'm back, I'll see what I can do about an update like I promised like... 4 months ago. =)
  6. sorry for the pokey updates, I haven't forgotten about any of you, I've just been busy at work. =(
  7. Sorry for pokey updates. I was a little more backlogged at work back from vacation than I thought I'd be. =/
  8. VesselView support is still next on my list. Still working it out, but I progress is being made so no updates before your session. Let me know any thoughts from your GATU session!
  9. Currently it doesn't override alcor pod (aka RPM) cameras. It just provides additional cameras you can place. You can place them next to your existing alcor pod cameras and have it work that way if you want.
  10. I'm back and jetlagged. Updates coming this week. =)
  11. I did not know that, but I've been pulling from the github so maybe I was looking at 0.5 code. Either way, I'm sure my phone will find it's way around to github during my jaunt.
  12. I'm on vacation from may 21st to june 2nd so the lack of updates does not mean I've forgotten about you. I have vessel view support close to working so stay tuned when I get back!
  13. Heck yeah I will have an api to send commands to kerbal. I'm going to make this mod so you can do a rover mission start to finish without using the kerbal interface (except to load things up)
  14. I've added an issue to the tracker as well to give the ability to require authentication for these types of situations. https://github.com/withorwithoutgod/GoAtThrottleUp/issues/16
  15. Assuming cameras have separate ids, I think this probably would work as it is right now. I think the issue is if a vessel goes beyond the 2.5km limit and then comes back it doesn't work so there is work to be done on this concept. Bug added to issue tracker. =)
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