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  1. OMG... hahaha... that is awesome... lmao... well done... well done sir! Edit: Yes you can plop this sky box into other visual packs... I have also used AVP with KS3P and put this sky box in... friggin awesome
  2. Kottabos also sent me here... nice, downloading now!
  3. Further information regarding my post above: I clean installed KSP from Steam, added just USI-LS and MKS-Lite and still got the same results. I then had a look at all the .cfg files to see if I could spot anything and even dumped them through module manager debug using [Super] + [F11]. I'm assuming that VAB tabs are added via dll's and not configs (I have never used that feature before and couldn't see anything of interest) so I finally checked the log file (perhaps I should have done that first... lol). To be honest, I am now unsure if this happened in the latest round of updates or not as I had built a pretty nice craft in my sandbox game early on and have not needed to visit the tab in a while. I hope the above helps.
  4. Is anyone else missing all the MKS Lite parts in the latest round of updates? Noticed in my current game so I set up a clean install to test. To reproduce - Mods installed: OSE Workshop, KAS, KIS, KSP-AVC then clean install of USI Life Support ( and MKS-Lite ( Kolonization tab in VAB shows only the 2 new drills, Utilities tab contains no MKS parts whatsoever, Pods tab shows the 'Scout' command pod (which is normal), Manufacturer tab shows Life support and reactors. Also checked freight tab and the usual tanks and containers seem correct. Directory listing of GameData within Spoiler. edit: The bundled ModuleManager.2.6.17.dll is installed in the correct GameData location
  5. OK thanks, I guess I have been out of the loop for a little while... seems an elegant way for the lite version to work too. So should the base building parts be available in the OSE Workshop or are they missing by design (sorry in advance if I have missed where this is mentioned)? Cheers
  6. Heya RoverDude, I'm currently playing with MKS Lite along side USI-LS, KIS and OSE Workshop (a refreshing change and less management than my usual games using MKS/OKS and EL) and figured I should post a few things your way before I bug report things already fixed in progress and the like. 1: Mentioned on the previous page is the 'Scout' Agricultural Module and the inability to transfer crew - I'm unsure if you intend to allow crew transfers into this as it seems to be working fine without crew even though its State reports 'Not Enough Crew'. 2: The MKS status GUI shows 'Replacement Parts' but the stock resource panel doesn't show it at all - I am also unable to find it by right clicking every part but it must be somewhere as its slowly running out - I have also been unable to start some base builds due to a lack of Replacement parts (could this be a remnant of an update within my save?). 3: I'm unsure if its intended but I can't find any MKS-Lite parts within the OSE Workshop GUI - am I correct in thinking that the parts can only be shipped in or is it something missing from MKS-Lite or a bug report needed on the OSE Workshop forum page? 4: Should not really be posted here, but if you are reading this far... USI Life Support Status - my Kerbol MK1 and Joolian MK2 lander crafts are in orbit, only the Gilrina Kerman Base is landed. Anyways, lemmie know if ya want me to post Github issues for these. As always, keep up the great work m8 ...Squad and USI... you rock!
  7. Can we has Mission Flags? (If I find time and no one has done any before me, I will attempt to contribute some for each of the space programs). * Currently playing Laythe Space Program - messing about in Sandbox and loving it (I also have OPM installed)! It would also be nice if someone knows of a simple MM config to move whatever setup a game has for Kerbin clouds in EVE over to Bin without having to manually recreate it (as everyone will likely use different visual configs depending on taste and not all will understand how to do it manually). Anyways, keep up the great work... Im off to get a colony started on that mysterious 3rd planet with the 2 moons!
  8. I can also confirm the key bindings do not work in Linux. Left ALT + Function causes desktop related menus to appear. KSP uses MODIFIER_KEY within settings.cfg and has the following set in Linux by default: MODIFIER_KEY { primary = RightShift secondary = None group = 0 modeMask = -1 modeMaskSec = -1 } Other things to note: Modifier + F12 = KSP Debug/Cheat menu (as we all know) Modifier + F11 = ModuleManager Menu Modifier + F10 = will be perfect for us Linux folk (I think)
  9. Heya, I would think that the forums are still being worked on - It is a major undertaking (as an ex server/web guy, I have been at the back bone of such massive migrations). I assume that things will slowly sort themselves out over the next 24 hours with continual updates to follow. The nginx server 502 bad gateway problem is an annoyance, but as I have worked with nginx - I can say with confidence that it is a powerful bit of server software that will enable the forum community expand into the future. A good place to search for the mods is on Kerbal Stuff.
  10. Heya, I have just added DSEV to my Career and because I have yet to unlock a lot of tech in my RnD, I decided to have a sneak preview in Sandbox mode. Previous posts mention that there was a bug where you could only upgrade the Supernova while on EVA but I have tried upgrading in Sandbox both internally and while on EVA. Both cases 10000 rocket parts are consumed and I get a screen message 'Insufficient resources to upgrade the engine'. I can only assume that its waiting for 600 science points which are not available in Sandbox mode? Is there a way for me to temporarily disable this requirement so I don't ruin my career experience when I switch back?
  11. I'm glad I was not the only one to spot her visor missing on the main screen - thanks!