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  1. I'm still having problems with the KIS big container. I replaced my planetary base mod folder completely and the KIS/KAS folders. I found the planetary base mod dll, ripped it out, and replaced planetary base mod again. Neither the big nor small container are coming up in the VAB. If it is a .dll problem, which one do I need to replace?
  2. I closed out of KSP, went to game data, and deleted then replaced module manager 2.2.0.dll, the openresourcesystem folder, treeloader folder, and the warpplugin folder and my fission reactor started fissionably reacting.
  3. My fission reactors keep saying "Uranium Deprived" or "Resource deprived. I've tried unloading and reloading my fuel, swapping my fuel, making sure they're full on fuel, attaching extra fuel tanks to my reactor. Nothing is working. Has anyone else run into this and if so how did they fix it?
  4. Samgee Kerman, testing out orbital skydiving using KAS:
  5. Y4 D160: Bill: So, I think I’ve got the Gilly problem licked. Bob: You mean how it has such a small SOI we’d have to hit the eye of a needle from across the room? Bill: Yes, that. Jeb: We did that on the trip out here, how is this a problem? Bill: Basically, I decided I wanted to get to Gilly near both its and our apoapses so the relative velocities will be small, we won’t have much time in the Gilly SOI and need all the time we can get to establish orbit. So I agonized for a while about how long that would take, and then it occurred to me to just try to get an encounter
  6. Bah, the edit didn't work. Alterbaron's Aerobraking calculator can be found here
  7. Y4 D 62: Desbas: What are you reading? Ronzer: “Space Jockey,†a short story by Heinlein Kerman. Desbas: What’s it about? Ronzer: mostly about a three stage trip to the Mun. The idea being that sending one ship to the Mun is like making the same vehicle be a subway car, a ferry boat, and an express elevator. There’s too much stuff you only use once. Desbas: Yeah, they just launched the Munar tug Bruce Campbell back home. What, don’t you read the Astronaut Chronicle? Besides, he Mun 5 project pretty much proved that you could get there and back on one vehicle
  8. Y4 D1 The Navigation and Mission Planning team discovered Alex Moon’s “Pork Chop plot†website and after some playing around, discovered something interesting: An off season trip to Eve was actually cheaper than an on-season trip to Moho. So the mission was redesigned. Constitution would go to Eve along with two pathfinder probes, the landers would land on Gilly instead of Moho (they had more than enough DV for that) and the expedition would return data from two bodies not just one. Meanwhile, pathfinder probes would go to each of the systems as windows opened up to serve
  9. One of the hard parts of assembling Constitution is how low the orbit is. 90 km is good for the Oberth effect and interplanetary trajectories, but doesn’t give you a lot of vertical space for rendezvous orbits. Pod three flew at about 73 km and it took about 5 or 6 orbits to line up. I should time my launches better. Pod 4 went in without a hitch. Here’s the completed Constistution: 87 Days until the Moho Launch window. Ronzer tested a Moho lander on the Mun, on the reasoning that if it takes twice as much delta v to land on moho as the Mun, if you can land and take off twic
  10. Y3 D 421 After relatively few false starts, the first of the side engine pods finally launched. The pods themselves are exactly the same as the inline engine pods, but I had to build them from scratch since my saved subasemmbly for some reason would only attach to the side of a command pod to the side, and I didn’t feel like dinking around with all that amusment the side-mount cyborg generated when I launched the first engine. I figured I’d just stck a pod with a Kerbin on it and go. Ronzer took the first mount up, here’s Ronzer just after docking: Oreny took up the ne
  11. Y3, D417: Mission Planning meeting “So,†Said Werner Von Kerman, “Eve mission. Seems simple enough, do what we did at Duna. Aerocatpure, grab science off the planet, fly to the moon, wait a while, fly home. Any questions.†“One,†Replied Ronzer Kerman, recently returned from Space Station Manley. “Protractor and Kerbal Alarm Clock say the next window is Moho. In 97 Days.†“Oh.†D420 2:34: Constitution hab section launch attempt. Jebediah: SAS on, Throttle is up, I’m punching it now. Controller: Confirm main engine start. Conf
  12. This looks like a great ship for a Grand Tour. Can you get an Ion lander to land and take off from the tougher spots like Eve and Tylo? As for names... How about Endurance? It's got a pedigree as an exploration ship name and fits in well with the "replenishes its own fuel" idea.
  13. After browsing the tutorials section I came across Alex Moon's "pork chop" plotter and departure calculator, found here: http://alexmoon.github.io/ksp/ I love this thing: it gives a more flexible presentation of launch windows and is allowing me to put a flight out to Eve in the "off season" So I used it when the Moho launch window came up and sent four unmanned probes out there, one orbit apart. The calculations worked like a charm, I just set up my maneuver nodes like the told me, fiddled with them for about 10 minutes and I was off. One correction burn not even on the ascending or descendi
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