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  1. OK, the new version (2.9) is available for KSP 1.3 One feature has been cut - the 'Off when parachuting' switch used to recognize chutes from the RealChute mod. Something has changed in the way libraries are loaded, and I have had to sacrifice this feature, and the toggle now only works with stock chutes. Sorry about that.
  2. Hi, Glad you like the mod. I will move it to the top of the list of mods to update, so I will get a new version out for 1.3 in the next few days, all being well.
  3. Re-compiled with KSP 1.3 binaries, and now seems to work correctly. Sorry about the long delay in doing this, other projects got in the way.
  4. After a long absence, I'm going to recompile my suite of mods with the KSP 1.3 binaries, and update them on SpaceDock. If you are running older versions, and they are working, there is no need to update. AFAICT, the old version of this mod is compatible with KSP 1.3, I'm just doing it for completeness (and to have a run-through of the release process before I update my more popular/complex mods).
  5. Hi, I have just done the briefest possible 'smoke test' and the old version (1.3 of Biomatic) seems to work OK with version 1.3 of KSP. If anyone has problems with it I will try to take a look, but I am not actively developing any of my mods at the moment, or even playing KSP much. I only installed 1.3 just now to test Biomatic. (I have moved on to developing an Android phone app - if anyone is interested, the website is here, but it's nothing to do with space.) Cheers, Biff
  6. Thanks, I will have a look at this issue next week.
  7. It's working as normal for me. You seem to have another resources-related mod installed - what is giving that 'flow priority' line at the bottom of the menu dialog? Possibly my mod and another one are not playing nicely together.
  8. Thanks! I don't really use the IVA feature, and have no plans to make an IVA version of Proximity. Sorry.
  9. Thanks for the feedback. I have updated Proximity to recognise RealChute chutes.
  10. I think that is just the way that resources are drained from tanks and batteries. This mod is really all GUI - it just flips a flag on the batteries and I don't need to worry about how the stuff flows about. Anyway, a recompile seems to have worked. I haven't tested heavily, but the button appears when it should as far as I can tell. Enjoy!
  11. Hi, I will look at this on Monday. I hope it doesn't need more than a recompile with the new version.
  12. Released a new version for KSP 1.2. New functionality: There is now a button to toggle between per-vessel and global tick-lists for this use-case.
  13. High praise indeed, thanks! On to the substance: Yes, I do intend to release it for 1.2. At the moment I have compiled a working version with the 1.2 pre-release, but I am not going to release it until the official 1.2 is out, just in case there are any last-minute changes which cause something to break (unlikely, I think). More concerning to me is that the Biomatic For All Command Modules is nothing to do with me. Someone has bundled my mod with a new name (..for all command modules), made an account with my name on some other file sharing site, and uploaded their bundle. This is rude and causes me more work, and I do not appreciate it. I am not going to check their upload or support it - it may or may not do what it says. It may or may not be harmful. Further, it is unnecessary - if you install ModuleManager, Biomatic functionality is automatically added to all command pods anyway. My mods are only available on I strongly recommend against downloading mods from any other site which purport to be mine - they are not. I use the name "Biff Space" (with a space) here on the KSP forum, and "BiffSpace" (with no space) on SpaceDock, and nowhere else.
  14. Thanks for the bug report. I will install [x] Science and see if I can find the problem. Regarding your suggestion about looking ahead for biome boundaries, I will have a look, but it will involve changing a simple map check to some more complex calculations about the orbit. It's a good idea but it may take more of a re-write than I have time for at the moment.
  15. Hi, glad you like the mod. The list maintained by Biomatic is just the list of all the biomes you have ticked as you carry out experiments during a mission. When you get a new bit of scientific equipment, you will want to clear the list so that the de-warp feature works for all the biomes again, and you can do the experiment and tick them off. The list is more a list of biomes visited, and clearing it doesn't remove anything except your notes of where you've been. The way I use it is to go to the Mun, say, and do all the EVA reports while 'in space near' all the different biomes. As I do this, I'll tick the biomes I've done so that the de-warper only works when there is a new EVA report to get. Later in the career, when I unlock the gravioli detector, I want to go to all those biomes again and do a gravity experiment, so I will clear the list (and thus de-warp on every biome in the new ship, adding them to a new list as I go).