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  1. @CatastrophicFailure, remember a few months ago when I wrote that Faux Cyrillic generator, but you weren't able to open it? Well, I recently became a bit ambitious about learning c#, so if you're ok with downloading random .exe files from strangers on the internet, here you go:
  2. If you don't have Office, then don't bother. The "translator" works using VBA, which is a language that runs almost exclusively as part of Office, plus it references some Excel-exclusive properties. It won't work in any other program. However, VBA is very similar to JavaScript, which is relatively portable... Hmmmmm. maybeeeee... (Gears start turning inside head).
  3. Yeah, an xlsm file is just an Excel file with macros. Excel is perfect for this kind of thing. I'm hoping that CatastrophicFailure can open it.
  4. Well, you've lucked out, then. ӍЄЯЯҰ ЬЇЯԎЋDДҰ! Cyrillic.xlsm A fake cyrillic generator with fully customization output. No promises on reliability, though. VBA is a bit glitchy when handling some unicode characters. Hopefully, this will be useful.
  5. Well, you've finally gone and finished it. I'll be expecting that novel soon, now.
  6. CatastrophicFailure, you need to write a proper book someday. Your writing just keep getting better and better.
  7. (I remember reading those two books years ago in second grade! I used to absolutely love them.)
  8. Granted. You immediately encounter an even better cruiser and are destroyed. I wish that I could understand Calculus.
  9. Definitely visiting all the moons of Jool in one mission. 'Twas an incredible feat of patience to watch my 1300 part supership crawl skyward at about 1 fps.
  10. Hey, could you relink my skybox (Vaporo's Blue Galaxy Skybox) directly to my forum thread? The current link leads to my post in the old Texture Replacer thread, which has a broken download link that I can't seem to edit. Here's the link to the forum thread:
  11. Texture Replacer doesn't actually use the ENV maps anymore, except maybe as a legacy/performance feature. They're only still in the download because having them doesn't hurt anything. I've updated the installation instructions to make that clear.
  12. Hello. My mod (Vaporo's Blue Galaxy Skybox) has the CKAN tag enabled. However, the CKAN version doesn't actually exist right now. I would like to remove the CKAN tag, but could not find any tool to do so on either the Update mod or Edit mod pages. Could someone tell me how to remove it?
  13. Well, a CKAN version doesn't actually exist. I was going to create one when I uploaded it to Kerbalstuff, but I was lazy and never bothered. I can't seem to remove the CKAN indicator from Kerbalstuff, so for now I'll just put a note on the description that there is actually no CKAN. I might go ahead and create it, if I get some free time.