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  1. klesh's post in Something wrong with my game, low fps or no reason was marked as the answer   
    Welcome to the forums, Entomo.
    I am curious when you said you did a fresh install of KSP, how did you do that?  From what source do you get your KSP files? My thought is perhaps you’ve left something in there that is pulling from old mod files.
    Inside you KSP folder you will have a folder called GameData, look inside that.   What folders do you see? Report back please.  
  2. klesh's post in Help with matching orbit given in satellite contract was marked as the answer   
    Welcome to the forums!  My pre-screenshot guess is going to be that you've matched orbits but are going in the wrong direction.  Very common with these satellite orbit contracts.
  3. klesh's post in Switching btw flying decoupled vessels at 23km distance. was marked as the answer   
    Not sure when, but it was extended quite some time ago (at least a year or more).
  4. klesh's post in Noob experience level question was marked as the answer   
    Specifically, this line: 
    Level 2 requires a total of 8XP, so your pilot in question is 3XP shy of Level 2.
    Edit:  Oh, and welcome to the forums!
  5. klesh's post in 1.3 Debug Toolbar? was marked as the answer   
    Nope. PC.  Alt+F12 but it defaults to "console", you have to click "cheats" on the left side.
  6. klesh's post in Satellite positioning mission won't complete was marked as the answer   
    Best way is to raise your AP way up with a burn at PE. Then at AP retrograde burn till your orbit flips.  Match PE on that flip-burn, and when you get back to PE, lower your AP.
  7. klesh's post in How to build bases? was marked as the answer   
    Since people have posted examples of the docking port moethod of base construction, here is one which features the Kerbal Attachment System pipe method.

    Those modules are simply landed next to one another by hand, and the pipes are created when you connect the little pipe-end-pieces that are placed on the craft.  The end pieces can be re-oriented by taking them off and putting them back on the craft in a better spot once you've landed.  You can also send up a container with several of the pipe ends inside it, for future use.
    This is a very flexible method but slightly unrealistic.  The entire base is now considered one ship and you can transfer Kerbals between the modules in what would be through those small pipes.  You can also just EVA them and walk them over to the other modules if you want them realistic feels.
    One of the benefits to this method is that you can place the base on a more uneven surface, as the pipes needn't be aligned:

  8. klesh's post in Xbox one saves just disappeared was marked as the answer   
    Yup, the console versions have innumerable problems with corrupted or simply lost savegame files.  It is a huge frustration on a game where you sink so many hours into your progress.   Honestly the best advice is don't invest much into your saves until the new porting company Blitzworks' update comes and hopefully fixes things.
  9. klesh's post in fotovoltaic panel disappear was marked as the answer   
    Regular fairings:

    Clamshell deploy:

    I'm not understanding the problem then, if your panels are not within the fairings.
    Okay, I downloaded the craft file, but my ksp install is heavily modded so I am sure the area in question doesn't look exactly the same.  However, the problem is now very clear.
    The fairing is destroying all the panels when you deploy it, for sure.  The smaller probes all surround the fairing, they need to be out of the way when it deploys or all the fairing pieces, clamshell or not, will smash into them.  From the looks of it, the best solution is to make the center stack taller, so the fairing is in front of the small probes.  When you deploy, the pieces will scatter well in front of the delicate panels.
    Another solution if you want to keep the general shape of the ship the same is to decouple the entire fairing forward of the ship, deploy it clear of the probes, and then move the ship forward to re-dock with the fairing's contents. Of course the contents of the fairing should probably have a probe core just in case.
    That works too!  You have to carry that heavy fairing around with you in space, but if you have the dV, then it works.
  10. klesh's post in Interior Overlay View? was marked as the answer   
    Mouse over the kerbals portraits, and you will see a small circular button appear to the left of the leftmost portrait.  Mouse over it identifies it as the interior overlay button.  Click it. 
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