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  1. I've seen the note on the first post about CKAN support... But the CKAN entry is pointing to 2.1.2 still, even though the spacedock entry has been updated to 3.0. From quickly scanning github, it seems this was a fix for all the people who wanted to keep using CKAN and KSP 1.2, as it points to an internet-archive download for BDAc2.1.2. So... is there any chance this backwards fix could be... unfixed?
  2. I do actually recall this happening, and it was in the patchnotes... so by going through those, it should save some hassle. I'm having the same errors pop up, and I'm trying to use craft from 1.1.3 (and I know even more changed in 1.2). Anybody having any luck at all? What are the 3D printing people doing?
  3. I actually found this: It's a little buggy but the core is there. someone with some C# knowledge could probably flesh out the details and recompile it for the new patch. I haven't heard from the developer about their activity or intentions. Nevertheless, I've worked out that the core could be bundled (like firespitter) into a mod easily.
  4. I don't have any craft that would fit that description but I can make a video of it happening; it's a rather common occurrence for me. Again, maybe it's not joint rigidity so much as what keeps it oriented... I do wish it wasn't only this part (just so odd). I mean, I'd expect the same behavior at least from the other B9 engines. I'll record it happening and copy the appropriate log.
  5. The turbojet, the D-T70? The non-vectoring, 1.25m afterburning one. The odd thing is, it does resist breaking quite well... I've seen it pull a complete 360-spin at 15-g's while still "attached". So maybe it's not so much a joint rigidity issue?
  6. Not to my experience. At least not Panthers, junos, or wheeslys. A quick glance at the cfg, I see there's a "breakingForce=75" (or breakingTolerance? Something like that) that isn't defined in stock engines... I thought I read somewhere here about B9 parts being weak with stock aero? Am I making that up?
  7. Hey, maybe I'm missing something... But I'm having bad luck with my Turbojets. They can't take much aerodynamic force without breaking off, and they can't be strutted. Is there anything I could do?
  8. AoA Tech also has an F-18 cockpit (though not in-line). It's a more polished mod IMO.
  9. I finally broke mach 4 with this thing... And then I messed around with a viggen/f-22 mashup idea I had... Turned out to be quite a little plane. I think I'm going to do a lot of refining to it.
  10. I'm really enjoying these parts... The only thing I've found odd is that I can't make any power with the hybrids in rocket mode. I just lose speed and never make it to space... Maybe I need to alter my ascent profile; but for the kick those engines have in air breathing mode, they should have more power in rocket mode.
  11. Module manager counts 10666 patches when I load the game, and I haven't noticed any performance changes since I was around 4500 patches.
  12. Something I have has a 0.625 heatshield but it isn't conical and I don't have of the mods people have mentioned... Perhaps SXT? It looks exactly like a tweakscaled heatshield. But we could use a nice missile nosecone that could either survive reentry or have a jettisonable ablator.
  13. That should all be do-able quite easily. I mean really, just look at the original parts and start copy/pasting. Staging could be more complicated, but it might work itself out (?). Otherwise, you might be stuck with action groups or the smart parts mod.
  14. Oh snap, the wonders of simply googling the right combination of words... This is exactly what I need for the engine mod I'm working on. @Warezcrawler Would you like some help? I've looked through what you have going and it's quite impressive. It seems to have been a while since you gave the mod any attention, have you abandoned it? I could very much use this for an engine I'm working on, but I'd like to expand on it. Granted, we're getting upgradeable parts in the new patch (and I don't know what would survive of this code into 1.2), but I'd like to make a pre-cooler part that can add modes to an attached engine. I think I can do it if I just use a Module Manager patch to detect the presence of the pre-cooler and modify the engine... I'm not very capable with plugin coding but I'm figuring out MM pretty well and I know textures (well) and modelling (kinda well). I could definitely help you flesh out the mod with some parts.
  15. Ha, I was trying to figure out how to mod something similar in with module manager. The problem is I don't know if this will do entirely what I need for my purposes... But this could be very interesting.