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  1. Hey @linuxgurugamer - just saying Hi! and thanks for taking care of the old Triple-Z! I'm glad to see the telescope is still working in 1.9.1. Here's my latest attempt to use it - freshly installed far from Kerbin's radio noise on an asteroid. It's still as unwieldy as ever!
  2. My latest attempt at "just quick" building an asteroid base to support refueling of interplanetary missions has suffered some feature creep. I'm delighted to report that my age-old ZZZ radio telescope mod still works as a prop in 1.9.1! The base also has space for up to 47 Kerbals, which is plenty of space for the four-Kerbal permanent crew that take this rock around Kerbol on year-long assignments.
  3. I'd like to second this request - it would be a shame if KSP2 has no MacOS and Linux support. KSP has been an amazing experience, and its cross-platform community has been such a wonderful thing - it would be a shame if KSP2 walks away from all that.
  4. Hey @linuxgurugamer - I'm happy to see that you are supporting my old mod. I haven't had much time lately for KSP so I'm really glad that the telescope has found a new home. Keep up the good work!
  5. OK, I've finally tested the Greenhouse in 1.1.3 career mode - still works with the latest version of TAC LS.
  6. Oh wow - which mod adds those condensation clouds to the rocket on the launch pad? That looks pretty cool!
  7. Thanks for keeping this mod up-to-date! That latest bugfix is a great help since I got that bug a lot. CLS is such a nice addition to the game, I don't want to play KSP without it!
  8. My first successful attempt to create a workable spacecraft inspired by the Space1999 Eagle. It will mostly be used as a crew shuttle for some of the moons of the outer planets. The fuel capacity is somewhat limited, so on this first test flight to the Mun the Eagle will stay on the surface as a permanent base.
  9. OK, confirmed it was Kopernicus. The TAC LS 1.1.3 recompile works without problems!
  10. Ah! Yes - this must be it! Thanks - that would have taken some time to figure out. :-)
  11. I tried last night, but I'm having trouble with the 1.1.3 fix itself. All the solar panels generate no electricity, which is a problem for the power-hungry greenhouse. :/
  12. Does anybody else have trouble with their solar panels not generating electricity? It seems it started when I installed the @danfarnsy 1.1.3 re-compile of TAC LS today. The solar panels say "direct sunlight" but generate 0 electricity.
  13. Thanks for doing this! I can continue with my career game now - was just getting to the good stuff. :-)
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