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  1. I would buy Kerbol Skyline though, develope Kerbin and colonize the Kerbol system
  2. My Mainsail 9, nothing special but works great, powerd by 9 mainsails obviously, and that it was launched dozens of times in an active career https://imgur.com/a/B5CFU
  3. Idea was to use multiple hulls in radial around a central core, you would get something like this with container&modules on both exis: and looking at all the scifi pics, using 2 hulls next to eachother and build custom cargo pods or tweakscale kontainers to massive sizes, this would be looking pretty sweet aswel Got a few more ideas with MKS/PBS/modded part designs already
  4. @dboi88 watching the renders made my brain hurt again with ideas about how I can use it as an abusement framework of how it was not intended to be used, but I have a silly question as I know Roverdude some times does it to his parts and the standard KIS container: Will there be any sort of collision detection between parts that could generate phantom torque or just parts start to wiggling out of control and explode? I know the obvious answer would be "no", but if I may please ask to keep an eye out for clipping weirdness while bringing the parts to life in KSP that would be really appriciated The idea popped into my head to use 4 frames (5 would look cool, but symmetry... :)) as a frame that would give heaps of realestate to use as a massive interplanetary freighter, carrier, knowing myself a large spare parts hauler and even as a colony ship turning it basically into a massive HAB center as I've started a 10x GPP with everything decades away edit; I agree with the idea to release the parts first and then work on the IVA, obviously
  5. @Galileo @JadeOfMaar just noticed you guys put my Lili nightmare mission screenshot in the loading screen, that put a big grin on my face, cheers!
  6. @JPLRepo I just chucked it up to a mod conflict, some where as I also can't recreate it. Starting a new game on a fresh install using DeepFreeze from the start so if it happens, I'll be able to catch it while not messing with mods
  7. That's it @RocketPCGaming, I'm starting a new career in 10x on a fresh install
  8. copy&paste from the mail reply also those double docking ports on the "station parts expansion" are just mirror symmetry OPT parts, same one used on those shuttles and clipped in
  9. It is It's not a spaceship unless it has an aerospike The ship has reached it's full potential though with 0.49TWR in LGO (low Gael orbit) and as I finished my Tellumo mission, it stretched it's life support capabilities as well. Just wait till till I can start on ship #2, and ohboy, if I can get my hands on dboi88's Coyote parts \☺/
  10. So I just ran into the funniest bug ever and didn't notice it earlier as every time I transferd the kerbals to their assigned modules, except this time, lol Rasie is on the ship as I just thawed her after an interplanetart trip: Switching over to the outpost and Rasie shows up? Thinking to be funny and EVA her, she falls out of the ship: This is why I didn't get the Deep Freeze icon in the list onload (restarted) and only after hopping back and forth it appeared again. This must be linked to what ever is happening with the game thinking the cryo pod is some where else. Prolly a nullref in there related to some visual mod and I should really update IR, though when that works correctly is nearly a miracle already output_log
  11. @Galileo you should have received an email, reception was poor over here (should make that button slightly bigger ;)) ♥
  12. Now this is how the weeklies should look like Glad to hear that the terrain bug is being hunted down cause it's a real bug in the rear! Having the asteroid redirect be added to the game is also nice, 1.4 have Pork's parts added aswel?
  13. I'm digging that refinery/refueler design
  14. Now you're making me want to go from stock fun size to hardcore 10x LOL Alright, I'm prepared! 2 kits orderd