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  1. I doubt it's a mod conflict; as I'm having the same issue with relatively few mods installed (just informational/utility mods, no parts or beautification mods). Then again, that was with PN v1.2.2, haven't tried 1.2.3 yet.
  2. Yeah, every time you get some science with the [x] Science window open, the game freezes for about a second. It doesn't seem to happen when the window is closed, so the temporary solution is to check [x] Science after running all your experiments. Aside from that, this mod ticks all the boxes for me. Thank you.
  3. Just to let you know, the links provided in the OP (both for Curse and Bitbucket) only lead to the 4.0 version, not the 4.2 version. I almost wrote this mod off before I dug a little deeper into this thread after having it not show up in my 1.0.2 career. Would be great if those were updated. I look forward to trying this.
  4. Well, I'll probably check out my most successful spaceplane designs to see if they still fly properly. Then I'll get to work on my Super Fueler SSTO (the goal of which is to get a full Kerbodyne tank to a 125km orbit, dock with a station, and return to KSC), which will hopefully have much less lag and much more space. Once the few mods I do use are updated, I'll get working on the rockets; culminating in a career mode where I put a kerbal on all of the planets (at least), on hard mode this time!
  5. Just to let everyone know, the science collecting portion of SCAN Sat isn't working in 0.90; I tried analyzing data of a Kerbin radar map and clicking the button didn't bring up the experiment window. The mapping part worked just fine by the looks of it, but the science gathering part is not. Just to inform everyone. Edit: this was with version 9.1 of SCAN Sat
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