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  1. Hi lo-fi, big fan of your mod. Is there any chance of a new public release soon? The one in the OP is 6 weeks old (it appears you've made a lot of changes/additions since) and I can't find a working link to the right github page. Thanks.
  2. I just mean the reflections off the oceans in map view/tracking centre - especially along the shores, the shimmer is gorgeous. I haven't had much time lately to play, so was just enjoying the sights I'm just using the textures from your github 0.25 download, so I think they're full res ones (but I'm away from my gaming comp for a few days, so can't verify that). That triangle is without ATM installed. I actually haven't looked at whether it's still there when ATM *is* installed. I've booted it with all the RO-necessary mods (including FAR 14.3.2) with the overhaul release from 10 days ago (the x86 release), and it seems to load fine - the only incompatibility I could find was the ATM issue. But then again I haven't had time to fly anything, so whether everything actually works is another matter . I run OpenGL in administrator mode BTW, so dunno if that might be a reason.
  3. Hi pingopete, I just tried out the 0.25 version, and am loving the changes (especially the reflections). I have run into an issue or 2 though. RVE and ATM together prevents Earth texture from being applied correctly - I'll get clouds and citylights, but with Kerbin ground texture. Here is the output log, using the latest of your compiles from github (from yesterday), ATM 3.8 basic, latest EVE overhaul from github (from 9 days ago), DDSLoader, MM 2.5.1, and RSS 8.2.1; running 32-bit on Windows (usually OpenGL, but have tried without). I have tried excluding the RVE and RSS folders from ATM by setting them to false in the cfgs, but that doesn't seem to work - only removing ATM (or RVE) resolves it. A smaller issue is this dark shape (? shadow) (over Indonesia, the Western Pacific, and Northern Australia in the pic) in map view. Is there something I need to adjust in the settings? I'm pretty clueless as to what most of the EVE settings do, so could easily have missed something. And do the clouds in that pic seem sufficient? They seem a bit sparse compared to your previous releases.
  4. Erm, there's a thermal fin (under the Science tab) that already does that - there's only one size, but it should be easy to make a cfg for larger/smaller versions, or just use multiple.
  5. Take the RealSolarSystem folder from inside the .zip, and paste it into GameData - choose merge when prompted. If installed correctly, you should have a bunch of .pngs in GameData\RealSolarSystem\Plugins\PluginData.
  6. Have you seen it in previous versions? It's not included in the last release by PolecatEZ. Not all the parts pictured are included - the list above that is more accurate. Unless PolecatEZ comes back, or another modder like Eskandare picks it up, probably never . The weapons require the Lazor plugin, included in any of the Lazor mods (the docking cam is probably the lightest, if you don't want the other Lazor stuff). Unfortunately Lazor hasn't been updated to 0.25 either, so could be a bit buggy. It might be better to use an alternative weapons mod like BDArmory. Do you have FAR installed? If so, swing wings won't work: Even disregarding the swing issue, those wings don't have FAR modules, so aren't compatible with FAR anyway. The other parts (whisper rotor, folding wing etc) should animate correctly. I suggest using Infernal Robotics if you want to make working, FAR-compatible swing wings.
  7. HW (no overclocking at the time): ASRock Z87 Extreme4 Intel Core i5 4670K 16GB DDR3 RAM Radeon R9 290 (Catalyst 14.9) Samsung 850 EVO (boot) WD Caviar Green (KSP) SW (at time pic was taken): Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate x64 KSP 0.25, running in OpenGL mode, 2560x1440 borderless window RSS 8.1.2 (4K Earth textures, 2K for other bodies) EVE Overhaul 9-2 RVE 0.2.2 (larger textures downscaled to 4K) TextureReplacer 1.7.3 ActiveTextureManagement 3.8 (basic) Unfortunately I don't have an output log from when this happens - I'll upload one if I encounter it again with updated mods.
  8. Think about it - LEO has an orbital velocity of ~7.7km/s, so with a ~9.4km/s dv requirement, the loss to gravity drag is ~1.7km/s. Low Kerbin orbital velocity is ~2.3km/s, so with a dv requirement of ~3.4km/s (with FAR/NEAR), the losses are ~1.1km/s. Then take into account the fact that atmospheric limit for Earth in RSS is nearly 2x the height of that for Kerbin. Higher TWR is good, up to a point - given that dv requirement is so high, many designs have upper stage TWR of <1 - this means that they have to maintain a pitch above the velocity vector to maintain vertical velocity - which reduces the dv being effectively used to accelerate horizontally. So a TWR>1 during the entire ascent would mitigate this. But higher TWR usually means less fuel, smaller payload fraction, and/or heavier engines - which means either less total dv and/or more massive rocket. So in the real world, many (most?) launch vehicles have upper stage TWR<1. And too much TWR also makes it difficult to pull off an optimal gravity turn, which is probably more important for overall efficiency. Gravity drag is a real thing - it's much easier to just say gravity drag than 'the sum of gravity losses and drag losses'.
  9. I can confirm the puffballs These spawn in a square grid around the current viewpoint. But other times, the cloud layer looks normal: And RAM is tight on Windows - even with OpenGL and ATM basic, I can't run full-res textures from your pack. Perhaps include smaller textures (2-4k) as default? People running Linux64 or somehow getting Win64 to work can download a higher res texture pack.
  10. Oops there was a mistake with the link. Try it again - it should work now. If not, I'll have a MediaFire mirror up soon (stupid slow internets:rolleyes:). Edit: mirror
  11. Thanks for picking this up - I hadn't realised that B9 changed their file structure again. Here is the new version, with some additional fixes (mainly for attachment nodes) for the Mk2 parts. Note though that a lot of the IVAs aren't finished so RPM monitors won't be available. Let me know if you find further issues.
  12. There aren't enough celestial bodies in stock KSP to replicate the whole solar system, so Neptune (among others) is left out. A mod like Kopernicus or PlanetFactory is needed to add extra bodies - here is a pack using Kopernicus to add Neptune and a couple of moons. IIRC PF doesn't work with newer versions of RSS any more, since it hasn't been updated/supported for quite some time.
  13. The ones listed on the AJE OP should work: NB: if you're using B9 5.x, you'll need the fixed version found here, otherwise a lot of the textures won't load. I haven't tried it with B9 5.2.5 yet, but it seems to work fine with 5.2.4 on KSP 0.25.
  14. FWIW the delta wings, control surfaces, and structural wings do have FAR modules, so should work, to some extent. The movable wings are difficult to model with FAR from what I understand. The canards, swept wings and winglets also don't have FAR. However, given pWings and Infernal Robotics are available and supported, I don't see much point in using D12 wings. So if you're just using the pack for the cockpits/engines etc like I do, the wings being FAR-less is not an issue.
  15. I was going to use eye soap, but a neuralyzer sounds better.