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  1. i hope that all parts are also usable in space... i smell a canadarm on the stations. that would be AWESOME
  2. i'm here for a thread like this... to get on the HYPE TRAIN!
  3. i love the revamp. i love the variants and new colors. and that we can shrink some engines one diameter smaller with one of the variants. and i love the 2 nozzled poodle. but i would also love to switch between 1 or 2 nozzles. on landers or small docking crafts it looked great with the "small" 1 nozzled engine
  4. first image: cool. looks similar to my tries. second image: what?! i did not see that comming
  5. most of the revamp updates doesn't destroy the mods. mods just got problems when something in the core will be changed. probably squad can announce that to prepare the modders.
  6. hmm. i've tested the links again. they are still working i can attach the files to a PN if you like
  7. good one. but it doesnt work. i can see a "not loaded" grey texture with my new varianttheme "green" on 1 part. but i did 4 cfgs for 4 parts
  8. i've tested all links. they are working. where do you have difficulties?
  9. i tried this one. but i doesnt work. probably my syntax is not correct. i ignored location files in this one and i just "added" a new "themeName". i dont know if this is possible that easy. @PART:HAS[#name[Size1p5_Tank_01]]:FINAL { MODULE { VARIANT { name = Green displayName = Green themeName = Green primaryColor = #00ff00 secondaryColor = #006600 TEXTURE { mainTextureURL = GSSkins/Parts/FuelTank/Assets/Size1_5_Tanks_green } } } }
  10. Here is the first DL link for the Apollo 11. Happy launching & testing
  11. i'm testing a making history version of the saturn v as we got the new parts :). it will be a "kerbal style" saturn v with the correct amount of deltaV without half full tanks. so it will be tiny in lenght compared to its real world counterpart
  12. is there a list which shows me the real world counter parts to the new parts (mostly engines). it looks to me that the LEM engine is really big... should that not be something like the terrier 909?
  13. it was directly in my steam. very cool i love the new parts! its great. already did a saturn v and a apollo mission to mun. its great and makes a lot of fun. but its again time consuming i think i will add another 800h to KSP thank you squad! keep that going!