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  1. thank you for giving ksp still love
  2. i posted 2 findings in the wrong thread . links below. i love the update but the alarm clock is way off with transfer windows. it was 100d too late for the perfect return from duna to kerbin. i had to do massive corrections. and the maneuver creator doesnt take the first possible window. also when you try to go from kerbin to mun. you have 1 transfer slot every orbit but it took one 2days ahead. that was a bit strange. and it was not a direct transfer it went to mun but then i had to do one extra orbit for the encounter (see screenshots in linked post below). thats a bit strange TBH. but its the correct direction just needs some tweeks that we can trust on this 2 really usefull gadgets. https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/203252-kerbal-space-program-112-on-final-approach-is-now-available/&tab=comments#comment-3994567 https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/203252-kerbal-space-program-112-on-final-approach-is-now-available/page/2/&tab=comments#comment-3994878
  3. just tested the maneuver node creator. works descent to me and i like it. but it doesnt take the next possible transfer window. i did a test with mun and it created not the next possible node in the orbit. it took one 2d ahead and the new path went to muns altitiute but took a trip back to kerbin, pass kerbin and then go back to mun to have an encounter :). that is a bit strange to be honest see where mun is when i was on my way to it. arriving there it switched to a return to kerbin orbig (with PE 84000) and on the next trip i had my encounter.
  4. can please someone check my findings with the new alarm clock? just to make sure. i would love to have an alarm clock i can trust of . but the first try with interplanetary traveling didnt work as it was off about 100days to the kerbal alarm clock mod and the real transfer window.
  5. great update. i just tested the alarm clock and compared it with the mod. a transfer from duna to kerbin: - mod was 100d ahead and i was able to make a perfect and efficient way back - new alarm clock widget scheduled the transferwindow 100d after the mod and i needed double the deltaV as on the window with the mod it seems that there is still something off. maybe it fixable with a hotfix. the maneuver node widget looks good but i havent got much to test that for now. i love the new update. i think this are 2 things that we needed. but they have to be correct that we can trust on that. the comparsion of the alarm clock widget with the mod gave alot of different values for the same actions in the same save. and around dres i got alot oft crash to desktops
  6. thx. its just about the graphical settings. i have to find them complete new. but the inputs will come from time to time. i will push buttons to do something when i need it. then i remember the input layout
  7. great update. thank you. i love the removing of the warp height restrictions and the cheat tool for placing crafts on the surface. so i can test my landers way faster! only downside: my complete settings got lost. i had to redo my graphic and input settings again. anybody else with this problem? can i manually save them somehow to "insert" them the next time?
  8. i hope that all parts are also usable in space... i smell a canadarm on the stations. that would be AWESOME
  9. i love the revamp. i love the variants and new colors. and that we can shrink some engines one diameter smaller with one of the variants. and i love the 2 nozzled poodle. but i would also love to switch between 1 or 2 nozzles. on landers or small docking crafts it looked great with the "small" 1 nozzled engine
  10. first image: cool. looks similar to my tries. second image: what?! i did not see that comming
  11. most of the revamp updates doesn't destroy the mods. mods just got problems when something in the core will be changed. probably squad can announce that to prepare the modders.
  12. hmm. i've tested the links again. they are still working i can attach the files to a PN if you like
  13. good one. but it doesnt work. i can see a "not loaded" grey texture with my new varianttheme "green" on 1 part. but i did 4 cfgs for 4 parts
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