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  1. Huh, I stand corrected then. I didn't know you could modify resources themselves. Also the propellant thing is an error. Should be "RESOURCE" instead. I would correct my example, but I'll just direct people to the documentation instead and not give bad advice.
  2. How are you trying to interact with KSP's resources, and what are you trying to accomplish with them? Given your stated goal making "RealFuels Lite", I would assume that you want to directly remove some stock resources. This is impossible (and unwise), but you can do the next best thing: remove all references to stock fuels and replace them with your fuels/modules. For fuel tanks containing LiquidFuel, I would write this: @PART [*]:HAS[RESOURCE[LiquidFuel]] //This finds all parts with LiquidFuel in it { @PROPELLANT[LiquidFuel] //We want to convert the LiquidFuel to something else { @name = Kerosene //could be anything you want @ratio *= 6.0976 //Math to convert from LiquidFuel numbers to Kerosene numbers, as defined by Community Resource Pack } } Community Resource Pack is a mod that defines common resources used by different mods (like RealFuels). If you have installed several mods already, you probably already have it. More info here. Also note that RealFuel's license permits derivatives under the same license, as long as you credit the authors and state ialdabaoth's (who is awesome) awesomeness.
  3. I figured it was my end, as I had no idea what settings to use. Glad to hear it works. Perhaps I'll play around with it more.
  4. I run Arch, and this is one I use: https://github.com/ducakar/img2dds/releases. Once I got it set up correctly, it pretty much just worked. Do be warned though: It will convert everything in the GameData directory (or wherever you point it), including some stuff you shouldn't convert. Just move the Squad folder out of the way, or point it just at your mod folder. I tried using the GIMP DDS plugin, but I couldn't get any working results. I can get it to open DDS files though, so that's a plus. Your mileage may vary, of course. There's a full list of stuff here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/94638-Mod-Development-Links-Compilation-NOW-WITH-TABLE-OF-CONTENTS#4.4.
  5. Sabatier Reactor is still broken. Resources are being consumed, but nothing is coming out. It's also claiming that there's "insufficient storage". Here's a screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0ycni3l2iiu7jkt/screenshot1.png?dl=0
  6. Wow that is quite silly! I spent way too much time trying to figure out how much oxygen was getting transmuted to hydrogen before I posted here. If possible, I would suggest outputting LqdOxygen for use with the methane, though oxygen gas might be useful for TAC users.
  7. I think I've an error with KSPI's refinery module. When using the Sabatier Process, too much LqdMethane is being produced. When I have run the process with finite amounts LqdCO2 and LqdHydrogen, the vessel produces only LqdMethane without loss of mass. The Sabatier Process (with water electrolysis) should be producing oxygen in some form as well, accounting for about 61% (32 g/mole) of the product mass (52 g/mole). Attached is a craft file I used to examine this behavior. It should contain LqdCO2 and LqdHydrogen to produce 19.2 tons of LqdMethane and 28.8 tons of oxygen. Instead it produces 45 tons of LqdMethane, running out of CO2 before hydrogen. Since the refinery window gives no mention of oxygen, I'm guessing there was an oversight the last time KSPI's ISRU system was overhauled. Ether oxygen should be produced, or a loss of mass due to dumping of oxygen should occur. I could also have made some error in my calculations, but the refinery should not be able to maintain the vessel's current mass without producing some oxygen product. Whatever the problem is, thanks in advance. https://www.dropbox.com/s/j6la0c0rv2uxr3b/Test%20Rig.craft?dl=0
  8. Good news Beale! CKAN is now showing the latest versions of Tantares! Turns out that there was a problem with their indexing bot, which is now fixed.
  9. Ckan only auto updates mods from KerbalStuff. Mods that are Github exclusive need to have their metadata updated manually. Ven is pretty busy and I don't think he's on KerbalStuff, so someone will need to intervene manually to get the latest version up.
  10. There should be a button you can add in blizzy's toolbar should you have it installed. There might be a hotkey as well, but I would go toolbar on this.
  11. So much for throwing science at the wall. However, I was able to google off of that and found these two posts in a very familiar thread: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/100067-The-Comprehensive-Kerbal-Archive-Network-%28CKAN%29-Package-Manager-v1-6-6-26-Mar-2015?p=1804311&viewfull=1#post1804311 http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/100067-The-Comprehensive-Kerbal-Archive-Network-%28CKAN%29-Package-Manager-v1-6-6-26-Mar-2015?p=1804520&viewfull=1#post1804520 Make sure you're on CKAN 1.6.6, and have curl installed. I'm guessing you already do, but it can't hurt to double check. I've been using CKAN since it first came out, so I might have gotten relevant certs before any updates broke things. That might be why I'm having a better time with things. Just a half-educated guess.
  12. Why not make it a separate part? You could resuse the textures from the two kerbal capsule, just have a different IVA. You could balance between the two by having the two kerbal capsule have more KIS storage or less mass.
  13. Weird. I can repeat the same errors when I run the same commands, but CKAN works for me. Have you tried running CKAN regardless? Bit of a stretch, but who knows...
  14. It exists, I just don't remember how I did it. Looking at the man page for mozroots, I would try the following: mozroots --import --sync certmgr -ssl -v https://kerbalstuff.com Other than that, google it, look at man pages, etc.