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  1. It has come to my attention that in order to post on this forum, I’m supposed to agree the 1.4 EULA. While that is an obvious and ham-fisted attempt to silence decent, nevertheless, since I clearly do not agree, my presence here is a clear violation of the TOS of this website, and as such, I should rightly be banned. But before I go, I just wanted to say a heartfelt “Thank you” to my friends in Mexico at Squad for creating what I truly believe to the finest computer game ever made. It is the perfect blend of lighthearted fun and a serious education of the physics of spaceflight. Kudos. It’s just so deep, I think they call that “play value.” You could play version 1.3 forever. [snip] What will my absence mean to the community? Well, actually I had big plans for KSP. First of all I’m the guy who figured out how to get your interplanetary departure angle from the Sun, and the inventor of the spaceplane sandwich. I’ve been writing other tutorials, too. I’ve got 12 pages on high speed rover piloting, a large portion of my personal website was going to be devoted to KSP (screw that). Also I have two different solutions to the ship-naming problem (one quick little work-around players can do now, and as a db engineer I figured an actual in-game fix that would solve the problem once and for all). But no, not yours! [snip] Do I really expect TT to change the EULA? No, not really, villains don’t change. Will I give up? Heroes don’t do that. (sorry - not that I am a hero, just that I am trying to follow the example of one.) I won’t be back to see any replies to this, so to everyone who is sorry to see me go; I wish I didn’t have to. And to everyone who posts “good riddance” in the thread below; Up yours. People have told me it doesn’t matter, who cares, and everyone else already has their fingers in our pants, why does it matter where Take Two puts their thumb? Well to that I can only say this: “We've made too many compromises already, too many retreats. They invade our space, and we fall back. They assimilate entire worlds, and we fall back. Not again! The line must be drawn here! This far, no further!...” (it goes on from there.) And that note, I’ll say goodbye. (VOTES WITH FEET.)
  2. Everyone who is still here has clearly decided that want to play a game more than they care about their personal privacy. I thought KSP players were smarter than that.
  3. No but other people are reading this. and I think I'm changing THEIR minds:
  4. Precisely. Even though his other job is being a accountant, you'll still need a contract that is specific to his RELATIONSHIP with you. One contract wouldn't be good enough. Ah, so you mean modding, stealing, violations of IP, etc. Right? Well all that happens WAY MORE in the 3D art world than in gaming. We're dealing with apps costing hundreds, even thousands of dollars and users who have no money at all, but endless time to hack them. And cheap things like content (3d models, people, sets props) the pass that stuff around like water. I know. I sold software to them. MY EULA is quite specific in addressing those things. My $60 app had online registration and phoned home every time you launched it. And they still hacked it. Games are actually far LESS complex, both programming and in licensing. (they just have to be fun) While KSP is complex in its way, it is also a simple computer program. Its a single process, operates in a box, no internet access. So, KSP does NOT require "a more complicated EULA" at all. MUCH LESS ONE THAT SPECIFIES ACCESS TO PERSONAL INFORMATION. So to reiterate: The "one contact for everything and everyone" BS is a lousy excuse! it just doesn't hold water. Absolutely none of that is on topic .. Mods?
  5. What do you mean "all the things people tend to do?" Please be specific.
  6. This question? No not a game. A DB app for 3D animators. ... and 40 users on the petition EDIT: But you didn't answer my question: Does the gardener get access to your bank account?
  7. As I said in the OP: Would you sign an agreement with your gardener that gave him access to your bank account, because in his other job, he’s an accountant? And he just uses the same contract for everybody? (“Oh, that part doesn’t apply to you, just sign here, and also I’ll need your account number.”) I don’t think so.
  8. Here, I found I EULA I wrote. It covers the Company's butt in terms of implied warranty, liability, explains the license models and protects the IP. It doesn't say anything about about collecting information, because we weren't selling spyware. Somebody asked if it was approved by a lawyer, of course it was, the same one who told me I could get a job writing tort.
  9. That depends. is he asking for PERMISSION to shoot you? No they aren't. I've read them. (edit: or I didn't agree)
  10. Thank you. That's the point. On the contrary, it would be naive to give someone permission to do something bad to you, based solely on the assumption that they won't take you up on it. is merely you saying something, it is no admission on their part to anything. Just your wishful thinking tac·it understood or implied without being stated.
  11. Back on topic, we now have 35 users on the petition!
  12. Yes, this thread is ABOUT THE EULA! They claim they may do these things. I say "No, you may not." EDIT: If you give a five year old the keys to your car, he may wrap it around a tree, or maybe not. Do you give him the keys?
  13. Really? What evidence do you have for that, or is it just your feeling? its in the *&%^# EULA: Information about gameplay may be collected while you are offline and transmitted to the Company when you next connect to the Internet whether or not you are currently logged into your Internet Connection from your console, handheld, mobile device, computer, or other gaming platform.
  14. Well I've just spent a good 20 minutes poking around the web and don't find any to link to anymore. Your welcome to go buy this: https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/pzdb-1-3/72733/ there's one in there. As for the case I won, It was 10 years of litigation between 2000 and 2010, Palm Beach County, used to know the docket number. But more to the point I really don't care if you believe me or not.
  15. What about a trained layman whose approach is, "I deal with this every day and every night and I know THIS PART way better than you." Because that's what won for me in Court.
  16. Well, (1) that's you. And (2) that's hilarious. Because I have (A) drafted my own contracts, (B) defended them court myself (it's called a Pro Se defense) and (C) WON. (against lawyers, they never got a penny).
  17. [snip] He keeps [snip] discussing "evidence" when I'm just talking about intent. "Conflict-of-interest" doesn't happen with individuals or corporations, it only applies to government officials or lawyers with clients on both sides of the same case. And just to be clear: I never said Take Two Interactive is distributing spyware. I have said they are using (indeed are insisting on) a License Agreement that gives them permission to install spyware. (If you are agreeing to it, then you are agreeing to spyware.) And IF they REFUSE to change this license agreement, then I am left with NO OTHER conclusion than it is their intent to install spyware. Please! Disabuse me of this notion! Please alter this agreement so that it is clear that this is not spyware. That is not too much for any consumer to ask.
  18. Back on topic: we now have 25 users on the Petition!
  19. Here guys I'll put it this way: I didn't used to be a privacy advocate, I didn't used to be a social justice warrior. But then they tried this with KSP. [snip]
  20. I disagree. (that's becoming a recurring theme) I have said that I believe that their refusal to address these legitimate concerns would be a tacit admission that this is spyware. Perhaps #KSP=Spyware? is more accurate. By why go there? Why shouldn't they just confirm for us that this is NOT spyware? Why is this on me on not on them? [snip]
  21. LOL I disagree. They'll have to get a judge to tell me that they get to turn a game I already bought into spyware, and then tell me not to play it while they keep my money.
  22. I have not defamed anyone, I have stated fact and personal opinion. (I am not responsible for what other people say on twitter) Attention TTI: If you do wish to sue me, you will have to do so in the State of Florida (as I have not accepted your agreement to accept arbitration in New York), please note it will be a Pro Se defense, and I am quite familiar with the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure, especially those concerning discovery.
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