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  1. I have to ask--where did you get that headbanger Kerbal GIF you use for your profile pic?

    1. LitaAlto


      It looks absolutely amazing. Great work, and keep on rocking! \m/

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  2. *sigh*

    Well, my grandmother passed, today.

    It's a really strange feeling. There's grief, obviously, but relief, too. She hadn't been well for a few years, already.

    I think the most important person to worry about now is my granddad, and he's keeping strong. Hell of a man, that one. Always an example.

    I might be on lurk mode these days. Or I may be talkative. Or I may not even be online at all. I don't really know yet. But I'm here, keeping my head up.

  3. Ugh... all followed users and threads are gone?

    1. LitaAlto


      Yeah, that was one consequence of the forum migration that was advertised in advance. I've been rebuilding all that. Just as well, though--it spares me having to do any pruning. :)


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