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  1. Or: The Flying Saucer That Failed. You know, you get the impression that flying saucers are really cool -- and then you try to go up an incline. Footage originally from July 2015. Warning: May contain visual puns and classic rock references. Mods: Kerbal Foundries -- SpaceY Heavy Lifters -- Stockalike Station Parts -- Music: "Epic Unease," "Pop Goes The Weasel" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
  2. Kinda sounds like a follow-up to @Nassault630's VOYAGER film, based off Scott Manley's Interstellar Quest series.
  3. My interest was piqued by a report of joint deformation in one of the KSP 1.2 prerelease builds, so I had to investigate.Things got a bit out of hand.Danny2462 need not be worried -- if this experiment proves anything, it's that planet buster technology in KSP 1.2 will be quite viable. Mods: Porkjet's Parts OverhaulMusic:"Comic Plodding" and "Umbrella Pants" Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
  4. Your joint deformation post led to an unfortunate experiment on my part....


  5. Might I suggest a rename, to avoid confusion with the Fuel Tanks Plus mod by @NecroBones?
  6. Sounds potentially amazing. Is there documentation on all the FlightGlobals info available?
  7. As @Alewx mentioned that he's moving, I recommend patience while he gets settled in:
  8. AW! I had hoped to climb Mt. Smileyface! (J/K )
  9. I held off until KSP 1.1 could provide 64-bit Windows support. And now I kinda wish I hadn't, because I'm blown away at the detail. I'm actually giddy at how the docking ports now look. Heck, I'm giddy at how pretty much everything looks. Well done, Ven!
  10. I was hoping I could utilize fakery for the actual cable, although I guess it would be more "fun" if you could EVA the whole length of it. Anyhow, it's a thought. Thanks!
  11. I believe you've seen one of these craft, before, but I decided to build out a fleet. I'll be rebuilding it, although I'm half-tempted to wait until you release Mother. (GAH. Did I just say that!? )
  12. And I just realized -- if you can place an O'Neill Space Cylinder in KEO via Kerbal Konstructs, you could also build a space elevator platform system.
  13. Will K+/Mother give you some sort of plates you can use to cover the current 7.5m - 3.75 m adapter? Right now there's no solid adapters compatible with the command pod's look and feel, making it harder to realistically build out more complex crew space. Later I can share pics of some of my craft, built using an earlier version of K+ when there was the solid adapter, to show you what I mean.
  14. New avatar courtesy DaGuy AboveYou, used with permission.


  15. Isn't "Mechjeb and Engineer for all" just a ModuleManager script, itself? If so, wouldn't they have provided a variant that removed the parts, if it were an option? (I stress "variant" because some still want the parts, for the sake of adding details to their craft, so removing the parts by default wouldn't have been the best option.)
  16. @TiktaalikDreaming @Angel-125 -- if you two wind up collaborating I shall surely squee. Just saying.
  17. Don't be so hard on yourself. If KSP players never made mistakes, KSP wouldn't be as much fun. What I'm really saying is, you should go console yourself with "mistakes." Very explosive, Whackjobian "mistakes."
  18. I second this. Using destructive technologies in the name of Science! is the Kerbal way. Maybe a laser spectroscopy experiment...?
  19. Does this support Firespitter-style texture switching? If not, how about making a different part .cfg? I think it might be nice to have both textures, and choose which suits better.
  20. Did you ever look at Porkjet's Habitat Pack and its centrifuge IVA? Or does that use ModuleJointMotorTest?
  21. I'm not aware of any fully updated mods for this sort of thing. NEBULA Decals lets you create a custom image--with transparent background--and apply that as a decal to ships. But I don't think it's been updated since KSP 0.25, so be careful. The Write Stuff lets you enter text directly in the KSP Editor, but the choice of fonts is limited. Also, no updates since KSP 0.90. There's a third, less-than-optimal solution that doesn't require mods--create a flag texture with the ship name, and use that. The downside is that the size of the flag depends on the part's design, and if you want "NCC-1701 ENTERPRISE" in letters you can read from a kilometer away, well, this won't help with that.
  22. Sorry if it was asked earlier--but do you plan on adding lights for the windows?
  23. Is there a backup download site? Right now is down. :/