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  1. It's conceivable (but I don't know for sure) that any issues with Pood's OPM VO could cause general problems with scatterer/eve - might affect GU's stuff as well. Just one possibility among many. I am not the best diagnostician, to start with, and it's also pretty hard to say much without a log file (which I only know how to read in the crudest possible way). Others will be more knowledgable, hopefully.
  2. Couple things: The __LOCAL folder is almost certainly in there by mistake - possibly (from what I have been able to glean) an artifact of people making mods on Mac or Linux, zipping up a folder, and not looking for hidden folders getting ZIPped with others, or something like that. You don't have the latest version of Module Manager - almost certainly no significant effect from that, but worth updating nevertheless. Some other folders look suspect, or not, hard to know - For instance, what' s "Patch"? Poods OPM Visual Overhaul may or may not be up to date with latest ver
  3. A general set of guidelines that might help, no promises: 1. Many mods require other mods to function, or are themselves split into multiple parts. For instance, GU requires Kopernicus, which is composed of two parts: Kopernicus itself, and ModularFlightIntegrator; Kopernicus and everything else that uses Kopernicus also requires ModuleManager. Always check for mods' dependencies. Sometimes these are noted clearly on a mod's main forum post, sometimes they're not - you may have to do some looking and definitely need to do some careful reading, possibly even most of the time. In the case o
  4. Just now had a chance to look at the issue I was having again - it may or may not be related to Recall, but it seems to involve Extraplanetary Launchpands too. Removing Recall and trying it again will allow adding fuel lines on new craft, but not on the old one that used to have Refunding. This was happening when the fuel line was added: Seems like perhaps an interaction between Recall and EPL, because on previous iterations of this save, I was using EPL just fine - behavior changed with installing Recall --.7.7, *I think* (low confidence). Or the aftereffects of some other interac
  5. Having an issue I think is related to Recall/Refunding (see log here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3e4odf1dtmaunko/KSPLog_Refunding.log?dl=0) In editor, I can't put external fuel ducts between parts - connect the fuel duct on one end, and it won't then connect on the other. just picks up the part again. I don't know if it's related to Refunding, but when looking in the logs, I saw a number of errors that is (I think) equal to the number of parts in this save... Passing along the log in case it's useful, whether or not that's actually related to my editor issue.
  6. Based on issues with TweakScale (caveat: I don't really understand what's going on), it is *possible* that this recovery issue is a bug with KSP itself. Just a thought, but only based on vague dot-connecting (there's an issue with recovering parts with TweakScaled parts as well, it seems; might be somehow related...).
  7. Took the new version for a spin! Noticed some slightly odd behavior with some exceptions in the log as well. KSP 1.11.2, not too many mods (dev-ish install). I think (hope) it's installed correctly w/ Kopernicus and whatnot. In Kerbin's deserts, this happens - the vehicle looks visually like it's going over terrain that is more undulating and uneven than appears in the image; when it's going "up" some invisible terrain, it rises up as shown: Log with exceptions: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ganwdxhi67loxp9/KSPLog_parallax_exc.log?dl=0 The exceptions didn't seem to correspond t
  8. Sadly figured out I was simply misundestanding you AFTER hitting reply. Ugh.
  9. I mean to say: after changing settings, you need to restart to generate the patch file, which seems to be generated after parts load. (Maybe?) Then restart *again* to have the patches applied by MM - two restarts in total. That's what the dialog boxes suggested needed to happen, at any rate... EDIT: I am dense. You are saying what I am saying.
  10. Really like the idea of this mod, much more sensible than KIFA, seems to me. Couple things I've noticed so far: 1. The "include tanks" radio button setting does not hold between restarts; I think it actually does apply the patches, but the button itself doesn't remain checked 2. It takes two restarts to apply patches if settings are changed (e.g. include tanks) - it seems like you then need to start up, change settings, then restart to generate the patch that corresponds to those new settings. Then KSP Part Volumes tells you you need to restart again to apply the patch just gene
  11. The image was in fact in advanced - sort by manufacturer mode, so maybe it's working as intended! I simply hadn't seen it before, wasn't sure if it was meant to be that way
  12. Something I have noticed about this change - the patch for these tanks is written like this: @PART:HAS[#manufacturer[OPT*Division],@MODULE[ModuleB9PartSwitch]]:NEEDS[B9PartSwitch,FarFutureTechnologies] However, this results in antimatter tanks are being added to many inappropriate parts that happen to have B9 Part Switch and the OPT Division manufacturer. For example - this applies antimatter tanks to all engine parts that have switchable ISPs, such as the "Downswell" (which uses B9PartSwitch to change response profiles). Perhaps ModuleCommand, ModuleEnginesFX, and ModuleRCSFX c
  13. I think I already reported this before, but just confirming that the latest (still?) has an issue with symmetry and B9 Part Switch switchable tanks (B9PS 2.18 latest, with CryoTanks and dependencies as a test case, no other mods) - if you place a tank in symmetry, scale it up, pick it up with the mouse, and re-place it, all but one of the tanks in the symmetry group will revert to the part's original fuel capacity. One of the parts will retain the correct maximum capacity, but the actual contents in the tank will be set to something close to (but not exactly the same as) the part'
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