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  1. Oh, now I think I see what you guys mean.. It must have been because the part didn't default to the proper rotation when I pulled out a new one. For some reason when I pulled out a new one it was rotated like that. If only there were editor visual aids that tell you which side is considered "up". Though honestly, I think that part should have a glass roof too for viewing above. I couldn't tell what was wrong because of the part coming out like that "squashed" version each time for unknown reasons after I attached the first part correctly only rotating it on the one axis to flip it and connect it.
  2. I rotated the hell out of it. Look at he two, you can see it being squashed in the second image. There's no way rotating it will unsquash it.
  3. What about the strange module there at the end that is the same exact module but each time I place it, it has a 90% chance of not matching the port at all and being squashed into a flatter longer version of its self?
  4. Yea I was watching my docking connections and making sure to properly set them. I never tested it out though because they were misaligned by several virtual inches and the other areas of the ship were so far misaligned and distant that docking ports wouldn't have helped at all. I wish each part was the same size, aka all the parts would be stretched to be as long as the longest part which I think is the launch pad, not sure. Storage containers and such would store more as a result. With everything the same exact size, building a station that connects to its self wouldn't be as hard.
  5. I've removed Real Fuels myself, its unplayable. I use almost all Near Future things though, maybe even all. Good quick response though, I thought it'd be a day or two before any response with forums usually being slow. xD
  6. I've been ignoring the urgent error in B9PartSwitch because it wasn't a problem till now. I went to creative mode to test a RealFuel's issue I'm having and the game crashed when I placed a tank. [EXC 19:17:08.744] Exception: Conflict found between ModuleB9PartSwitch (moduleID='fuelSwitch') on part fueltank-75-1 and ModuleFuelTanks - cannot both manage resources on the same part B9PartSwitch.ModuleB9PartSwitch.CheckOtherModules () B9PartSwitch.ModuleB9PartSwitch.Start () Full Log: That happens upon mod loading, I've been ignoring it though. Forgot to add, I'm on latest version of KSP, latest version of CKAN, Latest version of the mod available on CKAN which appears to be 2.4.5 with around 80 mods. I'm not uploading a save because its not save related. I started a new save just now and it crashed the game.
  7. Shame this doesn't fully work with 1.5.1, engine flames are invisible. Also a shame this is unrealistic in terms of Engines, as each engine type gets a max of one ignition which makes them unplayable except as an initial launch. No multiple maneuvers once you get to space, its all one shot one go and then you have to throw away your engine. Real engines don't do that, so it can't be called Real. This just needlessly complicates the game in my opinion, I can't figure out what to use and what to do because every engine has multiple configs and every tank has multiple configs and it confuses the crap out of me having 30 different types of fuels... Just thought I'd provide my thoughts. Just as a point of proof, the engine limitations you impose that are very very very wrong I'll link some things below with a bit of explanation. The ISS has to reboost its altitude many times a year, 10-12 times a year, and from what I heard from a friend is that the ship that docks for a while has 20-30 ignitions for this. This graph will show you that the ISS does in fact lift its altitude nearly once a month. First stage engines only have one ignition, while second stage engines require the rocket to be in acceleration to ignite. But thats just for engines that send you off into orbit, every single engine in your mod has one ignition, a max of 2 is what I've seen. That makes it totally unusable and worthless. How do you perform a maneuver once you get to space? You can't shut down your engine or it permanently dies. You can't time warp to the other side of the planet to boost your PE either because that'd also shut your engine down. A worthless engine. Even my propane heater can self ignite, and does so 2-5 times a day during winter, thats up to 600 times a year, its many years old so thats at least 6,000 times. Sure, its not a ship thruster but it is an ignition. Unfortunately, I can't exactly find nasa grade information here to prove my point on the realism aspect of this but from what I can see with almost everything researched for the level 2 science facility, all engines in your mod max at 1 to 2 ignitions making them unusable. I will likely only see posts that mention me or quote me.
  8. The great and powerful Taniwha has spoken! I'll see if this is on CKAN and try it out, however I'll still have the issue of K&K structures not being able to reach each other cause of all the offsets. xD
  9. CKAN allows me to see suggested mods and required mods and such. I don't need to download 90 zips that all have 38 different versions of Module Manager included in them.
  10. Heya, I noticed that your modules don't quite match up in length with each other which makes building a base thats connected together in cube form and such impossible. I used docking ports to make the base fully connected even in a way to try and fill some gaps but it doesn't always work. Is there anything you can do about this? I'll show some examples below. The above shows that your 4 way stops won't meet up with the habitats because the central node is a different size and offsets them a little. The above, I managed to actually fix with docking ports, kinda... Buuuttttt... You can see here that the docking ports were a perfect fit, but very slightly off set. Now this is just something I don't understand at all... Its literally the same exact structure. I placed it, it worked, I deleted it, and placed it again in the same spot, and it changed to something else. I tried 10 more times, same issue, I tried placing elsewhere, same flat ass thing. Nothing I did could get the original back and I couldn't figure out why. I wish KSP used a different system, not some tree ship method that has one parent per item instead of forcing me to use docking ports or struts to connect a base together in a specific shape.
  11. I'll wait till the author replies and updates the mod. I don't like manually installing things, I use CKAN only. If a mod doesn't use CKAN, it doesn't exist as far as I'm concerned. I used to do things manually way back, never again will I return to that.
  12. Looks duplicated to me.
  13. Why not remove the useless old batteries? I don't like my menu being spammed up with duplicates of everything so I may end up uninstalling this but I figured I'd ask first if you have plans for adding an option for removing the duplicates and such.
  14. I've heard of rad far more often than I've heard of "gray". I've never even heard of "gray" till today. In fact, I think even Take on Mars uses Rad or Sv. Actually it uses Sv now that I think about it, but anyway.
  15. Any chance you can make it so that this can default to active when you launch? I forget all the time to click it and it doesn't really make a noticeable sound or anything among-st the many other buttons I have over there in the side bar. Also, can you add a setting to not ask me for those one time experiments? I really don't want to be stuck clicking through multiple prompts each time I have a cluster of experiments that are all run once types. A global setting for all science would be nice too, your right click screen was full of like, 100 science possibilities and each one had its own, perhaps instead you have a global setting at the top, then each one below is a list with a single tggle on it "Ue global setting", if false it displays its own options like it does now, if true, it just shows it as a list item. Compact and clean. I hope these thoughts and suggestions are helpful.