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  1. Already works, you can find alternate links to the downloads..around? But so long as your RPM is updated the pod works fine.
  2. Ok....so kindof an SVE question so If I need to go over there tell me to get outttttt, with more recent versions of SSRSS there is a city texture showing up under the space center, Im sure its just a matter of personal preference but its driving me nuts, is there any way to comment out or shift the city locations or am I stuck just turning them off?
  3. I think Ill use the stock inclinations for now but I literally just 30 minutes ago did a Moon landing on my career run by eye since I haven't upgraded the tracking center yet, Spitballing the inclination is definitely a fun challenge though, I may add that back later
  4. Just wanted to throw some props your way, innovative fun little mods like this really improve the overall experience in KSP, being able to strip away even non manned parts into the ever expanding Kerbal ant farm mode is such a cool idea, thanks for putting the time into it.
  5. So just tried playing with the community patch and it kills the RPM navball on this IVA: Altitude, velocity, and the shape of the ball are visible but it is just a black circle. Im not 100% but Im pretty sure thats just using the ASET pages for the MFD, not sure how I would go about patching out whatever is causing the conflict
  6. Ok so RPM can be customized on a per craft basis, the RPM pages are set by the mod author. ASET stuff in particular uses custom assets, so even though the stock navball for RPM works for other craft it can have an issue with certain IVA's specifically. The mod author is around but these IVAs haven't been updated in a while so those custom pages have issues with certain elements, likely a mod that is trying to display incompatible graphic elements onto the custom navball. So basically check your mod directory for anything that would touch the navball: Waypoint manager, docking alig
  7. downloaded so fast that I broke my finger, will play on the way to hospital
  8. Seems to work really well with the dev version of eve: one odd visual glitch though, really tough to catch in screenshots, easier to see in motion. the haze seems to apply in front of objects, putting line where the horizon would be if you fly close to mountains. i took a shot at capturing it but its hard to see in stills: http://i.imgur.com/cu6geIy.jpg (liked for big) on the left and right against the mountains you can see where the horizon would be, the haze is being projected in front of the mountains. any idea how i can tweak the settings to make it less noticable?
  9. I run the 64 bit workaround and both stock and heavily modified it runs without texture failures. Sounds like your gpu may be on the fritz, update your video drivers maybe?
  10. known issue, supposedly fixed in the next release but map view does occasionally get borked even on Direct X with the current release.
  11. What kind of flicker? Eve clouds don't really do that. I see that you just posted in Avg's Cloud Pack thread, did you install the lightning from that pack? Or the lightning from Astronomers pack? Remove that.
  12. no. The Mod author has stated multiple times that these artifacts are caused by this altitude being the cutoff point for rendering, resulting in that patchy effect, and that the fix will be included in the next release. It is hard coded and happens to everyone to varying degrees.
  13. yeah ive noticed this too, leave it on the pad and warp forward a bit and the thing will get glowing hot. I blame shoddy contractors, dont stir the oxygen tanks.
  14. No, he meant everyone else stop reporting them. Seriously though dude, issue #2 on the known issues. scatterer is not currently OpenGL friendly, artifacts are common and will be common for a while.
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