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  1. I had the same problem, and arrived at the same solution. When loading my existing save game (after creating a new one and selecting a tree tree), the game loads as normal, and i get the dialogue box to select a tree. Same game version and OS. Not a big deal, just letting you know that it is a thing. Exams tomorrow, so no time to recreate/post error logs. Problem has not reoccurred since.
  2. Amazing! I like the requirement for both Automation and Robotics for Off World Manufacturing. I also see your point in adding Orbital Surveys and Resource surveying as dedicated nodes, given how many mods use them. Not sure about having a technology tree pathway/branch dead end by tier 6 though. As it stands, Scansat's more advanced scanners are further down the tree than that. Also, nobody should want to start extracting resources without first having the detection tech researched. Maybe tweak it so that Resource Utilization follows on from Resource surveying- that removes the dead end early on and and gives resource finding/mining/exploitation its own whole branch from Tier 5 onwards. As for the nomenclature, the progression of Basic -> Advanced -> Specialized -> Cutting Edge (or Experimental) works well. I note that Advanced Solar goes to two Tier 9 nodes, that both dead end. whats your view on bumping Cutting Edge to tier 10? Or are there enough different solar components around to warrant the two? I'm just thinking about avoiding empty nodes with say, only 1 mod installed- the fewer dead end branches there are, the easier it is to arrange parts logically Really though I'm just nitpicking some minor details. The overall structure there is logically arranged, and it is fairly intuitive as to where I would expect to find various parts.
  3. Looks great Nertea Are you asking for suggestions at this point? (I'm going for yes) In my mind life support and colonization share the same origins, as in packing snacks in a can are the first step towards greenhouses on Laythe. So a progression such Survivability -> Life Support -> Self Sufficiency -> Outpost Construction -> Colonization, where small life support canisters come first, then larger ones, then recyclers and then the greenhouses. Just a thought. Assuming most mods follow RoverDude's comment/structure that bigger, bulkier tech is unlocked first, and smaller more efficient stuff later then bucket terms like Nuclear Propulsion -> Compact Nuclear Propulsion -> Advanced Nuclear Propulsion -> Compact Advanced nuclear Propulsion -> Experimental Nuclear Propulsion -> Compact Experimental... etc From a UI/accessibility point of view, it would be good to use the same descriptors for multiple branches. For example, Solar Power, Ion Propulsion, Nuclear Propulsion would all follow the same Basic -> Intermediate -> Advanced -> Experimental progression. Adopting a consistent nomenclature makes each branch more familiar and approachable, and avoids newbies getting overwhelmed by the complexity of a full tree. Just some food for thought. Keep up the amazing work
  4. I would love to see all the mods play nice on the same tech tree. Conceptually it doesn't feel to hard to agree on a node structure that allows meaningful progression for all the advanced tech mods- it is just a matter of everyone agreeing before updating their mods. Selectable trees is awesome though Fractal, but I personally feel that they should be primarily used for tech tree overhauls (ie, better than starting manned) rather than ending up in the same area we previously had whereby each mod has its own unique trees. (edit) Seems you guys both posted while I was typing, making post this completely redundant. Keep up the good work!
  5. Hugely excited to see tech tree modifications become possible again. Even more excited to see RoverDude in on-board. In relation to many of the comments raising potential issues, I think RoverDude covered it perfectly; The challenge is getting the creators of the key late-game tech (KSPI, NFT, MKS.OKS etc) to agree on the later game nodes. Following the existing tree progression in terms of the amount of science required for each successive tech level shouldn't break the balance too much either. If multipurpose modes such as 'High Efficiency Propulsion I" which progress into "High Efficiency Propulsion II" (or Higherer Efficency Propulsion if it fits the canon better) are chosen, then mod makers can choose where to put things such as ion and electric propulsion, thermal rockets etc. As per the old KSPI structure, seriously game changeling tech (looking at you warp drives) can be tucked away behind a node that is difficult to unlock, but balanced to that it still feels rewarding. Similar categories could be used for main technology branches- power generation, solar, construction and life support. I'm thinking that a bit of collaboration now between main mod makers to flesh out a node structure, and appropriate unlock costs will get everyone on the same page and be a benefit to the modding and player community. Its a bit of short term pain for a lot of long term gain/stability. Keep up the excellent work all, looking forward to seeing some new nodes in the tech tree! Uncle
  6. From my point of view (someone who runs a couple of servers and so far only plays with friends) the current version is pretty damn close to everything I ever dreamed of. The sandbox mode works well, I have only noticed a few of the bugs listed on the bug tracker. For career mode, shared science is a feature I'm well keen on (unless you snuck that in without me noticing?) and ditto for shared kethane maps. I'm assuming that whatever wizardry you use to get that working will be transferable to the missions/money/reputation that gets added in .24. Admin rights and vessel permissions are a must for public servers, while flags and asteroids are a good feature to have. I agree with you that after that, DMP will be largely feature complete- and KSP players everywhere will rejoice. Awesome work on the mod so far. Ill shout you a beer if you are ever in Perth.
  7. Nice work on the updates. Keep 'em coming! Oh yeah- did you find the source of the "instantly lose all lateral velocity" bug? Uncle
  8. Mornin Mr Happy, The port forwarding is actually pretty straightforward, but can be a little confusing if you have not doe it before. The basic process is 1) Log into your modem/router 2) Assign you host PC a static IP address (so it doesn't change every time you restart your pc) 3) Open/forward desired ports (6702 etc) to the IP address you just chose 4) Profit? There are lots of guides on the internet, but the mechanics of it vary depending on your modem model. Just google it Good Luck!
  9. Excellent! This has happened to me when I have been the only player in the server; specifically when building bases on Minmus. Sometimes when I dock two ships (using pipes from KAS), I find that when I refresh the scene, one part of the docked ship has been duplicated. How often does the protovessel update occur? I need to test docking with docking ports to see if the same issue occurs... Thanks for the reply too. Oh yeah, I'm still running Will apply the update tonight and see if it helps.
  10. Loving the mod godarklight, very easy to set up a server and get some mods working. I am having a fair bit of craft duplication though. Like every time I connect there are a couple of duplicates- occasionally in the exact same spot (many explosions ensue). A typical example goes something like this... 1) Player 1 and Payer 2 are both connected and playing - everything is sweet. Player 2 lunches SpaceStationOne into Kerbin orbit, and is mid flight with SpaceShipOne for a rendezvous. 2) Player 1 disconnects, leaving just Player 2 in the server - Player 2 tweaks the orbit for SpaceStationOne and docks SpaceShipOne to it. 3) Player 2 disconnects, leaving the server running. 4) The next day Player 1 connects, has some fun exploding things on the launchpad because he is a noob, er, inexperienced kerbonaut, and disconnects again 5) Player 2 connects - now there is SpaceStationOne with SpaceShipOne docked to is as he left it, only there is a copy of SpaceStationOne 1km behind it in orbit, and a copy of SpaceShipOne in a sub-orbital trajectory too. Anyone else having issues like this? Its not game breaking, but it does make for a number of unplanned rescue missions when kerbals you thought were safely docked are suddenly cloned and sent speeding back to Kerbin. Thanks!