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  1. The small single rotor makes a perfect companion to the "L3T Bot" probe core from the Luciole mod by Well. Thank you so much for making it... looks awesome. And using the smallest "Lu3 KED" probe core, double rotor and some antenna for legs produces something that is (almost) flyable on Duna and quite close to the NASA Mars helicopter design...
  2. Welcome! Looking forward to hearing more from you in the (near) future...
  3. Very much looking forward to KSP2 but also glad that you're still working on the original... You guy's rock!
  4. So good to see this mod being updated again. Thank you for all your hard work :)
  5. Sadly there has to be some sort of cut off date . There will always be players who bought it a few days or weeks after that who will feel cheated and want the update for free but that's just the way it is otherwise where do you draw the line? I don't qualify for getting the DLC for free either but to be honest I've had so many hours entertainment from the game that I don't mind paying for it.
  6. It's not on the list but I would like the ability to share save files between friends so that a sort of "pseudo co-op multilayer" could be achieved. Two or more parties could build and launch and the save file would auto sync between computers. Would love to build a space station with my friends like this...
  7. I didn't do anything special no. Just copied the entire 'kerbocatz' folder from inside the gamedata folder of my old 1.3.1 install and pasted it into my fresh 1.4.1 folder. I can have a look at the contents of the folder and post it here for comparison but I'm away from my PC at the moment. Will update you as soon as I can. Edit: Do you have the 'KerboKatzUtilities' installed too? I think it needs that to work.
  8. This seems to still work just fine in 1.4.1 Thanks for making one of my "can't do without" mods.
  9. Really hope that SSTU can carry on but obviously you and your personal life should come first, no point in doing something that you don't enjoy any more. Thank you sincerely for all the work you've done so far and enhancing the game as much as you already have. I truly hope you can find a way to continue modding KSP, just can't imaging playing without SSTU and Textures Unlimited, you made a great game even greater.
  10. Wow! How did I miss this? Looks awesome, downloading now...
  11. OMG that rover looks awesome! Instant download.
  12. Looking good. Can't wait to try the new parts.
  13. Just noticed that the Electron and New Glenn mod by Superpenguin 160 is using these shaders now too. And so it begins...
  14. Loving the look of this mod. So glad you have switched over to use "shaders unlimited" too, that fairing on the New Glenn looks fantastic now.
  15. @ShadowmageJust saw that you were featured on "Star Mods" congratulations. Hopefully the extra attention will get a few more people using these awesome textures
  16. @Superpenguin160 Shadowmage has already started documenting the process in the SSTU Wiki if it helps. It means nothing to me to be honest as I don't code but it might be of interest to you. Just a suggestion anyway. Loving the mod and the look of the new engines you're making .
  17. You should take a look at the fantastic work Shadowmage is doing with PBR shaders in the SSTU mod. It would make the fairing really shiny! Would be fantastic if these textures were to become the new standard for KSP.
  18. This is exactly what I do now. SSTU has totally spoiled me and I find myself trying to trim more and more parts from my install with each SSTU update, hopefully the Dragon capsules will be added soon (pretty please ) and that will be another load of parts that can be trimmed back. Presently I'm using the Kerbalized Spacex mod for the capsules (which seems to fit well with SSTU when rescaled down in size) but I just can't wait for the flexibility and look of the SSTU versions when they arrive. Most of the other mods I use now are for visuals or gameplay "quality of life" enhancements rather than parts.
  19. I have to side with Jimbodiah on this one. I think generally the GPU isn't doing much at all with Kerbal whereas the CPU is reasonably loaded already with the game physics.
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