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  1. My proudest moment was, while using Karbonite, landing a rocket-jet (not quite a Spaceplane) on Eve, and successfully refueling... didn't get back off of the ground, though.
  2. From latest to first (maybe) -Sent Science from around Minmus... again. -Retrieved a spare floating Relay Dish using a claw and a docking bay (a first for me), using a wobbly Spaceplane/Shuttle Tank combo (The Spaceplane works fine, and flies/lands well, but the symmetry for the booster array needs tweaking) -Repositioned a probe around Minmus by reversing the orbit and angling it. -Did one half of a Tourist contract, didn't do the other (... yet). Also, retrieved yet another Kebral in low orbit. -Got a total of 1,500 Science from 2 Mobile Labs on Minmus and a Sat Lab
  3. Hey yeah, instead of "Science" EVA, they should have "Feedback" EVA. It shouldn't give science, but maybe a funding bonus SO SMALL that it's negligible (but there), like, say 1 "kerbuck/fund" per feedback. It may be there, but the value is so low that, in the direct mission, it means nothing.
  4. Ya know, not to be condescending, but I 'love' how people give these planets and moons very fancy names.... yet look at KSP, and how all the planets and moons have intentionally derpy names (think "Minions", people). I wanna see bodies that fit the naming aesthetic, like Farkle, Gub-gub, Steev, etc.
  5. Oooooh! Dust, gravel, AND ice/snow (but only for slow movements, honestly, since they'll be garbled out by the wheel sounds, themselves, at full speed).
  6. *SNAP!* That's probably why it's not coming up! Thanks!
  7. I'll post something, tomorrow afternoon. Thanks for at least politely telling me what I needed to hear.
  8. Accessing Kerbnet is easy, but I seem to not get the tool for Commnet, or even a GUI... or any relay connections. I KNOW I'm ding something wrong, but the question is what?
  9. I'm no programmer, but it's possible that it might very well be... Also, do you have multiple windows up (IE, Microsoft Edge, Skype, etc) while playing? Sometimes having a lot of stuff up also affects the game's performance.
  10. Trust me when I say it wasn't a design issue. If the plane wasn't stable in the air "normally", it mostly likely wouldn't have gotten off of the ground, in the first place (without crashing). Wings and elevons were in the back, a pair of control surface-inladen wings to act like canards, and a few small tailfins in the back of the body to stabilize and add a bit more weight to the back. Anyways, in 1.2 the craft is incredibly stable now: take-off, flight, and landing. So yeah, it was a bug issue.
  11. 1.2 runs smoothly for me... way smoother than how 1.1.3 ran.
  12. Yesterday: Got two orbiting Kerbals rescued with the same rocket (low Kerbin orbit and high orbit), did a mid-air crew report study with a now more-stable spaceplane with 4 Panther engines (WOO-HOOO for Wet Mode), sent Sceince from a Sat Lab orbiting Kerbin, did a basic orbiting touring contract for two female Kerbal tourists, and I'll eventually be exploring the Mun, and finally work on plans to make an orbiting Minmus Station, AND retrieve a stranded grounded Kerbal on Minmus.
  13. Well, spaceplanes, for me, in 1.1.3, would only be stable for short while at a certain elevation... and afterward it would start teetering up and down, faster and harder, until they eventually spin out of control and become completely unrightable, at about 8,000-10,000 m up, for one reason or another. It was clearly a bug.
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