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  1. Hello there, i seem to have a problem, im using multi sensors in the mun, but in the small map i only get a grey box, the big map will render properly if i select "biomes", maybe im missing how to change what to display in the small map? Also in kerbin, i got a black&white small map (cause i used those sensors the first time) but since then i already scanned the whole planet with the multi ones, again the big map has no problems in displaying the biomes and stuff, but the small map is stuck in the black and white map. Its probably some setting im missing to chat what the small map displays, right? D:
  2. Hey guys, just wanted to share a rover i made to explore Kerbin, as usual it has all the science stuff i can use (i believe i can get atmospheric scan from land in the dif biomes), but now i tried to make it lightweight (its 2.4t), it accelerates really quick, but i believe top speed is the same as the previous one (around 21m/s). Also it starts as unmanned and need to pilot it with the MJ magic box until u get a guy in the chairs. The solar panels are noclipping but seems to be working lol. The rover is all stock but the mechjeb box, the BTDT sensor on the top, and a piece i used in the back just for the looks (from that mod to attach things to other things with anchors and claws and stuff) so it might function the same way in a fresh install. Hope you like it and of course give me all the advices you can, this time im not carrying RCS but i dont expect to be flying around like on the mun. Also check out my kerbals they look happy with their new faces and suits lol. I've wasting the whole day yesterday doing that stuff, didnt even play the game for a day. I'll mark this as answered finally since you all guys have been helping me and probably other ppl with doubts about rovers, this was my first thread and im glad to see a nice community like this Edit: how do i mark this as answered? LOL Edit2: driving around with the solar panels opened makes them break pretty quick, i will change them to the first solar panels you unlock, those little ones D:
  3. oh well i wish u added a hideJetpack true/false while the isAtmSuitEnabled is true, anyways the mod is great and i already personalized my 22 kerbatronauts thanks to you and the heads and suits mods
  4. Yes, this is because if you dont have a MSL you cant reuse it for the rest of the travel, thats when the MSL comes in, to reset it and make it reusable again Edit: as Nedal just stated, its better to keep every single experiment, data collection and surface sample, inside the MSL if you happen to have one around, of course eva reports and iva reports you can just transmit right away since u always get 100% from those
  5. Go EVA with your lander pilot, get close to the containers and collect the data from there, go to the MSL and store it there (you can also store all the other experiments there, and it will allow you to store multiple of the same kind, wich regular vessels wont), to reset the goo containers you need 2 guys inside the MSL (if you grab the ladder near the door you will se the option to get inside, also if u click on the little door you can make the guys inside go EVA, since they dont display in the lower right corner like in regular vessels) also you need the lander to be a part of the station with the MSL (with a docking port), once this is fullfilled, right clicking on the MSL will give you the option "Reset stations" or something like that, wich will automatically reset all your goo containers (it costs some energy). All of this also applies to the small materials lab, you reset it the same way as goos. Btw if you have experiments stored into the MSL and you right click on it, you can boost the transmission science you recieve from the experiments a 25% (this also costs energy). Hope i helped u out Edit: Nedal ninjaed me, and yes the option is "clean experiments" not reset stations
  6. So you basically "make" the whole set adding piece by piece into the "Mysuit" folder and then asign the folder to the kerbal? gotcha now thanks! Another thing i found out, theres an option to allow kerbs in EVA to spawn in IVA suit if the atmosphere allows it, the problem is, this also removes the jetpack, but its still usable (you can click R, going into jetpack position, and hop around with it, but no sound will come out, but the monoprop will still decrease as you hop), is there a way to spawn in iva suit and no helmet but with the jetpack?
  7. Hahaha, now that i think about it, yes, those landing gears seems a bit overkill for the purpose of flipping over in the mun, i might replace them for some of the lighter ones (thanks for the tip!) and yes that ALCOR mod is ace, it looks amazing from the inside, and also makes the other vessels look a bit better aswell, totally recommended mod. That would be a great game, but as many already stated, with the speed on the rovers (without rockets) the racing wont be too exciting lol. The motors tip will help me a lot, right now mine doesnt try to do a backflip, it tilts a bit to a side when the speed is really low, i use some monop to boost it a bit, however i did a frontflip once breaking too fast, will try and add the toggle motors to a shortcut and see how that works! That rover looks fun to land with i will have to go to Eve some day, i like those pink/purple toxic clouds, i wonder if jeb would like to eva there. Well i hope it keeps growing with good opninions and dif builds, i started the topic cause i couldnt find any information on how to build a COMPLETE rover, so if anyone got good tips and ideas out of it (as i already did, even right now with that winged rover with the lab included) its a job well done indeed . It might be my lack of english knowledge but i cant really understand what you're asking in the end with the multiple landings thing. BTW im still wondering HOW GOOD ARE THOSE WHEELS EVERYONE IS USING!!! im still with those creamy looking ones but i see more and more black buggy ones!
  8. Hey guys, is there a way to add a custom jetpack or helmet or visor? all the readmes only covers suit into the suit folder and most of them says drop the files in the default folder, but i know default is for all the kerbals and i just want one full suit for just one guy, where do i drop the stuff thats not specifically "suit" or "head" to make them "unique"?
  9. Hey Michael, its Alcor mod, gives you that cockpit (a good looking Lander Can), also improves the IVA on pretty much every vessel, and i believe it adds cameras too so you can add those and use the monitors inside the cockpit to watch whats going on around you without having to go outside (in the picture you see a frontal camera on the monitor down there, a side one and a rear one). I really like driving across gray deserts sometimes , specially with the texture pack i just installed. (astronomers one). The MSL is a bit heavy to fit into my current rover for mun, thats why i have it on my lander, to use it as some sort of base, maybe when i make one for minmun i will do it (claw suggested more weight there will help). I drove 25km and hit 4 biomes in my way there, i might just move from "zone" to "zone" with the lander and then pick the science with the rover, i really dont like the idea of bunnyhopping around the mun like that nor im that desperate for farming it that way
  10. We're going a bit off topic here might mark it as solved lol, the pack i installed is for aesthetics, i believe it introduces no new items, as i said im still learning (never got out of kerbin SOI) so the parts are more than enough for me, i do like KAS (i barely touched it so far, just to base jump with a parachute on EVA lol) cause it brings some utility while keeping it pretty much "vanilla". I'm not against game changin mods like KSPi or huge part mods, i just believe im not "prepared yet" to those ones (like that one that adds some hardcore plantes aswell). Getting back on topic, im STILL wandering what are the best wheels for grip and maybe speed!! And about the labs, Claw explained it perfectly, if u keep the data, you cant reset the lab until you use the big thing. I'll fix the rover Soon TM and might post a picture with the navball pointing where it should i still have to figure out all this new KAS stuff so i dont forget anything i might need in mun (to avoid re-starting my mission again ;_ Thanks!
  11. Hey Claw thats a good looking and compact rover you have there those are the wheels im wondering if are better than the ones im using, since im playing in career and still have to unlock them. How do you make your navball point forward? Pecan suggested adding a probe core in the front and make it controll from there, but that i can only do in the SPH and im already at the mun (any other solution?) Thanks Technical! im glad you liked it , thanks to you i googled the KAS and KSP Interstellar mods, and i've been moddin my game since that (wtf? like 6 hours ago?), the KAS one i found it pretty usefull, the other one is overly complex to me, im just starting, but KAS leaded to around 10 more mods lol, including a pack with textures and stuff, im installing that now and will try all that stuff soon . And yes im using docking controls but i might remap rover controlls to something else (IJKL) and add a stage to toggle torque, so i can turn it back on when it gets unstable to try and balance it again, and then off to drive """"SAFELY"""" (wich never happens in this game lol)
  12. Hey pecan thanks for your reply (idk how this forum works, i hope it merges posts cause i just replied to the other 2 guys avobe but the mods havent approved it yet), my navball is facing straight up as you guessed, i believe it has something to do with the fact its for some reason catalogued as a ship and not as a rover. I was pretty sure the pilot wont be able to reset the goo canisters by himself without the big lab thing, as he can with the little devices, i know atmosphere and pressure sensors are a waste at the mun but i tend to drop them in every thing i make lol, they might be usefull someday . The mono tanks i find really usefull, when i fly in a slope i push myself back to ground using them, and also can provide a small boost when climbing something. I will modify the rocket to add those action groups (i was using them for solar panels, and quick scanning everything), cause i find it pretty lame to switch from docking mode while driving to stage mode when i screw it to try and make my rover stop flying around, so probably disabling and enabling torque will do the trick. So even if your advice is not usefull with me already on the mun, be sure i'll change the rocket for future rover expeditions
  13. Hey Lethal and xcorps, yeah i know rovers are kind of useless right now since its easier to use a lander (but also playing sandbox is 100 times easier if unlocking everything fast is your main reason), but im not really at the mun to grind for science, just to explore and learn some more, the speed is not an issue to me, i find travelling at 20m/s pretty decent for 20-30 kilometers and i dont get tired at all, its really exciting trying to controll that thing sometimes, also i read somewhere around here that the nasa rovers speed goes around 50mm/s lol, and yes MJ has a rover autopilot thing, but i really dont trust it, also for some reason my rover is catalogued as ship, and does crazy stuff if i enable it. Here are some pics of the lander, and one of the rocket, it looks hells ugly but at least its not one of those asparagus things ppl do, i had to refuel the Poodle engine in muns orbit to make a safe landing and keep my LV-T30 full-tank to get back to home safe when needed:
  14. Thanks Claw!! Im using that pod wich has cap for 3 cause it looks so damn good (lol), i was wondering if those big black wheels are better (i havent unlocked them yet) for grip (and speed too, but i prefer slow and safe in mun), i will post a pic of the lander soon (as soon as i get the rover back to it, its 24km away D:) so you can check it out, again i got the idea from the forums. I did deactivated the steering on the back tires, but i havent been able to find the brakes option in the front ones(do i have to "disable motors"?). I went to minmun with a manned ship in my first try, i did noticed the gravity is way lower than mun one so i have no idea how i will do a rover that works there lol, im flying at 20m/s in mun i cant even imagine in minmun. Will cry for help when the time to get a rover there comes
  15. Hey guys, i've been lurking around this forum for a few days now trying to learn how to build decent stuff, i got a lot of ideas on how to build rovers, the thing is, they're all pretty empty, i know you want it lightweighted but whats the point if you dont carry at least the basic stuff to gather some science while you drive? So i made this thing: I'm using a few mods, mechJeb for the maneuvers i already know (im in career mode so i had to unlock the stuff by playing normally, dont hate me), the scanMap thing, the other one wich makes the IVA look cool, wich came with the pod im using in the rover. The rover works "meh" i get a speed of 21m/s on Kerbin, and from 10 to 30 in mun in regular terrain, im pretty sure it cant climb 40° or higher land, i managed to get to 40m/s in a downslope but as soon as i tried to controll it i started doing that sexy dance we all know stuff does in mun. The rover has the 5 science scanning thing (grav, press, temp, seismic and atmospheric) 2 Goo things, and 1 Lab, some radars for the mapScan thing, 2 mono tanks to refill my EVApack and some maneuvers, batteries and solar panels (i still have to unlock that thing that generates energy rotating), and a docking port on the top, wich i used to get it to the mun and to reset the labs and goos at the big scientific lab. The thing is pretty controllable at around 20m/s, i made a frontflip once breaking from 30m/s, i also got flipped over when sharp turning really fast (was trying to do it on purpose) but i believe its very stable. I keep the SAS on most of the time, only turn it off and on again when the terrain changes to adjust the balance, i also drive it in Docking mode to avoid the torque, and disabled steering in the 4 rear wheels, the landing gear is to flip it in case of a non-fatal-game-breaking flip over (all of this i read around here in the forum). According to the Jeb thing, the vessel mass is 6.5t, it has room for 3 guys (i left 2 in the big lab thing and used the old Jebediah to explore around) Well, tl;dr, is there any ideas you have to make this a bit better? are those the proper wheels to use in mun? what would you do to improve the handling? :PThanks for your ideas and excuse my english, spanish speaker kerbalist here (and excuse me if this isnt the right section, i just realised it forces me to select "answered/unanswered")