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  1. Thank you! Beauty updates will come up in the following months so stay tuned. Just need one more month to get my damn laptop @The White Guardian ._.
  2. Research Bodies may work I think, not sure about Tarsier. Massive code cleanup and planet retouch will come in the following 2 months so stay tuned.
  3. Put the Kerbol Origins folder in Game Data. Make sure to upgrade to latest version.
  4. Epic. Can't wait to get working on it assuming the rest of my life stuff is sorted out till then.
  5. I will be able to do it too, however. What I'll be getting has at least an RTX2060, i7 8750H and 24gigs of ram, that should be enough, right?
  6. Awesome explanation buddy! Thank you for staying with me through this. Good news is that Olympic1 is also back on track and will start working on full science defs when he has time again. I'll be finishing my exams next week (hopefully good) and then within one month I'll have a new laptop and I'll start right away to play with the terrain to make it slightly more detailed as well as provide a facelift to the scaled space textures. Originally the mod was intended for potato computers but I'm pretty sure some more important moons and planets deserve 4k or 8k textures as most GPUs nowdays are up to the task. Good luck and thank you! I'll have to learn the PQSmod node system again xD It's amazing how much this project has been going for, with all the dramas and hardships. All of this was supposed to just be a huge update to that first Kerbol Plus mod I made which got stolen.
  7. Pretty sure the saves will not be affected at all as the orbit of the ship has nothing to do with where the planets are. Just make sure none of the ships are on an escape orbit around the planets before updating. You can change the intro screen by going into the Sarvin.cfg file in the Sarvin System folder and deleting the note about menu body. Do you really want that to be removed in the next update? It will become very beautiful with the future 8k textures.
  8. Sad I was developing the Kopernicus Expanded mod or whatever it was called which added footprints and comet trails to bodies.
  9. Thank you for letting me know, we are planning an entire terrain remake of Keelon too along with Shayle, Revus and Daphy as well as tweaks to details on Potatus. Orbits will also go through some tweaks. Also, you can use the Better Time Warp mod here:
  10. Okay, thanks for letting me know! Have you heard anything new of the original dev? He used to be pretty big in the planet modding community with us.
  11. Hey @linuxgurugamer would you mind if I included this mod with Kerbol Origins? People really seem to reach the limits of stock time warp while traveling to my planets.
  12. Sure thing buddy. You're officially mentioned on the mod dev page now
  13. Would you mind if a few of the parts were integrated and maybe modernised to be part of Kerbol Origin's part section? Of course you would get full credit for them. I used to love this mod but it just died...
  14. Sure, share them here, they will become part of the mod when I get around the next major update coming in at least a month or so... Till then everyone would be free to get the configs from you. Thank you! Next major version will likely have reworked ground features with many more details as well as very high res textures. I may be getting an insanely powerful RTX2060 laptop for Uni so I'm thinking of adding 8k textures to Potatus as well as at least basic cloud coverage on some of the planets. There will be a low-performance pack with compressed textures for slower computers that can't hit 60fps with 8k (although I expect anything around GTX1050-1050ti to be entirely fine for the most part). Currently everything you see was made on a machine than ran the game with the mod at 20 fps max and took about 5 minutes for any live terrain change which means a lot of the stuff was made by chance. I honestly have no idea how I managed to get it to look decently all this time but welp it's my oldest mod ever and I love it. Thank you and everyone here for giving it a try and maybe sticking with it, it's a project ongoing for at least 4 years that started right around the time Outer Planets Mod had their first gas giants. The ideas in KO actually started waaaay before when KSP had its 0.18 update and the main dev who planned a lot of these bodies left SQUAD back then. Potatus was actually closely made after his descriptions and he actually helped with orbital data about how to keep Harvest trailing behind Kerbin the way it was supposed to. Oof what a time, OPM and KO used to be the first Kopernicus-based planet packs and so many things were broken.