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  1. The main pc has an AMD A8 6300 cpu and a gt210 gpu paired with 4 gb of ddr3 ram. It runs slow... I'm hoping to remove the gpu and use the better intergrated one and also add a bit of ram for KSP if all goes well with crowdfounding this initiative... Issue is that it's owned by my familly and my own pc is actually a laptop with core 2 duos 2ghz that I have upgraded to 4 gigs of ram and ssd instead of the old hdd that got fried. It's an 11 year old laptop that is waiting to die... Potato computers all around No... I think that's laptop memory. What I could really use is desktop memmory of ddr3. Prices in my country are inflated anyway but if trough donations I can raise 70$, it is possible to get more ram for the familly shared pc and continue Kerbol Origins development!
  2. Yeah I have experience with RAM. I was supposed to get a good ryzen based build this month but there were some issues and I no longer have the money. The motherboard on the potato should have on free slot. I know about dual channel memory. The mobo probably supports ddr3 anyway.
  3. I give you the go-ahead. You shall have full power over resources. The thread and downloads should still be managed by me so so be sure to message me when you have anything new. I have been out of loop far too long so when hardware comes, I'll have to learn the PQS system again... Thank you random user for your donation. I am one step closer to getting my hardware slowly back in shape. Thank you...
  4. Won't use Dropbox anymore. I'll set up a Google Drive folder. It is more lightweight. Thank you man for helping... I will leave you in charge of this mod until my hardware can help me too. I can't afford a more powerful system but adding two more gigs of RAM to the existent 4gb should help I think...
  5. ANNOUNCEMENT The days of development for this mod are numbered... I don't have enough money for a new computer and I can no longer run the game and test the mod so development will likely slow down even more. I don't know what to do... I really don't feel like abandoning this great community... Because of my weak hardware I have not played KSP in months... Unless I somehow get crowd founded a new GPU or more RAM, development for this mod will likely stop. I am sorry, everyone. I've done my best. I've worked on this mod for the past two years and it has been a very fun project that thought me a lot about the mechanics and inner workings of KSP but I'm afraid the game has gotten far too heavy for my weak specs. I cannot work on a mod without testing everything in-game and without a tiny bit better hardware, I cannot run the game at all. Use the existent donation link if you'd like to help me with buying a new RAM card or perhaps a GPU. Thank you unknown user for the one and only donation in my life, four months ago. I will always remember that one dollar. @The White Guardian @Olympic1 @NovaSilisko Thank you Nova for the job you have done to the planets of KSP. Your ideas were the reason I started this project two years ago. @smokytehbear @Nils277 If you want to help ... Nobody will help but... Yeah... Thank you everyone for everything.
  6. What happened? It should be compatible.
  7. 1. Contracts are broken as of now. Hold on. 2. Keelon is intended It's a challenge even landing there
  8. Thank you, friend! I am sorry for the inconvenience and I hope I will be able to take a close look next month when I'm back in town and with a capable computer, for the first time.
  9. I am so sorry friend... Atm I have no time or hardware to work with. I will try looking for a fix next month when my new rig (first one capable of ksp) comes if ome of my colabs doesn't have any idea.
  10. Well it seems like some PQS file is pessed up. I'll fix it today. Try the latest release now. Be sure to replace the old Kerbol Origins folder with the new one and also make sure you are using the right Kopernicus for 1.2.2
  11. Alright. My comouter is coming in August. I will try doing something this month but don't expect a miracle...
  12. There is. Look in Kerbol Origins/KO_resources.cfg
  13. Not yet. He is still working on some "special things" that will be really cool. Hopefully it it works you won't have to wait more for the visual overhaul! @The White Guardian Also in a less than a month I'll finally be switching to a decent computer and development will pick up speed, now that I will be able to use EVE and export planet textures faster as well as test the planets without having to crash and lag
  14. Great great great job my friend! I am super excited for this, and if you will, may I bundle your package of PQS mods with Kerbol Origins and use it to improve the existing celestial bodies? I am really excited for the canyons PQS mod, AltitudeMath and MapArtist! Thank you for creating this!