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  1. I don't think that's an issue... Those adapters are meant to be used upside down in upper stages similar to the Delta V second stage.
  2. Some of the names are mine, some were made up by the original developers of KSP. NovaSilisko was supposed to add a lot of these planets (in his own style) and Fonso was one of those original ones. Sticking to the original idea that I composed with his tips helped me achieve a decent depiction of Fonso. Harvest and Fez were made by developer Harvest in order to test the terrain engine of KSP way back. I brought those into the mod too.
  3. Well I am just maintaining, making sure it still works for future KSP versions. Don't really have time or will to resume it. Once Kopernicus is updated to 1.9 I may give it a facelift or start with new ideas.
  4. This is starting to become one of my most favorite mods, keep it up and make it good for career! (0.5 parts before size 1 and 1.5)
  5. Hi, just tested what you are working on. I know you probably know about these but here's what needs to be fixed till release: currently the tech tree entries are messed up, 1.875m parts come at a point when only the 0.6 parts of the mod should be usable. generalRocketry would be far more suitable for them as well as basicRocketry for the 1.25m parts and the small SRBs. The mod is amazing otherwise and I really love it. Another thing to note is that skids on symmetry are flipped from eachother, visible when you switch to the 45 degree variants. CRE has become pretty much the best mod for early career playthroughs otherwise and I am really waiting for the next complete update. Also, could we have a nose cone drone core at the start of the tech tree?
  6. I had that issue too with other packs, it seem like a game restart fixed it. You also may not have Scatterer installed, try without CKAN.
  7. As long as you download the appropriate version of Kopernicus, yes. Pretty much nothing shanged to the mod since long ago anyway. I barely have the time and will power to work on this now especially with this quarantine.
  8. Hi, the mod should work just fine with 1.9.1 with the issue that there is no Kopernicus for 1.9.1 yet. No planet pack can work without Kopernicus. As long as it is updated you can install Kerbol Origins just fine and it should work. Looking forward to watching that series if you do record it.
  9. Yeah, today it is mostly me who hopes to continue this. Haven't heard much from the other colabs. Till KSP2 I'll just make sure this one works with latest Kopernicus reasonably.
  10. Should already work. Probably next release will be for KSP2, personal life and my aerospace degree is delaying everything. Thank you all for support and stay tuned. Kerbol Origins will still be maintained over game versions and kopernicus versions but nothing new will be added unless any of the collaborators have finished their parts.
  11. Yeah not dead, just progressing slowly because damn aerospace degree. Anyway, there have been mod updates to Corolet in time. The spiky one you were used to was probably an old version before I fixed it, comets are usually not really supposed to be spiky. Now if only we could get the tails back in...