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  1. Yeah not dead, just progressing slowly because damn aerospace degree. Anyway, there have been mod updates to Corolet in time. The spiky one you were used to was probably an old version before I fixed it, comets are usually not really supposed to be spiky. Now if only we could get the tails back in...
  2. Kerbol Origins 1.0 - Development Resumed! After what felt like an eternity with sub-par hardware and lacking most of my time, I've started work on the first stable release of Kerbol Origins, KO1.0. I'm now pursuing an Aerospace Systems Engineering degree which got my interest in Kerbal Space Program back up and with an RTX2070MaxQ under my belt it is certain that I will be able to continue working on this mod from now on as long as time allows. Thank you for the continuous support over the past 5 years, I would have probably given up if it wasn't for people who were still willing to try it out, provide input and ask questions. What I hope we can include: Full clouds for all planets Satterer integration 8K optional textures for most of the planets (4K will become a default for a lot of them) Nicer ground scatters Entirely remade planetary surfaces and textures Entire code rewrite More magic spice from @The White Guardian's plugins I can't supply an ETA yet as work will take a few months but just know that we really finally started on it. Speaking about clouds, @The White Guardian give me a hand with the visuals, I know you can make it great. Long introduction, I know, but here's something to keep you excited. Can you guess which of the moons is this?
  3. yeah got it working in the end, time to start tweaking these planets! First up we need more detail as soon as you approach the celestial body.
  4. Aight so my hardware finally arived. Does Kittopia still work with the latest KSP? Ctrl+P doesn't seem to work for me.
  5. Many of those planets were included in the stock game eventually so we will not be adding them. However, extra moons are in my plans. Work on the new update will start next month as I get new hardware to restart development.
  6. Thank you! Beauty updates will come up in the following months so stay tuned. Just need one more month to get my damn laptop @The White Guardian ._.
  7. Research Bodies may work I think, not sure about Tarsier. Massive code cleanup and planet retouch will come in the following 2 months so stay tuned.
  8. Put the Kerbol Origins folder in Game Data. Make sure to upgrade to latest version.
  9. Epic. Can't wait to get working on it assuming the rest of my life stuff is sorted out till then.
  10. I will be able to do it too, however. What I'll be getting has at least an RTX2060, i7 8750H and 24gigs of ram, that should be enough, right?
  11. Awesome explanation buddy! Thank you for staying with me through this. Good news is that Olympic1 is also back on track and will start working on full science defs when he has time again. I'll be finishing my exams next week (hopefully good) and then within one month I'll have a new laptop and I'll start right away to play with the terrain to make it slightly more detailed as well as provide a facelift to the scaled space textures. Originally the mod was intended for potato computers but I'm pretty sure some more important moons and planets deserve 4k or 8k textures as most GPUs nowdays are up to the task. Good luck and thank you! I'll have to learn the PQSmod node system again xD It's amazing how much this project has been going for, with all the dramas and hardships. All of this was supposed to just be a huge update to that first Kerbol Plus mod I made which got stolen.