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  1. On 3/10/2017 at 10:50 AM, Galileo said:

    I have been experimenting with making 8k textures out of the existing 4k textures. Its coming along ok. but the file size is absolutely huge. the size goes from 10.6 mb for Gael textures to 42.6mb.. 

    for now i only intend to make the gael system 8k but you never know.  The reason i went 4k was really just for Mac users as some macs cannot use textures larger than 4k.  

    here is a sneak peak at Gael in 8k though sans clouds


    What about adding an optional download like rss does? 

    I'd prefer to use 8k

  2. 7 hours ago, Starslinger999 said:

    Can you Show me how to download this? i tried to download it with the mods instructions and i got the Stock Kerbin texture.


    8 hours ago, Ginlucks said:

    Hey man, post an installation tutorial... I followed previous posted guides but it doesnt look so beautiful to me!

    Follow the normal download instructions then update kopernicus, texture replacer and the most recent EVE. Then it should work 

  3. 5 hours ago, Luovahulluus said:

    The first time I watched it without sounds on my phone and it was like "meh". On second time, with sounds, it was a lot better. Now there was a story where the images belong. The biggest problem was, the scene with the kerbal looking back to Gael was badly cropped. You should have shown the surface he was standing on (and not just because the surface is so much prettier than what the stock moons have). And I feel like the video missing a fast paced ending, like aerobraking in a gas giant, lift-off from a strange planet, crashing into some surface, jumping off a cliff with a rover etc. Something that would give glimpses of what the planets look like on the surface.

    I plan on doing separate videos showing off the different planets. This one was primarily showing off the Gael system, I experimented on adding other planets but it kinda defeated the purpose of showing the kerbals home.  

  4. 1 hour ago, neutroncookie said:

    Sorry, Haven't played KSP or been here for a while, but is there any word about the next official release of RVE? I remember being able to get it half working in v1.05 but then it broke when I installed about 50 other mods related to RealismOverhaul. Really love this mod, the level of detail and stuff it adds is really good but I haven't heard anything about upcoming releases in a while.

    I would suggest playing with @Phineas Freak's mod 


     Atleast until pete comes back. I know hes always here lurking. 

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