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  1. I'm using of the mod, which is the correct version for my KSP 1.2.2 save (I know. I'll occasionally play 1.9, but I'm deep into a save game on 1.2.2 and never got around to migrating it over to the newer ones). I know it's an old and probably obsolete addon at this point. But I'd appreciate if someone could point me in a direction to be able to troubleshoot this. Here are the contents of the mod folder:
  2. I had two major events in my space program: 1. I launched two large-ish relay satellites (still connected to the insertion stage) in a Kerbol orbit with a 2/3 resonance with Kerbin. I plan to insert those satellites in the same orbit as Kerbin, but 120 deg apart. I'm hoping this should take care of my long-term need to provide commnet access on far reaches of the system. Took me a fair few attempts to get it right. and 2. I launched, perhaps the trickiest payload in my playthrough of KSP. Behold this monstrosity that is my newest Mun Base + Skycrane, on its way to Mun. Pictu
  3. Yeah... I went down the rabbit hole on "how to create plugins" in the forums and installed a couple of IDE. I thought I'd teach myself C++ and see how far I can get, but boy it seems like a herculean task! It has made me realise how much time and effort people like you put in. I have new found respect for all the modders for making and then supporting my all time favourite game with astonishing gameplay improvements through mods. I'll try to learn as much as I can, but I'll wait until I'm ready to move on from that old save to a newer version, before I use this mod!
  4. Hypothetically, if one desired to modify this mod to work with a prior version of KSP (1.2.2 to be exact), how difficult would that be? What would be required to be able to modify and where would one even begin? Asking for a friend. I'm willing to give it my best shot to learn, I mean my friend will, and put in the time and effort that might be needed.
  5. That is glorious! I can't wait to launch the network and the rover! Thank you for screenshot Yay! I was able to! Maybe it was just the browser... anywho... Thanks.
  6. Okay. I don't know why but I was incorrectly thinking the range calculation only ever takes into account your current vessel and another one, which needs to be a relay. So I didn't think that that relay would be able to connect to a third relay, which then connects to Kerbin. Thank you Edit: On a side-note, any idea why I cannot hit the "Like" button on posts?
  7. I'm away on business for a couple of weeks so I can't test this out on my PC but I've been thinking of a mission outline that relies on proper usage of Commnet. Let's say I have: a rover on Ike with a Communotron 16 (Ike surface facing away from Duna, but in LoS of Ike relay), a 2 satellite highly elliptical relay with HG-5 around Ike (no LoS to Kerbin but LoS to Duna relay) , and a 3 satellite equatorial relay with RA-15 or RA-100 around Duna (LoS to Ike relay and Kerbin) Does the default Commnet allow the rover on Ike to be controlled on the surface, with the signa
  8. I'm running KSP 1.2.2 and with a bit of progress under my belt (Duna and Eve flyby missions, but gearing up for scanning, rover and manned missions) I'm starting to dislike Commnet and feel that Remotetech is far more intuitive and fun to use than the stock option. (used it back in KSP 0.25 and been away from the game for a while) My question is: Would I be able to install the appropriate version of Remotetech on my current save or would I have to start a new career game for it to work? I know that some of my probes would be rendered useless due to lack of antennae on them, but
  9. Yay! Success. If you care to know, here's how I got it to work: After looking closely at the part files for other ion and argon engines from NFPropulsion, and picking Nertea's brains, I found a solution! There were two things I had to do: 1. In Squads cfg file there was an entry powerEffectName = IonPlume in the ModuleEnginesFX. I had to change that to the powerEffectName = run_hipep (same name as the plume) 2. I then had to replace exhaust with run_hipep in the EFFECTS just before AUDIO and MODEL_MULTI_PARTICLE: The sound file IonXenonLoop01 is still not ru
  10. Woahhhhh! I learnt two completely new things!! (applying patch to a patch and checking whether or not the changes were applied.) Like I said, regardless of the result here, this back and forth has been informative for me and I appreciate that! In KSP 1.2.2 (same as 1.6) Squad's Ion Engine has: a very faint plume effect the exact same sound when Activating it, like any other engine in the game and no sound while that engine is "burning"/"electrifying"/"thrusting"... hey, even Scott Manley struggles to find an appropriate verb for what Ion engine
  11. Oh, I see. I feel like an idiot for not mentioning this prior, but THAT is indeed the file I was tinkering with. I'd been making additions to that cfg file, since it only changed the cost & mass, and nerfed the performance of the stock ion engine without adding the sounds and plume effects. I've pasted the contents of the unaltered NFPropulsionIonEngine.cfg, as extracted from the zip file. So, from my limited understanding, the files involved should be the stock Squad Ion Engine cfg and the NF Propulsion's patch for it, which I've made edits to. I dou
  12. WoaH! I didn't expect an entire patch written out from somebody! Thank you very much, stranger. I tinkered and tried out a few different things with the file and applied the modifier "!" for the effects after reading the handbook (from the link you provided :)) I had used the modifier "FOR" instead of "NEEDS", but on your suggestion, I've changed that as well. The result is unfortunately still the same. Seems like my patch is conflicting with something from the config file from SQUAD. Here's the entire patch file to alter the ion engine: For refer
  13. Thanks for the reply. That handbook will take some time to go through but is exactly what I was looking for! I'll give it a shot and report back.
  14. Thanks! Yeah. I think back when I tried this for KSP 0.25, the ion engine didn't have any EFFECTS, but now for 1.2.2 it does. I need to work out how to make the SQUAD ones not appear. wrt the PROTIP, seeing that I've already provided a new one, how do I make MM remove the one I don't want?
  15. Hi there, As it says in the title, I'm trying to replace an effect on the stock ion engine with something that I was inspired by the Near Future Propulsion pack. I'd like the following bit from the default part config file: to be completely replaced by new effects and sounds as follows: I know the sign "@" plays a role in replacing what is included in the default part file (e.g. I've seen the part cost and mass edited that way) but I have no clue how I should be using it to replace the effects P.S.: I've already posted this here, but I a
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