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  1. Do we actually allow their use here? Because my ships are covered in them but they're more of a future thing. PS - It's also a colossal waste of time xD
  2. I might create a new capital ship for this battle. Stay tuned..............
  3. How about 20+ Long I-Beams fired at once?
  4. Nothing can survive my I-Beam barrages! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA *cough*
  5. To be fair it's not my battle, I'll let you guys decide.
  6. But that severely limits how people can attack, especially for the last player.
  7. Be careful not to knock things down into Bop when fighting around it.
  8. Of course an argument could be made that it takes some skill to pull off multiple burns at the right point when trying to achieve escape velocity around a body of sorts, especially when using ions, and it's a matter of how efficient you are and how well you can perform, which is why I'd say it isn't strictly legal unless everyone agreed upon it.
  9. I wouldn't say it's completely legal, but if everyone agrees I don't see why not as there's no disadvantage to anyone.
  10. One compromise might be to increase engine thrust, it wouldn't change a thing with regards to range or fairness, it would just take less time to burn. PS - by changing engine thrust I mean going into parts config.
  11. Really occupied with exams at the moment, I'll try getting the persistence to you next week.
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