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  1. Interesting. I expect a lot from this thread. Let's see if I can come up with something.
  2. I'm thinking about the rad flux, is Kerbol too cold? The radiators are obsolete unless you're designing with NERV engines or drilling some space rock. Even on the surface of Moho there's mild overheating on the most sensitive parts. Is there a mod that makes rover wheels/batteries/probe cores/electronics in general run hotter?
  3. My deorbit stage hit my 10+ kerbal landing capsule. The capsule survived it, but with one side losing the radial engines, giving me asymmetrical thrust, and sending the capsule tumbling down onto Ike at 500m/s. Funny thing is I used the deorbit stage on Duna orbit.
  4. I can't seem to find such a .txt in my KSP_Data
  5. The Vector engine doesnt seem to vector.. and the "changing cockpit" is all three models mashed together, help? ---Update--- Typo(?) on identifying name of turboprop.
  6. Leaving your "colonies" on other planets for years without crew change, guys
  7. Now that sounds promising! I hope someone picks this up. Gotta love half fuel tank cargobays and such.
  8. Yes it sounds very much awesome. But, remember the stock node logic. The first top part might connect to the first bottom part, but the rest will be very much like two overcooked cooked spaghettis attached by duct tape by one end.
  9. 16 of these Orion NPE's can lift 288k TONS off Kerbin.. What is the thrust on these things???
  10. There is actually a planet between Duna and Laythe. Its called Dres. I find it weird that you find the game less complete when it has more mechanics, like heat, solar power, atmospheric ISP and thrust curve, aero overhaul, plus a few thousand less bugs. While I would like hinges and such robotic parts myself, they are entirely doable by stock parts, maybe a little impractically, but doable without mods for your vanilla feel. Rocket soft landings are very smooth if you can use Shift and Ctrl blocks instead of Z and X. And when you feel like unloading a rover out ouf a rocket, try a skycrane, or an aerocapsule, or making the rocket your rover itself, or a belly lander that opens a cargo bay to decouple a rover. Or you can always slap two of them to your lander.
  11. 1: Better performance 2: Planet content 3: WACK-ier contracts 4: Bigger and smaller parts 5: Welding
  12. Sometimes, they dont have sensors to detect clicking Source: a sad 2 months in life
  13. But SuicidalInsanity! It is a mk3 to 3xmk2 adapter! Are mk2 parts size 1?
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