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  1. I realise my mistake now. I had all the elevons in place but I didn't set them to 'extended'. As soon as I did that Hermes pulled out of the dive and flew beautifully. I see. Whoops Thanks for the great mod, I shall be using it all the time now I know how it works!
  2. I'm having trouble bringing any of the shuttle/lifting body craft back to Kerbin. They are all stalling or pitching nose down uncontrollably as I get into the lower atmosphere, and I can't figure out why. Are they balanced for stock planet scale and aerodynamics?
  3. I'm having a similar issue. Is your parachute showing correct drag figures in the VAB? The mod I'm trying to resurrect shows drag values of 0 in the VAB. I believe the values in the parachute module are no longer used to determine drag, instead KSP uses the model of the parachute to calculate aerodynamic drag. The parachute I'm working with wasn't set up for this so the animations work but it never generates any drag. I'm afraid I have no idea how to solve it, I'm out of my depth. Also please correct me if I'm talking nonsense, I am not an experienced modder!
  4. Awesome! As soon as the next version is out I'll start an (almost) Tantares-only career game.
  5. Looking good. How many of the Salyut/Mir bits do you have left to do?
  6. The new R7/Soyuz parts are looking dapper with those orange accents! Oh, and they seem to work just fine too, minus the abovementioned texture issue.
  7. Looks good. Do you plan on making this stock-alike, or with a more realistic style?
  8. I'm working on MM patches for AIES at the moment, I can release them sometime this week once I'm satisfied they work properly. Carmics has apparently not been on this forum for over six months so I doubt an update will becoming out soon, if at all.
  9. Thinking about playing KSP again after quite a while away. Let's see what Beale has been up to since I've been gone... *Downloads Tantares 1.0.5* Great stuff!
  10. I'd like to see this too and have badgered Beale about it in the past. There was an experimental LK release that worked like the real thing, but as tg626 said the separation was erratic. My own limited attempts at making a two-stage version of the LK worked but they aren't historically accurate at all.
  11. Was the parts count the only problem with your original design? Perhaps a triangular station would help with that while still being useful and, most importantly, looking cool I can take my turn on Cycle 2 later in the week, say from Wednesday onwards. Might pay a visit to whatever sort of station you come up with, as well as adding a module or two to Chronus station.
  12. I like the look of the new Almach. Since you're working on it is there any way you could squeeze a Zenit satellite out of the same texture?
  13. Nothing to stop people only using one of the seats or editing the config file if they insist on historical accuracy. From that sort of roleplaying perspective though, I like the idea of landing lone Kerbals at first and then two at a time on later missions, once the concept has been proven. EDIT: Yeah, without a scientist/engineer aboard for the ride the LK will quickly be made redundant by Alnair or Spektr.
  14. Looks nice! Are you using the stock mk2 textures or just matching the style?