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  1. Thank you, I so like this mod installed and I am planning my next series of launches to Mun. I under stand your busy but I would love a Bracelet sized service bay or integration with Universal Storage could be awesome. Thanks again.
  2. I am getting this same error. I can play but I can not add mods or edit my mods list what do I do? I fixed it by following these instructions; https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/CKAN/wiki/Clean-and-reinstall-process all it would have taken was one line from the mod manager and this would have been better for me. I am aware that I am using a free mod for a game that the mod manager didn't write but I am also frustrated.
  3. Darn, well I will need to add to my supplies list. I just landed the boys on Mun and started placing experiments. Half of the ones I just set down exploded, then the Battery started dancing and the SEP ot flung sub-suborbital. I am so glad I quick save after every landing, wish I had a video of that.
  4. FreeThinker your saying I should copy the module from the Interstellar, which works and is stable and use my own part for the magnetohydrodynamic solar sail. I am not a programer and I get lost easily in the code. I am okay with learning to code, my problem with the interstellar solar sail is its mechanic. A magnetohydrodynamic solar sail would not need to be at a 45 degree angle to the sun neither would a true solar sail. You would tack like a sail boat either with wind to go faster or against the wind to slow. A solar sail with the solar wind directly astern would be gaining a lot of deltaV.
  5. Okay my solar sails need solar wind, So I will need to add a resource, Solar Wind and the Solar Sails will have to collect and use that resource. I am going to have to write my own plugin? Yikes more work but fun. So where would I learn to write a plugin and I guess if I make it so that the solar wind is only available in Kerbols SOI and not any Planet or Moons that would give it the realism I would want.
  6. I Just built my Mark 0.1 of the Solar Sail, I used the FL-R1 RCS Fuel Tank with the Yellow Tanks recolored to blue, (I have no modeling skills). I placed it in the Specialized Electrics for now I think maybe it should be its own tech node eventually. I launched it in a Sandbox and used the Infinite fuel cheat to boost the unit into space. Once I got the unit into space it worked perfectly until I turned off Infinite Fuel then no thrust. The unit had full electrical charge and even with the solar panels retracted it was not using any charge. My process; Copied and edited the Mainsails config, Used the FL-R1 RCS Fuel Tank's mesh, node definitions and attachment rules. Copied over and edited the images for FL-R1 RCS Fuel Tank. To do: Need to figure out why the sail does not work, I will post the config file in another post. Need to add sensing of sunlight pressure, for realism. Need to add SOI sensing. Need to get better visual effect for sails. Need to find a better sound files I just used the stock sound effects for the Mainsail. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/e6/c0/36/e6c03645b9da411dbcf222306719c9fd.jpg https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/75/c6/9b/75c69b3776348bee43007961a3203078.jpg - - - Updated - - - Spoiler alert this is the config file.
  7. The Alcubierre drives are far to fast, any drive that can instantly push you to a significant percentage of lightspeed is just way over powered. In reality those drives will require the same amount of power generation as a medium sized star. I want something that is less Star Trek than a warp drive. I was thinking of something with a power out put more like that of Skipper or maybe a Mainsail. I do like the effect rover dude uses though that is what I was looking for. I could not find anyone using the interstellar solar sails so I will have to down load them and check them out. although the sail they are talking about is a physical sail not a field.
  8. So I want to build an add on that models magnetohydrodynamic solar sail. This is a field of plasma that catches the solar wind and uses that pressure to provide a vessel with thrust. These sails are like the solar sails that have been talk about before but they have an advantage over a standard solar sail, being a plasma field they are not restricted to the mass you can lift into orbit. A field can be kilometers across without having to lift that mass into orbit. The hard part I see is that thrust is still very small, in the real world you would open the sails and leave them open for weeks to move a vehicle from Earth to the Mars. That does not really work in KSP you can not (without more mods that allow for independent actions) set the sails on a ship to Jool and then leave. You have to stay with the vessel while under thrust. To work within the game limitations I think that the engine would work more like a thruster, It would have to have a significant Thrust but consume no fuel. To balance this engine against the rest of the game I would set up a couple of limitations; First it could not be activated inside the SOI of any planet or moon (this is a real world limitation as you would not want to drag a multi-kilometer electromagnet through the magnetosphere of a planet), Second limitation would be based on the solar panel model (the more sunlight your sail gets the more thrust you get). As for a model I do not have one yet what I would like is an aurora borealis effect over an area around the ship. My thought on an easy early mock up would be using a stock fuel tank and 3 or 4 of the Giant solar panels. The tank would stand in for the field generator and the solar panels for the field. Please tell me what you think.
  9. I am having two issues, Nothing happens when I use the big maps button and I can not retrieve any science from my satellites. I am going to reinstall the .dll and reboot. Both have radios and power to spare.
  10. I am not getting the tool in either tool bar (stock or Blizzy's) I am I missing something. It was working pre .9, fresh install for .9.
  11. I like this one. I am wishing you could start out at the beginning. I don't mean Wright brothers, but a simple prop plane to run around local area, then a rocket and then a jet. Then we start putting kerbals into space and onto other planets.
  12. This is my new room its for sale in London. http://www.viralnova.com/spaceship-in-the-attic/
  13. Thanks So is there a way to bypass this for now do I go into my save and change an answer something? Also I on the things you are working on are you working on making the waypoints visible in ScanSat, and or an in game way of setting your own waypoints? Thanks you, mod rocks and has my vote for Squad should adopt it and hire you to bake it into vanila KSP.
  14. I have my Minmus base it is mobile and has done several kilometers of Minmus travel but I am still not getting the credit for having a mobile base. I am using wheels from Modular Multi-Wheels. Below is my mobile base in route and then landed. BTW this mod rocks but argh its hard to get the credit for doing things some times. I have also had issues with rovers not being counted as rovers. is this because the add on is not recognizing something in other add ons? Minmus or Bust!!!! Are we there yet???