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  1. Any chance we can get a CF-105? Amazing aircraft that got cut down due to Govt' spending and poor business decisions. Nobody else in the KSP community has really done anything with it. Would be awesome to see.
  2. Mine had an accurate Upper stage, but sadly I have since lost the craft file to that, and only have the single screenshot
  3. I advise using a cluster of Mainsails instead of Rhinos as Rhinos are not nearly as efficient at Sea-Level, as I did in my replica. The core tanks are 3.75 but clustered out of 2.5m tanks for their Orange color, as it looks a million times better than the white SLS tanks.
  4. In their current state, the fins work fine with FAR, actually, I'm using them, along with the legs in my Realism Overhaul save with the Falcon 9 FT.
  5. Could you do some of the engines from ISRO such as the CE-7 and CE-20? And maybe the LE-5 from the H-IIA and H-IIB
  6. Ah, alright, I'll have to see if I can fix this thing up a bit. Thanks for the Info!
  7. Can I say RIP to this? Or is something still happening?
  8. I found the source of our mass issues, try draining the water out of the capsule.
  9. We really shouldn't need it, I'm pretty good at this now, after flying over 150 missions in RO alone.
  10. I don't trust MechJeb for stuff like that, I would much rather pilot the thing manually.
  11. Wow! Looks good! Definitely capable of doing the Job. I might do some slight modifications to get it to my liking but nothing big.
  12. Ah, great, I've been promoted to the position of "Screaming Green Astronaut"