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  1. I like the concept of this mod, it looks like a simplified KeepFit+KabinKraziness way of playing but.. as soon as I disabled sickness options (set minimum days to 0) ALL of my kerbals at KSC got sick :-(
  2. Oddly this mod crashes my game on load.. I run a mod-heavy game with a lot of dev version mods, but this has been the first one to crash like this so far. here's a crash log A true pity! How will I manage my multiple launches to outer space? :-(
  3. Hey there, thank you for taking this back to life, I couldnt bare playing KSP with stock forced suits! hooray! BTW I'm writing here for a little bug: the "toggle EVA suit" contextual action doesnt work for me: the kerbals spawn on the surface of kerbin in their IVA suit but I can't make them change suits as in the other versions of TT. Also, when in regular EVA suit I can toggle the helmet, but I cant do that in helmetless IVA suit. Could it be something wrong with KIS which has a "remove helmet" feature? I used to LOVE that feature when for example on Laythe where I would send someone to do a mission in his EVA suit while people at the base would relax in their IVA suits CHEERS!
  4. Wow, uber-fast fix! Thanks again for your effort on all of these wonderful mods.
  5. Is there a way to deactivate the per-prestige-level limit for contracts? I dug into the .cfg files of CC but I had no luck. Custom barn kit seems to change only the total number of active contracts, which is the stock limit system.. does it mean it needs a total recompile? ugh
  6. well, I might be late but I found the solution to this with the SCENE JUMPER mod.
  7. It seems that the limit on total contracts can be modified (custom barn kit) and the one for max OFFERED contracts too (.cfg edit), and this is what works for stock; CC adds a per-mission-prestige limit wich, yeah, cant be tweaked in the plugin cfg files. Going to ask for help on the CC thread. Thanks guys.
  8. I'm here to report a little incompatibility (if not reported yet) with Strategia mod: There's one of these strategies (probe frenzy) wich doubles the cost of manned launches, obviously it relies on stock launch-button/cost-system, so it doesn't influence the cost your mod sets for building. This is not game breaking at all (I simply reduce my funds with the cheats windows on every crewed launch, I usually remove just 10k per kerbal). This is just a report of course, not a request in any way. Keep up the good work, this mod and stage recovery make half of the gameplay for KSP, you've really been magic to me!
  9. BULB is very useful, especially in station and base building with KAS/KIS.. but it does seem to reset the lights to default values on vessel switch. Is there a way to make the edits permanent with this mod?
  10. Hi fellow Kerbonauts, today's question is as simple as it sound in the title: is it possible via config edits (or something a non-modder like me would be able to do) to change the limits on active contracts in Mission Control? Like me a lot of people plays heavy-modded KSP, which gives you A BUNCH of avilable contracts and I'm finding these limits of 15,12,8 very "limiting" even after upgrading MC to lvl 3. I already found that little tweak in Contracts.cfg which boosts the amount of AVAILABLE contracts but not the limit on active ones.. I'm using mission controller extended and contract configurator with many contract packs. Thanks in advance form the Kerbal Harmony Pursuit director!
  11. it is STILL on kerbalstuff. I managed to download the .torrent file with MUtorren. You have to download the folders named < alexustas"something" > only. you'll find the lander and the patches inside. grab the torrent HERE
  12. Hey there Kerbonauts! I need a littel help: kerbalstuff is officialy down and the torrent providede on the homepage doesnt seem to work for me, so: Does anybody have some other DL link for the pod, the adv IVA and the RPM patch? thanks in advance.
  13. I'll post a screenshot later, now I'm at the office. I play with max render quality, 8x AA, Max texture quality. I don't think it's a graphic setting related issue though, since I've already tried switching from higher to lower settings, disabling AntiAliasing et cetera.. I'll run more specific graphic test this evening anyways, and let you know if I can find any interesting results. My GPU is a Sapphire Radeon HD 7870 and, I forgot to tell you, I'm using the Astronomer Visual pack for EVE. (Thank you for your support Albert, and may you forgive my perseverance but these mods put together are really another level for KSP)
  14. After searching far and wide between topics of the mods I use, it seems that's this one to cause the planet flickering issue with en environment visual enhancement, which pops out when pressing F2 to disable UI while viewing through a camera. The flickering doesn't go away until KSP complete restart and, apparently, there isn't any way of avoiding it to happen. Does anybody has a solution for this? I swear this is the only thing for keeping me to play this game ATM.. EDIT: this issue happens even if I first disable UI with f2 and then enter camera view with hotkeys..