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  1. Personally I stip tweakscale off of as amny parts as possible, just leave it on the Infernal Robotics parts really, I find it just too annoying in the end...................
  2. Just thought I would also express my thanks to Machxxv for this wonderful mod. I hadn't realised how much I needed it until it was gone!! The new editor functions are okay I suppose, but they don't add all the functionality so are inferior to Editor Extensins IMHO! Keep up the good work
  3. Lol he probably is, who wants to bet its over-speccing
  4. Craziness, I ripped it off google image search, didn't even realise it was your avatar dude! Was meant to be a placeholder til I sorted my own, will get right on that now!
  5. Tweaked design for my VTOL, slightly messed up the landing tho......
  6. Screw 64 bit, buy a Geforce 970 and run in opengl, dropped my ram usage from 3.5gb to 2.5gb Next convert all textures to DDS (works with 99% of textures, just use originals if the DDS is screwed) dropped it to 1.8gb, and I have a crap ton of mods
  7. Hurrah, got over 1GB savings by shifting over to opengl. Didn't work before on my AMD 7850 but my new GTX 970 works wonderfully
  8. Lol, I just put myself into orbit around Eve using only the warp drive Knowing you orbital mechanics makes this the ultimate endgame drive Looks awesome too!!!!!!!!
  9. Almost killed everyone with g-force at the highest throttle tho!!!!
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