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  1. Is there any Really Good Military/Weaponry Mods out there? (Note: I Already Use BDArmory and Spanner's Weaponry Expansion) I am looking for Mods to make various Vehicles for a Little KSP War Series. Btw, is there any Handheld Weapons Mods for KSP? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also could someone make some really good looking Flags for the 5 Main Factions? ~kthxbai~ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. I Don't Know Exactly how many FPS I got. All I know is it was Buttery Smooth. Even though the station was exactly 1085 Parts As for the Cupola, I got it from this Mod Hope that helps you
  3. ~{The üõôòõôь-1 (Bear-1) Station}~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  4. Any Plans for More Soviet Spacecraft Beale? Such as the Vega-1,3MV,TMK, and the Vesta Spacecraft? Also How about the MIR's Kristall Module?
  5. Any Plans for More Soviet Probe-craft Beale? Such as the Vega-1,3MV,TMK, and the Vesta Spacecraft? Btw, Dude what is with your obsession over Soviet Spacecraft, Are you a Commie or Something? Nah Jk. We all love you Bro! Speaking of which... I Miss your Old Soyuz.
  6. 2 Questions Why don't you just get some people to help you with the Mod? Could you make that new Salyut Crew Module as a separate part? Since I love the Original Salyut Design you made
  7. Beale How about this ? Also Dude, Remember what I said about the whole "Station Diversity and Expansion" Thingy. How about you make different Optional Expansion "Packs" of Parts, such as a Station Pack filled with various Salyut modules, Skylab Modules and MIR Modules and maybe even a pack filled with parts for making stockalike American Spacecraft, Heck maybe even a Chinese Spacecraft Pack such as Tiangong and the Shenzhou!
  8. I used Various Mods to make KSP Difficult but Honestly even with this mods I just find KSP Easy, So Is there any Mods that make KSP So Hard it will make me want to Throw My Computer out the Window and make me want to Ragequit Life? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I Tried FAR,Real Solar System and Deadly Reentry and Yes I even tried Life Supports Mods. THERE JUST TO KUCKING EASY! (Pardon My French)
  9. I Like the New Salyut Refurb, But I have an idea How about various diverse Salyut modules and habitats to make them feel more...customized? And with more different modules it could help people make even Larger Space Stations.
  10. Beale how about a Buran Shuttle? Btw, I Found that little Satellite Van thing in an old KSP Folder of mine.
  11. Hey Guys, Is there any mods that add more Trees,Bushes,Plants,Statues, and various other random little things to the KSC? I tried KerbinSide and Lack's KSC Expansion but I can't stand all the Memory those Mods Eat up. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  12. Beale I Found that Old Tantares Satellite Van of yours.
  13. Beale Why do you never do American Spacecraft? Also What about a few more Soviet Probes, Such as the Sputnik Or the Venera Probes?