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  1. You mean like this: If that was done in a live action movie, I will be like... are you kidding me!!! But in an anime: suspension of disbelief== very high.
  2. it is more probable, for the plot to be coherent, that a future Doc Brown came back to send him the right magical body armor to use but I degress. And now you put it in front of my face, that is a paradox in itself and one of my peeve is the paradoxes created each time a time machine is in use in any movie.
  3. Still, even a modern military grade body armor are not safe against an AK 47 at that distance but doc brown is not your modern engineer right. In fact, someone pointed it out to me recently and I didn't think about it until then. My peeve came from other movie.
  4. Speaking of gun, I have one about body armor, if any of you know a little about guns, then you shhould know that civilian kevlar body armor are not as effective as hollywood try to make them be. In many movie (Back to the future got it very wrong) a civilian grade kevlar body armor will stop an assault rifle bullet, while in reality, only a military grade body armor can do that. Another one of mine is the hero's inhuman stamina, he can run throughout the intire movie, fight thousands of goons, get injured so badly that a normal human should have black out and still have enougth stamina t
  5. I have this one pet peeve from many space related story for a while: planets are never recognized as a planet size object. How many time have I heard a dialogue like this in a si-fi movie/anime/series: "He is on that planet, let's get down and find him...." Yeah! Like the same way you try find one person that try to hide or have disappeared in the wilderness... quite easy right? Seriously some writers have no idea how huge a planet really is.
  6. In a far far away galaxy.... Those numbers are just ridiculous that's it. Seeing the plane scene on an early post remind me of this movie. Funny to watch but so not realistic: Nope even a drone can't do that. This one to have a pretty interesting law of physics defying acrobatic move to: But the story was good enough for me to forgive that last bite.
  7. Back to the topic, Lately I have become really annoyed by super hero ability, more specifically superpowerd one, and lately Hulk is my biggest offender, I have a tendency to accept many thing when it come to comics, superheros and stuff but Hulk is said to be so strong that he can punch his way to another dimension. In other word he can punch vaccum so hard that it can break the inexistant border of a dimension of the multiverse and pass to a different dimension entirely?. This is way other my limit of suspension of disbelief.
  8. that's because in star wars, they re-entered and fly to space at slow airplane speed using magic repulsors.
  9. Because in Hollywoodverse, space stations, moon, planets and stars are static objet in the sky. note how even in recent movies you just go straight up to a station. or a station looks like it's in a geostationary orbit (by that i mean it always have the same side of the planet below it) while being very close to the planet.
  10. I believe in it as a future propulsion system but as streetwind said, it's not here yet. And quite frankly it's ability to feed on large variety of propellant make it a perfect realistic si-fi engine.
  11. I don't think it will work as a (realistic) jet engine as power requirement is the same as all other plasma truster out there. Still from what I understand, it have some interesting result and it's ability to change any propellant to plasma makes it a very promising thruster. Well the atmo mod (if they figured out the power problem) is the most interesting part of it indeed. Well it's not, it's just another plasma thruster.
  12. @Mycroft This is just geting out of control I guess, time to stop it. Sometime a good idea can turn out to be a bad idea on the long run.
  13. Well that shadowed 1.2 release announcement, thanks guy for all your contribution to this game, from those great mods to this surly great release.
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