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  1. Hey djungelorm, it's me from the velocity issue again. I don't want to pollute the issue on Github so I'd like to ask my question here: I now have (partially) usable results from Vessel.Velocity(Vessel.Orbit.Body.ReferenceFrame). Item1 is my West/East velocity, Item2 is North/South. Item3 is a bit confusing, as it does not seem to match Flight(Vessel.Orbit.Body.ReferenceFrame).VerticalSpeed - but this could be my mistake. Now I'm trying to convert this to the speed from the viewpoint of my vessel (Forward/Backward, Left/Right, Up/Down). I tried var referenceFrame = vessel.Orbit.Body.ReferenceFrame; var vesselSpeed = _connection.SpaceCenter().TransformVelocity(vessel.Position(referenceFrame), vessel.Velocity(referenceFrame), referenceFrame, vessel.SurfaceVelocityReferenceFrame); (And any other reference frame I found on "vessel" ;-) ) but I could not produce the expected result. Can you help me with this? On a side note: The way you support this project is awesome. Your friendliness and openness to suggestions paired with the good documentation and fantastic API make this one of the best, if not the best, modding project I have ever worked with :-D
  2. Hooray Ippo, thanks for listening. An option for taking spare parts sounds brilliant. This is a brilliant idea. Why didn't I think of this? I think I shall have a look at Infernal Robotics!
  3. Hey, awesome mod. Something I really like alot! :-) However: I have a Mun base in operation right now and a couple of things are broken. Trouble is: I can't fix them, because they are unreachable from the ground and taking spares (Minimum 15 pieces) makes Kerbals too heavy for their jet packs. Are there any plans to make them lighter or at least give the option to take them in smaller numbers?
  4. Hey guys, first of all: Thank you so much for all your hard work. 1.) Are there any plans to implement a list of parts and direct control over them? (For example shut down engine X, or disable RCS thruster Y, general access to a parts right click menu actions). 2.) How 'bout a random number generator? I want to make missions more exciting by having random stuff "brake" on missions. kOS seems like a good place to start, rather than implementing my own plugin. From what I've seen and tried plugin development seems to be....very kerbal.