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  1. Perfect for the Octo-core probes i so frequently build, Thank you for these!
  2. I sure hope so. I had never had any desire to do any nautical nonsense on Kerbin before, what with space and all. Now that they have introduced the hydrodynamics, suddenly the prospect of sending a submarine to an alien world seems not only awesome, but actually possible
  3. these parts are perfect for my octo-probes. wish I had heard about this mod sooner
  4. does this work in .90 still? if no one has tested yet I will try.
  5. Does this work with Final Frontiers? I remember there were issues with another mod that added extra planets etc. due to conflicts with FF.
  6. Cant wait for the update. KSP is almost unplayable without RT
  7. RoverDude, do you ever sleep? its like every time I get on the forums you have another mod uploaded that i must have!
  8. I was getting the container error too. I'll report back the results of 6.3.2
  9. YES! I have been waiting for something like this forever.
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