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  1. Are past reviews not view-able? They don't appear to be clickable..?
  2. *happy clapping* So glad to see this mod being worked on, and for two mod developers to be cooperating so nicely - it's nice to see Looking forward to what's in store for the future!
  3. Great mod! I've been really enjoying this. Found just a few issues so far: It looks like your Mac is putting _MACOSX folders into the zip file. One is in the ZIP, the next is in the GameData folder. There are .DS_Store files in StateFunding, as well as the data folder and the GameData folder. If I had to guess, both of these are hidden files that you don't see on your end, I don't own a MAC though, so not sure. I deleted them on my install with no issue The last few items I noticed were just typos and spelling issues (I'll highlight and follow with parentheses the errors) In governments.s
  4. This looks awesome! I really enjoy exploring the anomalies... there's a very 2001 a Space Odyssey feeling to finding a hidden artifact. Can't wait to try this out!
  5. That's what I was thinking, looks cool. Looking forward to your IVAs when its further along
  6. Thanks for the updates! I'm loading up KSP to test it out now As for a reputation decay, I'd love to have it built into the mod as a toggle-able option vs. another (!) mod, I think we all have so many of those!
  7. Actually yea - I'm looking forward to this when its released
  8. That's good info - thank you Like the rest of the settings it would be cool to be able to adjust these.
  9. Something that has bugged me about KSP since "First Contract" is how everything is funded by companies. NASA didn't get all their funding for things like Apollo and the Shuttle from Boeing. They got it from Congress. The idea that the Kerbal Space Program gets quarterly funding, based on reputation, is more in line with how I think space programs really get funded. I think more reputation should lead to more funding. Something I would like to see implemented (maybe as an option) is reputation decay. For example: -Go to Mun - wow! Impressive! What can you do next? Here's more funding!
  10. This is a pretty cool mod - thanks! Have you thought about adding a customizable flag option, so a person could use a mission flag patch, and set a different flag for these attachables? That would let you have a "nation" flag as well as a "mission" patch (like how the space shuttles had an American flag, and a NASA emblem at the same time.) ? I'd imagine that would be a bit tricky of course, since your mod is using the games flag module, etc.
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